New Satellite Images Reveal Russia Is Preparing For War In Kaliningrad

The July 16 summit in Helsinki, Finland, between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin offers a uni.....»»

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Satellite Images Reveal Russia Upgrading Nuclear Bomb Storage At Kaliningrad

New satellite images appear to show Russia may have significantly modernized a nuclear weapons storage bunker and security system at a secret facility in Kaliningrad, a strategic enclave .....»»

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Satellite images reveal what Russia"s World Cup stadiums look like from space

Deimos Imaging, an UrtheCast Company Games for the 2018 World Cup will be played at 12 stadiums across Russia, with locations spread more than 1,500 miles apart from east to west and more t.....»»

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Space Wars: Russia Reveals New Russian Anti-Satellite Warfare Plane

During a press conference last month, President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to “immediately” establish a “space force” as an independent service branch. As we have highlighted before, the Pentagon is preparing for dec.....»»

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Is Russia Upgrading Its Nuclear Facilities? Satellite Images Show "Dramatic" Renovations

The news comes during a per.....»»

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Shocking Satellite Photos Reveal Entire Towns Obliterated By Guatemala"s "Volcano Of Fire"

Horrifying images of devastation continue to pour out.....»»

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Russia is dumping US debt and buying gold instead

MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/AFP/Getty Images Russian ownership of US Treasury bonds has dropped from $96.....»»

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Trump once again contradicts his intelligence chief and says Russia is not targeting the US

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images President Donald Trump said "no" when asked Wednesday whether the US is still a target of Russian-led .....»»

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The White House had planned for Trump to "push" Putin so he could "look good" — but it didn"t happen

Chris McGrath/Getty Images President Donald Trump's soft stance towards Russia and Vladimir Putin reportedly caught the Whit.....»»

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Putin said victims are "inevitable" when he was questioned about hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Syria

Chris McGrath/Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin deflected questions about Russia's involvement in Syria's ci.....»»

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The White House had planned for Trump to "push" Putin — but it didn"t happen

Chris McGrath/Getty Images President Donald Trump's soft stance towards Russia and Vladimir Putin reportedly caught the Whit.....»»

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Paul Ryan criticizes Trump over Putin press conference: "The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally"

Alex Edelman/Getty Images House Speaker Paul Ryan re.....»»

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Here"s when today"s World Cup final starts where you live — and how you can watch it live online

Getty Images The 2018 FIFA World Cup final in Russia kicks off on Sunday, July 15. France and Croatia fight for the right to hold the FIFA World Cup t.....»»

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Trump just tried to discredit a major development in the Russia investigation by blaming Obama

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images President Donald Trump again tried Saturday morning to discredit the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump blamed former President Barack Obama for not t.....»»

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"Queer Eye’s" Jonathan Van Ness calls out Nicki Minaj for appearing on the cover of a Russian magazine

Getty Images Star of Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness tweeted out disdain for Nicki Minaj’s new Harper’s BAZAAR Russia cover LGBTQIA individuals and allies in Russia and Chechnya have faced persecuti.....»»

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Clothing, cellphones, computers: Here"s what another round of Trump"s tariffs against China could include

Getty Images/Pool The Trump administration said it's preparing tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. President Donald Trump warned another round of the same scale would be possible if China retaliates. Analysts say that would likely hit cell.....»»

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Germany may not be "controlled" by Russia — but Trump did have a point highlighting a growing connection between the two countries

Sean Gallup/Getty Images P.....»»

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Trump slams a weakened Germany as "controlled by Russia" in blistering open to NATO summit

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images President Donald Trump followed up on a week of bashing NATO allies on Twitter with an in-pers.....»»

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Russia appears to be building up its military bases near a weak point in the NATO alliance

AP Russia has been working to develop its military fores and capabilities in recent years. Over the past several months, Moscow appears to have built and fortified more facilities in Kaliningrad, its Baltic Sea exclave.....»»

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Democrats think Trump"s Supreme Court nominee might shield him from Robert Mueller"s Russia investigation

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Some Senate Democrats say Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's past writings about how presidents should not be subject to "distracting" lawsuits is problematic as it rel.....»»

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People are telling Kim Kardashian to "sit like a lady" in a recent photo — and the comments reveal a concerning pattern of sexism

Presley Ann/Getty Images Kim Kardashian West recently posted a photo of herself sitting casually on a countertop. .....»»

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