LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says there"s an unexpected danger all successful people face

Steve Jennings/Getty Images Billionaire LinkedIn founder and Greylock investor Reid Hoffman believes that successful people need to hone the skill of "unlearning." "Unlearning" is the act of recognizing that the factors responsible for a past success don.....»»

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LinkedIn"s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman says helping run PayPal taught him an unexpected lesson about networking

Mike Blake/Reuters LinkedIn founder and Greylock investor Reid H.....»»

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Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says his political activism is guided by "Spider-Man ethics"

Kimberly White/Getty Images LinkedIn cofounder and billionaire investor Reid Hoffman is one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Democratic candidates a.....»»

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The billionaire founder of LinkedIn says there"s something more important to success than ambition or a detailed career plan

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images LinkedIn cofounder and investor Reid Hoffman is one of the most well-connected people in tech. He said that a strong network is m.....»»

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Why LinkedIn"s Founder Says You Need to Be a Boring Manager to Build a Successful Business

If you want to run an innovative company, you need to be an innovative boss, right? Not according to LinkedIn's billionaire co-founder Reid Hoffman......»»

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Self-Driving Car Startup Aurora Could Start a ‘Renaissance in the Transportation Industry’

LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman has joined its board. Self-driving vehicle startup Aurora Innovation has raised $90 million f.....»»

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3 things you can start doing differently today to be happier and more productive

Wharton professor Adam Grant, management thinker Dan Pink, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman all have great strategies for improving your work — and life.  Expanding your.....»»

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3 Winning Habits You"ll Find in the Most Successful People This Year

Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and Reid Hoffman chime in on some useful workplace hacks we should see more often in 2018......»»

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Billionaire Democratic donor Reid Hoffman made a satirical Trump game — and it captures the spirit of "the Resistance," for better or worse

Hollis Johnson Billionaire LinkedIn founder and tech investor Reid Hoffman is also a prominent political donor who has donated hundreds of millions of doll.....»»

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I spent 2017 interviewing highly successful people like Tony Robbins, Reid Hoffman, and Ray Dalio — here are the best lessons they taught me

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider As a Business Insider reporter, I've interviewed many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and academics about leadership and personal growth. Sometimes I will adopt the best insights into my own life. This year, I learned how to be a .....»»

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How to tell when it"s time to switch jobs, according to LinkedIn"s billionaire founder

Brian Snyder/Reuters LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman said he cannot perform well if he is not challenged. He said that if you struggle to stay focused at work, it's time to find a new opportunity or leave. The media magnate Barry Diller told Hoffman.....»»

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An insight LinkedIn"s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman had in high school has defined his entire career

Business InsiderMatt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman studied philosophy at Oxford with hopes of becoming an influential public intellectual. He realized that he could have a bigger impact in te.....»»

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Before billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman met Peter Thiel in college, the "pinko commie" had heard of the "libertarian wacko" — now, they"ve been friends for 30 years

Greylock Partners Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel have been been friends for 30 years and worked together at PayPal. From the day they met at Stanford, th.....»»

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LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says success is both luck and hard work

  LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has found massive success in his career. He was an early executive at PayPal, he founded LinkedIn, and he's now an investing partner at Greylock Partners. Where did that succes.....»»

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The billionaire founder of LinkedIn was one of Facebook"s early investors — and he watched CEO Mark Zuckerberg overcome "the most spectacular adaptation curve"

Jacqui Ipp LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman was one of the first investors in Facebook. At the time, Zuckerberg was painfully a.....»»

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LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman reveals what it was like building PayPal with Elon Musk and Peter Thiel and what it takes to make an $26.2 billion company

. Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm T.....»»

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Reid Hoffman on AI: "More optimist, but not utopian"

Technology, advancing faster than ever, continues to move into challenging territory. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and host of the new podcast "Masters of Scale," discusses the importance of responsible technology and ethics in the digital age......»»

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Paperless Post founder"s technology helps get people face-to-face

James and Alexa Hirschfeld's successful online stationery company, Paperless Post, was born of necessity......»»

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How LinkedIn"s founder is working to blunt Donald Trump

Reid Hoffman has made a half-dozen or so investments to counteract the influence of Trump.....»»

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LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman: Size Matters

It's good to be a unicorn. But how many of them does the world really need?.....»»

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8 Things Highly Successful LinkedIn Users Are Doing Better Than Most People

There are unwritten rules of engagement on LinkedIn. Do you know what they are?.....»»

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