Mexico’s New President Says Relations with Donald Trump are Good

Mexico’s New President Says Relations with Donald Trump are Good Wednesday, Mexico’s new President said that relations with US President Donald Trump are “good,” and that they will probably talk soon about the immigration issue. Ma.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President says there’s ‘good chance’ he’ll declare emergency to build wall

President Donald Trump strongly suggested on Friday he’ll use an emergency declaration to build a wall along the U.S-Mexico border, and shifted his message to completing the barrier he says his administration is already constructing......»»

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US China Trade War Eases: Buy these Stocks

US President Donald Trump boasted Monday that US relations have taken a “BIG leap forward” with his meeting in Argentina with President Xi Jinping. “Very good th.....»»

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Trump: NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico "looking good"

President Donald Trump says the prospects are "looking good" for an agreement with Mexico that could set the stage for an overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement......»»

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Trump says "big deal looking good with Mexico"

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday suggested the United States and Mexico were close to a "big deal" on trade after days of negotiations between the two partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement......»»

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Mexico-U.S. NAFTA agreement eyed for Monday, Trump flags "big deal"

Mexico and the United States are close to agreement on bilateral issues in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a top Mexican official said on Monday, as U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted a "big deal" was "looking good.".....»»

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"Big Deal Looking Good": US, Mexico Agree To Nafta Pact

A Mexican official told CNBC on Monday that Nafta trade talks with the U.S. have wrapped up, and President Donald Trump has signed off on a bilateral agreement.....»»

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The Turkish Crisis: What You Need To Know About Erdogan, The Lira, Turkey

U.S. stocks and the Turkish lira plummeted Friday after President Donald Trump threatened to double tariffs on steel and aluminum and said diplomatic relations with Turkey are “not good.” Here’s a rundown of what investors need to know. read more.....»»

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In Letter to Trump, Mexico"s President-Elect Seeks "Common Path"

In a conciliatory letter to President Donald Trump, Mexico’s president- elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he is ready to start a new stage in U.S.-Mexico relations......»»

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A report detailing the results of Trump"s latest physical says he"s in "very good health" — but results show he"s clinically obese

Win McNamee/Getty Images The results of President Donald Trump's second physical examination as commander-in-chief suggest he is in "very good health overall," according to a report released Thursday. Trump's blood pressur.....»»

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What to Know About the President’s Power to Declare a National Emergency

A government shutdown that lasted 35 days did not get U.S. President Donald Trump the $5.7 billion he wants for a wall on the Mexico border. In the wake of a deal that re-opened the government temporarily, White House aides said that if Democrats w.....»»

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Trump"s doctor: President "in very good health overall"

President Donald Trump "remains in very good health overall," said his physician, Sean P. Conley, in a letter that was released Thursday by the White Hou.....»»

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Trump reportedly argued the longest government shutdown in US history helped him make his point about the US-Mexico border

Win McNamee/Getty Images President Donald Trump argued the 35-day partial government shutdown, the longest in US history, helped him make his point about the US-Mexico border, according to a New York Times report published Wednesday.....»»

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"This is our answer to the White House": California is bucking Trump"s controversial policies in an unprecedented way

Evan Vucci/AP In recent weeks, California and its National Guard have begun signaling its disagreement with President Donald Trump on two contentious issues: the US-Mexico border and transgend.....»»

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Trump receives clean initial bill of health after 4-hour physical, full results expected later

Mark Wilson/Getty Images President Donald Trump was declared "in very good.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President knocks Schumer ahead of State of the Union speech focusing on ‘unity’

President Donald Trump criticized Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ahead of the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, as he suggested the idea of a “human wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border if lawmakers reject his demands......»»

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Trump Said There’s a ‘Good Chance’ He’ll Declare a National Emergency to Fund His Border Wall

He told reporters to tune into his Feb. 5 State of the Union for more news. President Donald Trump said Friday that there is a “good chance” he’ll declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border security wal.....»»

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MarketWatch First Take: Trump couldn’t get his border wall but is getting a sea of Fed liquidity

President Donald Trump hasn’t had a terribly good January. But at least he is closing the month with one victory......»»

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"I don"t know if he knows what he"s talking about": Pelosi, lawmakers throw cold water on Trump"s request for a down payment on border barrier

Alex Wong/Getty Images A bipartisan group of lawmakers threw cold water on President Donald Trump's suggestion of a "prorated down payment" for his proposed barrier on the US-Mexico border. "I don't know if he knows what he's talking about," House .....»»

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The US will begin returning asylum-seekers to Mexico, signaling the start of a tough new Trump administration policy

Getty Images/Joe Raedle The US government will return a first group of migrants to the Mexican border on Friday, the start of a major policy shift by the current administration under US President Donald.....»»

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Trump to make "major announcement" concerning border, shutdown Saturday

President Donald Trump plans to make a "major announcement" concerning the border with Mexico and the government shu.....»»

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