Is Bitcoin Racist?

Is Bitcoin Racist?.....»»

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Bitcoin Headed to New Highs

Bitcoin Headed to New Highs The price of bitcoin, which has been taking a beating since the start of the year, could still rise significantly .....»»

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This Is How Chinese Bitcoin Buyers Are Getting Around The Government Ban

China stunned cryptocurrency traders in September when, after announcing a crackdown on ICOs, it went a step further and warned all crypto .....»»

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Bitcoin US Vs Bitcoin Asia

Bitcoin US Vs Bitcoin Asia $BTCUSD Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies rebounded after a steep mid-week selloff on concerns about regulatory crackdowns in SKorea. After briefly dipping to near $9,000 during the.....»»

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Bitcoin And Socioeconomics Are At Odds

Bitcoin And Socioeconomics Are At Odds.....»»

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News digest: RIL"s Q3 show, India"s first BS-VI car, bitcoin, and more

The income tax department has sent notices to thousands of cryptocurrency investors across the country, seeking additional details on the money invested in the virtual currency during demonetisation.....»»

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Cryptocurrencies were unable to pull out of the red after this week"s bloodbath

Markets Insider Bitcoin and most other major cryptocurrencies had a rough week. The week began with a massive selloff — dubb.....»»

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Where Will Bitcoin Close The Year? Online Bookies Have The Answer

As if the spot price of bitcoin wasn't volatile enough, in recent weeks so-called cryptocurrency analysts have come out with some truly bizarre, if not ridiculous, predictions where they see the d.....»»

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Family that owns Post-Gazette denounces Trump editorial

A Pittsburgh newspaper editorial denouncing efforts to brand President Donald Trump a racist for his vulgar comment about Africa and Haiti is causing a firestorm — even within the publisher's own family......»»

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Forget bitcoin. Here come the blockchain ETFs

Two new funds invest in companies that use blockchain technology -- even as the SEC cracks down on bitcoin. These funds are betting on bigger, more stable companies, like IBM and Intel......»»

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SEC letter shows bitcoin funds won"t happen soon, if ever

It may be a while, if ever, before investors can buy an exchange-traded fund made up of bitcoin and other digital currencies......»»

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Two bitcoin traders charged with fraud

The federal government is continuing to clamp down on the fast-moving market for cryptocurrencies, charging two bitcoin traders with fraud on Thursday......»»

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CryptoWatch: Bitcoin’s recent drop underlines a major fear: fraud in the cryptocurrency market

A severe slide in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has raised fresh questions about fraud in the nascent, lightly regulated industry......»»

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Amazon HQ2 Shortlist, GE"s Big Changes, & Bitcoin"s Wild Week

On today's episode of t.....»»

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"Luck Is Rewarded, Work Is Scorned" - Third Time"s A Charm?

Authored by Joseph Calhoun via Alhambra Investment Partners, I find the article laughable. I should point out I am a millennial male though, so I would think that. We invest in bitcoin because we are BROKE, and you cann.....»»

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Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin Down On Talks Of Crackdown

During the North American Bitcoin .....»»

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CFTC brings two more cases against bitcoin fraud schemes

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission hauled two different alleged bitcoin fraudsters into New York federal court on Thursday cases related to virtual currency scams......»»

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Why Warren Buffett Is Right About Bitcoin (Investors, Take Note)

Warren Buffett is right about Bitcoin: It'll end badly and could take down the economy. Investors should take note on cryptocurrency and blockchain......»»

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Nobel laureate says bitcoin likely headed for total collapse

Robert Shiller said bitcoin reminds him of "tulip mania" centuries ago in the Netherlands......»»

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Nobel laureate says bitcoin likely headed for total collapse

Robert Shiller said bitcoin reminds him of "tulip mania" centuries ago in the Netherlands......»»

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Kaspersky Claims Bitcoin Is “Dollar 2.0” And Product Of US Intelligence

Bitcoin has made the news time and time again over the past few months. After a huge climb to record values at the end of Decem.....»»

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