Mossad, MI6 Smuggled Defected Iranian Nuclear Scientist In Migrant Caravan To UK

An almost unbelievable and shocking spy revelation has been uncovered in a new report by The Daily Mail.....»»

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As Another Migrant Caravan Approaches, Trump Revives Threat To Close Southern Border

A few months have passed since President Trump last threatened to close t.....»»

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Treasury announces new sanctions to curtail Iranian nuclear construction

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control said Friday it will be imposing sanctions on 14 individuals as well.....»»

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Thousands from migrant caravan are giving up on trying to enter the US after facing Trump"s tough asylum policies

Associated Press/Rodrigo Abd Over 2,000 members of the migrant caravan that intended to seek asylum in the United States have either chosen to return home or remain in Mexico on work permits, The Ne.....»»

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Amid Border Chaos, Mexico Resort Town Asks: Where Have All The American Tourists Gone?

A town hurting for American tourists, and blaming the migrant caravan... Rosarito Beach is a resort town on the coast of Mexico’s.....»»

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Another Caravan Crosses Mexican-Guatemalan Border

Some 1,500 Central Americans forced their way across Mexico’s southern border early Friday and began their trek north toward the U.S. in the first migrant caravan of the year, stoking a heated political debate in the U.S. over a border wall......»»

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US Extends Troop Deployment At Mexican Border As Migrant Caravan Leaves Honduras

As a new migrant caravan leaves Honduras with the goal of crossing into the US over the southern border, the Penta.....»»

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Trump Warns Of New Migrant Caravan Leaving Honduras

As the battle over President Trump's border wall drags on for its fourth week, President Trump is warning about a new migrant caravan forming in Honduras and will soon be on it.....»»

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Mexico Reinforces Southern Border As New Caravan Prepares For Northbound Exodus

Mexico is reinforcing its southern border after reports of a new migrant caravan forming in Central America which is set to leave within days fo.....»»

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Caravan"s Stymied Passage Leaves Migrant Issue Boiling

The huge groups of Central Americans pushing toward the U.S. border became political fodder for one of the most contentious issues in American politics—and have set back the migrants’ cause......»»

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Massive New Migrant Caravan To Leave Honduras; Overloaded El Paso Faces Imminent "Crisis" 

A new, larger migrant caravan is set to leave Honduras on Jan. 15 according to Spanish-language media and migrant rights advocates.  "They say they are even bigger and stronger than the last caravan," according to Irma Garrido of .....»»

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LGBTQ caravan migrants may have to "prove" their gender at the US border when seeking asylum

Rodrigo Abd/AP Photo A group of about 80 LGBTQ individuals has broken off from the migrant caravan. These individuals decided to travel separately due to discri.....»»

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Risking "Certain Detention", Caravan Migrants Breach US Border

For weeks now, members of one of the migrant caravans that traveled from Honduras all the way to the southern border of the US have been stuck in a squalid camp in Tijuana as they await their chance to decla.....»»

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Get in Line, Long-Suffering Asylum Seekers Tell Caravan Arrivees

A notebook asylum seekers keep listing their names as they arrive in Tijuana, Mexico, preserved some order there as the Trump administration toughened its immigration stance. But has fueled tensions since migrant caravans have poured into the border city......»»

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UC-Berkeley Student Govt Unanimously Approves Resolution To Fund Migrant Caravan

Authored by Celine Ryan via Campus Reform, The University of California Berkeley student government has resolved to financially support the Honduran migrant caravan after a four-hour meeting Wednesday evening, during which senato.....»»

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Arrested MS-13 Gang Member Admits He Arrived With Migrant Caravan

An MS-13 member arrested over the weekend by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told authorities that he traveled within the Central American migrant caravan before trying to enter the United States, according to Fox Ne.....»»

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NBC News Reporter Admits Migrant Caravan Predominantly Men

NBC News Reporter Admits Migrant Caravan Predominantly Men.....»»

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Trump Threatens To Permanently Close Southern Border If Needed

Migrant caravan drama returned to the headlines over .....»»

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In First Caravan-Related Violence, Honduran Man Throws Rocks At Border Patrol

In an incident that echoed the violent clash between migrants and Mexican police that unfolded a month ago when a caravan of migrants attempted to cross into Mexico from Guatemala, the first episode of migrant-caravan related violence w.....»»

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There are Criminals in the Invading Migrant Caravan

There are Criminals in the Invading Migrant Caravan Geronimo Gutierrez, Mexico’s Ambassador to the US, admits “there are people that have criminal backgrounds” in the invading migrant caravan, although he was skeptical about a.....»»

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"The Whole Thing Is Crazy" - Doug Casey On The Migrant Caravan

Via, .....»»

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