Lyrid Meteor Shower To Light Up April Night Sky

People who love to stargaze are in for a treat, as .....»»

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The First Meteor Shower Of 2019 Peaks This Week

The first meteor shower of 2019 will light up the night sky between the night of Jan. 3, and the early morning of Jan. 4. The Quadrantids are famous for being the first m.....»»

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Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower To Light Up The Night Sky

Astronomers and stargazers can enjoy the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower that is going to light up the night sky this weekend. This is also the last meteor shower th.....»»

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How To Easily Watch Lyrid Meteor Shower This Weekend

This year’s spring really has a lot to look forward to when it comes to astronomy events taking place in April.  Aside from the Jupiter triangle, this weekend, stargazers are .....»»

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The 2018 Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky on Earth Day. Here Are the Best Places to See It

The 2018 Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky on Earth Day. Here Are the Best Places to See It.....»»

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A dazzling annual meteor shower starts this week — here"s how to watch it

NASA screen shot The Lyrid meteor shower returns this week. Head out before dawn on Sunday, April 22 to get your best glimpse. It's one of the oldest recorded meteor showers in human.....»»

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Moon-Free Night Puts Focus on Quadrantid Meteor Shower on January 3. How to Watch the First Major Meteor Shower of 2019

Only some parts of the U.S. will have good viewing conditions. With a moon-free sky on January 3, the Quadrantid meteor shower has a good chance of high visibility against a dark sky in northern lat.....»»

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Leonid Meteor Shower To Peak This Weekend

Astronomy and night sky lovers are in for a treat this weekend. The Leonid meteor shower is one of the most well-known meteor showers to peak in the fall, and it can be seen from anywhere. According to.....»»

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If You Missed the Orionid Meteor Shower Last Night, You Can Catch Its Explosive Lights Early Monday

"Fast meteors can also .....»»

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Here Are Four Must-See Meteor Showers This Fall

This fall promises an exciting view of four meteor showers which will light up the night sky. If you are a skywatcher or an astronomer hobbyist or know someo.....»»

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How to Watch Sunday Night’s Perseid Meteor Shower—Online or In Person

Conditions in much of the U.S. will be particularly good for the best light show of the year. Late Sunday night to early Monday morning will mark the peak of the annu.....»»

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Why Is The Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 A Must See This Month?

This year’s Perseids are about to peak, and they are likely the most popular light show in the sky this year. Not only is it known to produce up to 100 meteors on an hourly basis.....»»

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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2018: How, When and Where to Catch the Peak Moment

Although the shower has already started, the best has yet to come......»»

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Looking for a Shooting Star? A Satellite Might Be Able to Create ‘Meteor Showers’ On Demand

"Sky Canvas" would create a fake meteor shower from a satellite in Earth's atmosphere. Meteor Showers c.....»»

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‘Game of Thrones’ will return for final season in April, HBO reveals

It’s mid-January and much of the country is snowed in, but millions of people were thrilled Sunday night to hear that winter is coming in 90 days......»»

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Health 2019: A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the great mysteries of life, it is not a waste of time. Modern research has shed light on it, showing a good night’s sleep is a Key component of a healt.....»»

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The New York Post: Transformer explosion in Queens turns New York City skies an eerie blue

An explosion at a Con Edison facility in Astoria, Queens shot a streak of blue light into the night sky on Thursday, causing power outages and some locals to fear an extraterrestrial invasion......»»

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How to Watch the Last Meteor Shower of 2018

This will be the first time in eight years that the full moon and the Ursid meteor shower coincide. This holiday you might be able to catch the l.....»»

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Here’s How to Watch the Geminids 2018 Meteor Shower

The meteors will be most visible under.....»»

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Are You Ready For The Geminid Meteor Shower Tomorrow?


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Leonid Meteor Shower

Leonid Meteor Shower.....»»

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