Michael Bloomberg gives $2.5M to Orlando to fight climate change

Michael Bloomber.....»»

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Michael Bloomberg gives $2.5M to Denver to fight climate change


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Bloomberg gives $4.5M to UN climate body, softening U.S. cuts

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is donating $4.5 million to the United Nations body that oversees climate change negotiations. Bloomberg, who has long championed the fight against global warming,... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Bloomberg near 2020 announcement as he crystallizes issues

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who would most likely build a 2020 presidential campaign around gun control and climate change, plans to announce within a month whether he is running. ["> To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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The New York Post: Bloomberg to write $4.5 million check to make up for U.S.’s share of Paris climate pact

Climate change crusader Michael Bloomberg says he’ll pony up $4.5 million to fulfill the annual U.S. commitment under the 2015 Paris climate change agreement......»»

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Scientists Want To Combat Climate Change With Geoengineering

Some researchers around the world want to use geoengineering techniques, such as dimming the sun, in order to fight climate change and reduce the warming temperatures. However, there has been a lo.....»»

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In America"s shale country, nukes and gas are duking it out

Subsidizing nuclear power to fight climate change is one thing in liberal states like New York and New Jersey. It’s quite another in the natural gas bastions of Pennsylvania and Ohio......»»

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Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Solid Coal To Reverse Climate Change

Scientists around the world are inventing all possible techniques to fight the ever-growing climate change and reduce its symptoms that affect the entire planet. In a new attempt, scientists developed a m.....»»

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Major Legal Setback For Coal Mining In Australia

An Australian court has refused permission for the creation of a coking-coal mine in New South Wales on the grounds that it would adversely contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and would set back the fight against climate change. read more.....»»

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Spanish islands adopt ambitious law to fight climate change

Spain's Balearic Islands have approved a local law that by 2050 aims to ban the use of fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy for all of the region's power needs, in what authorities claim is a pioneering step in Europe......»»

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PG&E’s bankruptcy could slow California’s fight against climate change

Climate change helped fuel the deadly fires that.....»»

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Key Words: Trump does not have right to his own facts on climate change, Bloomberg says

“You know, I’ve always thought Trump has a right to his opinions, but doesn’t have a right to his own facts,” says the former New York mayor......»»

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Presidential hopefuls pushed to go big on climate change

Environmental activists are ramping up a pressure campaign designed to drum up Democratic support for a sweeping agenda to fight climate change, with the 2020 presidential campaign in their sights......»»

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Why Doctors Need to Join the Fight Against Climate Change

They’re in a unique position to help. The Declaration of Geneva, a m.....»»

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Canada Urges World "Have Fewer Children" To Fight Climate Change

Authored by Martin Armstrong via, .....»»

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Bloomberg announces $50 million to fight opioid epidemic

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's charity has announced a $50 million donation to help fight the nation's opioid epidemic. Bloomberg Philanthropies said over the next three years it will help up to... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Scientists Believe Sun-Dimming Can Reduce Global Warming

Experts around the world continue to research new techniques to fight climate change. One of the latest efforts in reducing global warming effects includes using a yet-unproven sun-dimming tec.....»»

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BBRG: 4 Agenda Items the New Congress Should Embrace

4 Agenda Items the New Congress Should Embrace Infrastructure is a no-brainer. So are upping the minimum wage, protecting investors and battling climate change. Bloomberg, November 7, 2018    .....»»

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Law firms aim to strike it rich with settlements from Big Oil

New York politicians like to claim their leadership in the fight against climate change, but behind the scenes a small group of lawyers and donors are the ones pulling the levers. Environmental... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Boston among 20 cities to win award for carbon reduction efforts

Bloomberg Philanthropies has tapped Boston as one of 20 winners of the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, a $70 million program that aims to accelerate cities’ efforts to tackle climate change. Boston’s cut of the program is valued at .....»»

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Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Carl Icahn, Barings BDC Inc (BBDC), Pure Storage Inc (PSTG), Herman Miller, Inc. (MLHR), and More

Carl Icahn Wants to Fight Dell Again (Bloomberg) In 2013, Michael Dell and his private-equity backers at Silver Lake took Dell Inc. private for.....»»

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