Italy Blinks? Rome Said To Consider Cutting Deficit Target To 2.1%

In what may be confirmation that the recent turmoil in Italian bonds has finally spooked Italy's coalition government into "blinking" in its standoff with the EU Commi.....»»

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The world is due another financial crisis. It could start in Italy

The Italian government has defied eurozone rules with a lavish spending plan and squandered credibility with bond investors. The turmoil could rock the globe......»»

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Weak Banks Threaten to Strangle Italy"s Economic Growth

As Italy’s populist government approaches a showdown with the EU over its budget, financial-market tremors are hurting the country’s banking system and threatening the economic growth Rome wants to stimulate......»»

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Italy tries to reassure European partners over spending plan

Italy is trying to reassure its eurozone partners over its plans to ramp up government spending, which have had financial markets and other governments worrying about the country's public finances......»»

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Stocks close out best quarter in 5 years on a quiet note

US stocks closed out their best quarter in five years on a quiet note. Indexes ended mixed as chipmakers and energy companies rose but banks and European stocks fell after Italy's government announced a big increase in spending. .....»»

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This Is What Italy"s "Worst Case" Scenario Looks Like, According To Morgan Stanley

Now that the initial shock from the formation of an anti-establishment, populist government in the Eurozone's 3rd largest economy, has passed banks are starting to f.....»»

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Morgan Stanley Models Out What The "Worst Case" Scenario For Italy Looks Like

Now that the initial shock from the formation of an anti-establishment, populist government in the Eurozone's 3rd largest economy, has passed banks are starting to f.....»»

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These 3 men hold the future of the euro in their hands

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider After months of wrangling and a week of crisis, Italy finally has a government. Three men are key to this government — Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Fi.....»»

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Italy finally agreed on a government, ending months of political deadlock

A government coalition has finally been reached in Italy, ending a months-long stalemate that seemed to be headed towards a snap election.  President Sergio Mattarella on Thursday approved a cabinet list presented by Giuseppe.....»»

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Europe wary as Italy moves toward populist government

Italy's president has convened the leaders of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the right-wing League for consultations that could lead to the first populist government in the eurozone's third largest economy......»»

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Italy: An Anti-Euro Government Takes Power In The Heart Of The Eurozone

Italy: An Anti-Euro Government Takes Power In The Heart Of The Eurozone.....»»

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Europe"s next crisis? Populists agree budget-busting plan for Italy

Populists are on the verge of forming a new government in Italy, the third biggest economy in the eurozone......»»

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Italy CDS Blows Out As Anti-Establishment Parties Reach Government Deal

After a series of false alarms over the past week, on Friday morning Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right Northern League have finally agreed on a policy program, ending a monthslong stalemate. The 57-page "Contr.....»»

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Italy"s Five Star, League Reach Agreement On Coalition Government, But Confusion Remains

Italy's two-and-a-half month stalemate is finally coming to an end, and according to unnamed Bloomberg and Reuters sources, the leaders of Italy's populist Five Star movement and Northern League have agreed on a final government program, o.....»»

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Italy"s populists brush off EU concerns about possible gov"t

Italy's two populist leaders are brushing off fears in Brussels and the markets over the outlines of their possible government, and are insisting they are close to a deal designed to help ordinary Italians......»»

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Italy"s Politics Fail to Rattle Its Financial Markets

A likely government coalition, once considered a threat to the Italian economy and the eurozone itself, hasn’t stopped its stocks and bonds from outperforming......»»

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Antiestablishment Groups in Italy Near Deal on Governing Coalition

The leaders of Italy’s hard-right League party and antiestablishment 5 Star Movement appeared close to forming a new government, possibly clearing the way for a euroskeptic alliance to come to power in the eurozone’s third-largest economy......»»

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Italy bond selloff deepens on EU budget warning

Italian government bond yields hit four-year highs on Friday, extending their rise after the European Union slammed Rome's draft budget. David Pollard reports......»»

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Pound Slides On Reports May "Worried" EU Close To "Pulling Plug" On Brexit Talks

EU negotiators (not to mention international investors) are finally being forced .....»»

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Lacalle: Italy"s Problem Is Not The Euro, It"s Political Spending

Authored by Daniel Lacalle via, The Italian government has created another massive turmoil in European markets with its 2019 budget proposal. Not only does it represent a huge increase in a country that already has 131% of debt .....»»

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