Jeremy Renner explains how he broke both his arms while filming the movie "Tag" — and how he ended up locked in a bathroom

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube "Avengers" star Jeremy Renner broke both his arms while filming "Tag." The actor went on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimm.....»»

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"Avengers" star Jeremy Renner broke both arms while filming a new comedy about playing tag

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Jeremy Renner had a freak accident during the filming of the upcoming comedy movie "Tag," resulting in him breaking both h.....»»

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Jeremy Renner says the "Avengers: Infinity War" directors got death threats over Hawkeye

Marvel/Disney Jeremy Renner said it's a "nice feeling" that so many fans were worried about Hawkeye in "Avengers: Infinity War," but he thinks it was also "intense." He said the Russo Brothers, the directors of the movie, got "way too many.....»»

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"It: Chapter 2" has started filming — here"s everything we know about the blockbuster horror sequel

Warner Bros. "It: Chapter 2," the sequel to last year's blockbuster horror movie based on Stephen King's novel, officially started filming this week.  Acto.....»»

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Ray Liotta on working with Jennifer Lopez, why he"s been in only one Scorsese movie, and not believing the Woody Allen sexual-misconduct allegations

Peter Kramer/NBC Ray Liotta explains why he moved to TV. The final season of his show, "Shades o.....»»

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During filming, the "Solo" cast didn"t know which "Star Wars" character would make the shocking cameo at the end

LucasFilm The cast of "Solo" had no idea about that major appearance from an iconic Star Wars character at the end of the movie.  Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich said he only lea.....»»

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Ray Liotta on working with Jennifer Lopez, why he"s only been in one Scorsese movie, and not believing the Woody Allen sexual misconduct allegations

Peter Kramer/NBC Ray Liotta explains why he moved to TV. The final season of his show, "Shades of Blue," premieres on Sunday. Liotta reveals the on.....»»

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Contagion: Suicide Hotline Calls Jump 25% After Celebrity Deaths

When the headlines broke that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain took his own life just days after designer Kate Spade killed herself, and almost two months after Avicii ended his life, mental health experts raised concerns a.....»»

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Ryan Gosling got a concussion while filming his new movie playing Neil Armstrong

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison The first trailer for the upcoming flick "First Man," in which Ryan Gosling plays astronaut Neil Armstrong, has aired.  Gosling told Jimmy Kimmel that he actually received a minor concussion after spending six to eight h.....»»

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YouTube stars Liza Koshy and David Dobrik announced their breakup in a video — and things got emotional

David Dobrik/YouTube In a six-minute video aptly titled "we broke up," YouTube stars Liza Koshy and David Dobrik announced their split on Monday.  Koshy, who has appeared in the movie "Boo!" and the Hulu show "Freakish," broke up .....»»

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Angry Egyptians snap at Ramos as Salah looks doubtful for World Cup

Ramos locked arms with Salah before falling on top of the forward's shoulder, became an instant hate figure for millions of Egyptians on social media.....»»

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Matthew McConaughey says Snoop Dogg swapped fake weed for real weed while filming their new movie

ABC Actor Matthew McConaughey told Jimmy Kimmel about his experience of "being Snooped" by Snoop Dogg, when the rapper swapped prop wee.....»»

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The reporter who broke the Theranos saga wide open explains what makes the company different from any other overhyped Silicon Valley startup

CBS "60 Minutes" Theranos, the embattled blood-testing startup that came under fire in.....»»

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Terry Crews explains how the X-Force joke in "Deadpool 2" was pulled off, including shooting a scene they knew would never be in the movie

20th Century Fox Terry Crews plays Bedlam, a memb.....»»

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"Deadpool 2" director opens up about the pressures of jumping into a hit franchise and what working with Ryan Reynolds was like

20th Century Fox David Leitch, the director of "Deadpool 2," explains why he took on the movie following the exit of the first movie's director, Tim Miller. Leitch al.....»»

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Movie review: Deadpool 2 broke more than just box-office records in 2016

Deadpool 2 stays true to the brand created by the first instalment in 2016 to present a sequel with more heart, writes Urvi Malvania.....»»

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A Boom in Filming Gives Atlanta Stage Actors Room to Maneuver

Thanks to Tyler Perry’s studio and a flurry of big-budget movie shoots, theater performers have an easier time supporting themselves......»»

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A college student DMed Michael B. Jordan for a picture together — and he actually did it

Sylvia Wilson College student Sylvia Wilson wanted to hang out with Michael B. Jordan, who was filming a movie on campus. She sent him a message on Instagram asking if she could buy him a smoothie. He turned down the smoothie, but they m.....»»

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The producer of "Avatar" explains how James Cameron is making 4 sequels at the same time

20th Century Fox James Cameron is currently shooting multiple sequels of his hit movie "Avatar" at the same time. Producer Jon Landau explains the mindset they are all in to pull it off. "Avatar 2" opens in theate.....»»

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Robert Rodriguez explains why his movie adaptation of famous manga "Alita: Battle Angel" won’t make the mistake "Ghost in the Shell" did

Fox Robert Rodriguez and producer Jon Landau ("Avatar") talked to Business Insider at CinemaCon about the evolution of .....»»

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L.A. movie location filming surged by double digits in Q1

With The Walt Disney Co. shooting “Captain Marvel” in the Los Angeles area, on-location film production spiked nearly 12 percent to 814 shoot days in the first quarter, marking the first double-digit increase in three years, according to FilmL.A.’s.....»»

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