Looking for Value in Japan: Is It Time to Buy?

These Japanese equities look appealingRelated Stocks: TSE:7—7…, TSE:67…–, TSE:5—–4, TSE:45—–,.....»»

Category: blogSource: gurufocusMar 20th, 2017

Embattled Toshiba tries to sell its flash-memory unit

ONCE an electronics and nuclear-power empire that was the pride of corporate Japan, Toshiba is threatened with a stockmarket delisting. It missed a deadline to file its annual results, on May 15th, for the third time this year. In earnings es.....»»

Category: topSource: economistMay 18th, 2017

Bank Of Japan "Bought The Dip" Over Half The Time In The Last 4 Years

A year ago, we noted that The Bank of Japan (BoJ) was a Top 10 holder in 90% of Japanese stocks. In December, we showed that BoJ was the biggest buyer of Japanese stocks in 2016. And now, as The FT.....»»

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Marking Time Ahead Of FOMC Meeting

The global capital markets are relatively calm.  Japan, South K.....»»

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Bitcoin soars to all-time high near $1,500

Bitcoin further pushing closer to $1,500 as it surges to record territory as Japan approves the digital currency as a legitimate form of payment......»»

Category: videoSource: reutersMay 3rd, 2017

Japan Deploys Warship To Support US "Armada", Authorizes "Necessary Use Of Weapons" For First Time Since World War II

In a post-World War II precedent-setting move (under the country’s expanded military doctrine), the Japanese Navy has reportedly deployed a helicopter carrier (and authorized it to use weapons.....»»

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Japan Is Dumping A Record Amount Of Foreign Bonds: Here Are The Implications

Back in February, around the time Bloomberg.....»»

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McDonald"s drops plan to sell shares in Japan unit

TOKYO (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp has put on hold plans to sell shares in its Japan unit, which recently returned to profit for the first time in three years after a series of food scandals shook consumer confidence in the chain......»»

Category: topSource: reutersApr 26th, 2017

Trump Administration Mulls More Trade Actions

The Trump administration is considering launching trade actions to protect certain U.S. industries, while at the same time ramping up free-trade talks with the EU, Japan and the U.K., Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in an interview......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjApr 25th, 2017

Time to Bomb North Korea

Time to Bomb North Korea Over the last week North Korea has repeatedly threatened South Korea, Japan the USA and Australia with a Nuclear strike. S.....»»

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Pence Reaffirms U.S.-Japan Alliance Amid North Korea Provocations

Vice President Mike Pence mixed tough words on North Korea with a gentle touch on trade, refraining from pressing Japan for economic concessions at a time of regional tension......»»

Category: topSource: wsjApr 18th, 2017

Immigrants Flood Into Japan At A Record Pace

Japan's demographic "time-bomb" has been widely documented in recent years: as we discussed most recently in February, as troubling as Japan's deflationary economic quagmire is, the bigge.....»»

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Krunch Time for Korean Krackpot Despot, Kim Jong-Un: Missile Crisis Countdown Has Begun

The following article by David Haggith was first published on The Great Recession Blog: The Korean missile crisis has never been hotter. Trump is turning the screws on everyone to force action. China, Japan, and South Korea join in threatening Kim Jong.....»»

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Tablet shipments in Japan drop for first time in 2016, says research firm

There were 8.51 million tablets shipped in Japan in 2016, decreasing 9.8% on year, and marking the first annual decrease, according to Japan-based MM Research Institute......»»

Category: topSource: digitimesApr 7th, 2017

Abe Advisor Says It"s Time To Pull The Plug On QE

In what may be one of the few sane policy recommendations to emerge out of Japan in years, Nobuyuki Nakahara, an adviser to P.....»»

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The New York Post: Paid menstrual leave? Italy mulls joining Japan, Indonesia in offering time off for painful periods

Italy could soon become the first Western country to offer paid ‘menstrual leave’ to women who experience painful periods......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMar 27th, 2017

Dubai World Cup: Japan Brings the Family

Dubai World Cup: Japan Brings the Family Awardee is one of two Japanese half-brothers in the Dubai World Cup Two siblings will meet for the first time on the.....»»

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Do Wars Help or HURT the Economy?

Does Defense Spending Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs … Or Is It BAD for the Economy? Preface: Trump wants to drastically increase military spending.  At the same time, France, China, Japan and other countri.....»»

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Looking for Value in Japan: Is It Time to Buy?

These Japanese equities look appealingRelated Stocks: TSE:7—7…, TSE:67…–, TSE:5—–4, TSE:45—–,.....»»

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7 signs Japan has become a "demographic time bomb"

Reuters/Issei KatoJapan i.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMar 19th, 2017

Japan"s 7% Raise for Part-Time Workers Signals Wage Pressure

A labor shortage is helping Japan’s temporary and part-time workers win greater pay increases than its full-timers, a reversal that adds to signs of gains by lower-wage workers globally......»»

Category: topSource: wsjMar 15th, 2017