NASA is hiring someone to help figure out how to get Mars rocks back to Earth — and the position pays at least $182,000

NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA is looking to hire a director for its Mars Sample Return program, which aims to bring r.....»»

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NASA And ESA Team Up For Mars Sample Return Mission

The United States and European Space Agencies may start working together towards a joint Mars Sample Return mission that will bring Mars rocks back to Earth. Our dream of setting foot on the Red Planet has.....»»

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NASA"s InSight lander on Mars has detected about 450 quakes. They suggest the planet is less Earth-like than we thought.

NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's InSight lander has detected about 450 Mars quakes sinc.....»»

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NASA is hiring astronauts to go to the moon and Mars. Here"s what candidates need on their resumes.

NASA NASA is hiring a new class of astronauts for its Artemis missions, which aim to set up a station on the moon and send people to Mars. Last time the space agency hired a new class of astronauts, it received 18,000 applicatio.....»»

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Desperate Kentucky miners block another coal train over pay

The miners, about a dozen employees of Quest Energy, a subsidiary of American Resources Corporation, pledged Monday night to hold their position on the track until the company pays their back wages......»»

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Before we put people on Mars, we should infect the planet with Earthly microbes, a group of scientists says

NASA NASA and private companies like SpaceX want to send people to Mars. A group of scientists suggest in a new paper that we should infect Mars with Earth's microbes before pe.....»»

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NASA-Approved 3D Homes To Be The First Form Of Architecture On Mars

It’s going to be a long time before humans step onto the Martian surface for the first time, let alone live on it as we do on Earth. However, NASA seems to have made many of the necessary plans to […] The post NASA-Appr.....»»

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Mars: NASA to Partner With Europeans to Bring a Piece of Red Planet to Earth

Right now, scientists only have two options for analyzing Martian material directly, and both have serious downsides......»»

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Nasa"s Mars InSight spacecraft to explore mysterious history of red planet

Mars is smaller and geologically less active than its neighbour Earth.....»»

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Mars InSight probe blasts off on long-awaited mission (PHOTOS)

A NASA probe, built by Colorado-based Lockheed Martin Space to study the geology of Mars, launched Saturday morning before dawn in California and started a six-month journey to earth's neighboring planet. An Atlas V rocket, built and launched by Cente.....»»

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Nasa wants to send a mini-helicopter to explore secrets of the Red Planet

Flying on the red planet is not easy. The thin air at the surface of Mars is the equivalent of being 100,000 feet above Earth.....»»

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To survive on Mars, we need a "technology that replaces what the Earth does." This tube might be NASA"s best hope.

Samantha Lee/Business InsiderDave Mosher/Business Insider Elon Musk and SpaceX want to permanently colonize Mars, but traditional life support systems have finite.....»»

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A tiny satellite bound for Mars just snapped a photo of Earth that will make you feel puny and insignificant

NASA/JPL-Caltech When NASA launched its InSight Mars lander on May 5, it also sent along two small.....»»

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NASA is announcing a new discovery from Mars on Thursday — here"s how to watch it live

Reuters/NASA/JPL NASA is announcing a new discovery about Mars on Thursday. The Curiosity Rover, which has been roaming the Martian surface for nearly six years, beamed back the data that led to the finding. You can watch NASA sc.....»»

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Man on Mars? NASA to Send Astronauts Back to the Moon Before Martian Mission

NASA to send astronauts to Mars in 2030s—but first, the moon......»»

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Mars will come closer to Earth in the coming weeks than it has been in 15 years — here"s how to see it

NASA/JPL-Caltech; Dave Mosher/Business Insider Mars will be at its closest point to our planet in 15 years throughout July, making for some prime nighttime viewing. That's because of a phenomenon called perihelic opposition, in which Ear.....»»

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Life on Mars: Did NASA Destroy Martian Organic Matter 40 Years Ago?

A new analysis found NASA exploratory spacecraft might have detected evidence of life on Mars decades ago—but the results were likely destroyed before they made it to Earth......»»

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Mars will come closer to Earth in the next week than it has been in 15 years — here"s how to see it

NASA/JPL-Caltech; Dave Mosher/Business Insider Mars will be at its closest point to our planet in 15 years over the next week, making for some prime nighttime viewing. That's because of a phenomenon called pe.....»»

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UNCG/NASA program studies potential for a Mars garden

Gravity on Mars is similar enough to Earth's that plants could grow there in a way that could support life, according to UNC-Greensboro dean and biology professor John Kiss......»»

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Mars Opportunity Rover Didn’t Send Signals To Earth: NASA

Mars Opportunity Rover Didn’t Send Signals To Earth: NASA.....»»

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NASA’s First Mars Landing in 6 Years Will Depend on 6 Crucial Minutes This Afternoon

The InSight spacecraft has to maneuver perfectly to pull it off. Earth's latest mission to Mars is reaching its conclusion Monday, and it’s got NASA experts and the interested public holding their collective breath. NASA'.....»»

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