Is Bitcoin Dying As A Payment Option?

Authored by Darryn Pollock via, About six months ago the news was littered w.....»»

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Volatility And High Fees Forced Steam To Drop Bitcoin as Payment Option

Valve has dropped Bitcoin as a payment option fr.....»»

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Govt hopes to bring new telecom policy in next session of Parliament

Telecos will have an "option" to either go for the new payment schedule for spectrum or continue under the existing arrangement.....»»

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Some gig workers paychecks could soon be in bitcoin

An expanding crowd of companies is designing payment platforms and cryptocurrencies specifically for the gig economy, which they say is in need of a more fair and efficient path to compensation......»»

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Why Is Square (SQ) Stock Surging Today?

Shares of Square Inc. (SQ) gained more than 4.5% in early morning trading Wednesday after a recent survey found widespread satisfaction among the payment company's merchants and highlighted new bitcoin-relat.....»»

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Square stock rises as analyst points to strong merchant willingness to accept bitcoin as payment

Shares of Squa.....»»

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Cramer: Square"s bitcoin-related sell-offs are buying opportunities

Jim Cramer makes the case for buying shares of payment processor Square when its stock sells off......»»

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Capitol Report: Cold, hard cash isn’t being dethroned by the Bitcoins, Venmos and PayPals of the world

Move over Bitcoin: Cash is alive and well despite the growing popularity of electronic forms of payment......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMar 12th, 2018

Capitol Report: Bitcoin, Venmo and PayPal can’t kill the king — there’s more cash than ever in circulation

Move over Bitcoin: Cash is alive and well despite the growing popularity of electronic forms of payment......»»

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Bitcoin not a legitimate form of payment: People"s Bank of China chief

The price of Bitcoin had fallen more than 13 percent in the 24 hours to 1030 GMT on Friday.....»»

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Blockchain Starting To Take Hold In Africa

Blockchain financial, the technology that underpins the Bitcoin network is starting to transform the fintech market in Africa. Africa is the last frontier for payment companies. The considerable size of the continent combined with its relativ.....»»

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Meet ‘Paypal for Crypto,’ a New Way to Pay With Bitcoin and Litecoin

As others wonder about the sustainability of crypto as a payment. The largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is releasing a PayPal-like service of its own. On Wednesday, Coinbase wrote about its new platform that will make .....»»

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Terrified Of Bitcoin - Banks Forced To Innovate For First Time In 40 Years

Authored by Simon Black via, Yesterday morning, several banks in Australia started rolling out a new payment system they’re calling NPP, or “New Payments Platform......»»

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Terrified Of Bitcoin, Banks Forced To Innovate For The First Time In 40+ Years

Yesterday morning, several banks in Australia started rolling out a new payment syste.....»»

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GST law: Who are the persons eligible to opt for composition scheme?

The GST law provides an option to a supplier of goods having an annual aggregate turnover not exceeding Rs10 million to opt for payment of GST under composition scheme.....»»

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The Tell: Bitcoin: How the skeptics and believers grew so far apart

The decentralized payment system known as Bitcoin is becoming the most divisive topic in the financial industry......»»

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Federal Reserve: "In A Dystopian World, Bitcoin Would Dominate Payment Methods"

Amid a relentless barrage o.....»»

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UPS Might Be Making a Locker That Accepts Bitcoin

A new patent application filed by UPS indicates that bitcoin could be used as a payment system......»»

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This Bay Area home for sale will accept bitcoin — and the response has been "overwhelming"

An Oakland man who put his four-bedroom home on the market with the caveat that he'd accept cryptocurrencies in payment as well as cash says the response he's seen so far has been "overwhelming." Alec Wang listed the four-bedroom, two-bedroom house.....»»

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Japanese Electronics Retail Giant Launches Bitcoin Payments

Major Japanese electronics retailer Yamada Denki is partnering with the BitFlyer exchange to trial bitcoin payment in two of its stores......»»

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'I know you cheated on your wife.' Growing blackmail scam demands payment in bitcoin

The perpetrator sends letters claiming to know of the recipient's infidel.....»»

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