Iraqi forces are "a few days" from splitting ISIS" last stronghold, but drones, mortars, and car bombs are in the way

Thomson Reuters Mosul (Iraq) (AFP) - A small white drone hummed into sight and Thaker, a member of Iraq's special forces, grabbed his machine gun and started lighting up the blue sky above eastern Mosul. His bulle.....»»

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Watch a US-led airstrike wipe out an ISIS escape route amid the fighting in Mosul

The Iraqi government said last week that government forces and their partners had retaken the eastern half of Mosul, ejecting ISIS fighters from a big chunk of their last stronghold in the country. Even as signs of everyd.....»»

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Iraqi forces are gearing up for the final stage in the battle for ISIS" last stronghold in the country

Thomson ReutersMOSUL (Reuters) - Residents of east Mosul held up their children and too.....»»

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"They"re determined to reappear": As its caliphate crumbles, ISIS finds other ways to spread terror

Thomson ReutersBAGHDAD (Reuters) — Two days after Iraqi forces launched a new push against Islamic State in Mosul, bomb blasts ripped through a marketplace i.....»»

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Watch Iraq"s elite Counter Terrorism Service fight their way through the streets of ISIS" last Iraqi stronghold

REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani The new year has seen Iraqi government forces make marked progress against ISIS in the terror group's l.....»»

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"For the sake of Allah, get out": Foreign fighters add to the chaos in the battle for ISIS" Iraqi stronghold

Thomson Reuters MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - As Iraqi government forces advanced towards his eastern Mosul neighborhood in November, a group of Islamic State militants stormed Abu Rami's home, put a gun to his head and t.....»»

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Iraqi Forces Breach ISIS Stronghold in Mosul

Iraqi troops on Friday breached the Mosul University campus used by Islamic State as a military facility, in what officials said was a significant advance in the nearly four-month battle to reclaim the city......»»

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Watch a US-led coalition airstrike destroy an ISIS weapons factory near the group"s Iraqi stronghold

The new year has seen Iraqi government forces make new progress in their fight against ISIS, gaining territory on the eastern side of Mosul, the northern Iraqi city that is the terrorist group's last stronghold in the .....»»

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ISIS is targeting civilians as its last Iraqi stronghold slips out of its grasp

Thomson ReutersERBIL, Iraq/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi forces pushed Islamic State fighters back further in Mosul on Tuesday in .....»»

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Iraqi Special Forces Make Advances Against ISIS in East Mosul

The ground troops and a U.S.-led coalition backing them launched rockets and air strikes against the militants, who responded with mortars and sniper fire......»»

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Senior officer: Iraqi forces will recapture east Mosul from ISIS within "a few days"

© AFP Dimitar DILKOFFBaghdad (AFP) - Iraqi forces will recapture east Mosul from the Islamic State group within "a few days," a senior officer said on Monday. Baghdad's forces have retaken a series of areas in eastern Mosul since launching an.....»»

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ISIS may be about lose a big chunk of its last Iraqi stronghold, and the terror group is striking back

Thomson ReutersERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) — Iraqi forces have retake.....»»

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Watch a US-led coalition airstrike wipe out a weapons cache amid the fight for ISIS" last Iraqi stronghold

In the days.....»»

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Islamic State Claims Series of Deadly Baghdad Bombings

Islamic State claimed a spate of bombings in Baghdad that Iraqi officials said had killed at least 28 people, days after the Iraqi army and allied forces renewed their offensive to retake the group’s stronghold in Mosul......»»

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Iraqi forces are facing car bombs and fierce resistance from ISIS in south Mosul

Thomson ReutersNEAR MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces faced c.....»»

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Iraq forces have started the "second phase" of the fight for ISIS" stronghold in Iraq

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic Baghdad (AFP) — Iraqi forces launched the multi-pronged "second phase" of the battle to ret.....»»

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Iraqi Forces to Resume Assault on ISIS in Mosul Within Days: U.S. Commander

Iraqi forces will resume their push against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) inside M.....»»

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Watch a US-led coalition strike destroy an ISIS vessel near the terror group"s Iraqi stronghold

The Iraqi forces struggling to retake the country's second-largest city, Mosul, from ISIS have paused their advance, entering what a US official called an "operational refit." That halt comes after two months of hard fighting, during which Iraqi forces an.....»»

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The US-led coalition mounted a daytime raid to destroy weapons ISIS captured in central Syria

As heavy fighting continues in ISIS' last Iraqi stronghold in Mosul, the terrorist group's forces retook the ancient city of Palmyra in .....»»

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Watch a US-led airstrike wipe out a major ISIS revenue source in the heart of Syria

Iraqi forces continue to battle ISIS neighborhood by neighborhood in Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city and ISIS' last stronghold in the country. In neighboring Syria, progress against the terrorist group has been less forthcoming. While fighting rage.....»»

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Watch a US-led coalition airstrike knock out an ISIS headquarters near the group"s last Iraqi stronghold

The Iraqi ground effort to wrest away control of the country's second-biggest city, Mosul, from ISIS has dragged on since mid-October, and it looks set to continue into the new year. Throughout the fight, Iraqi forces and their partners in the Kurdish pes.....»»

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