Noor Movie Review: This crusader endears you all the way

Noor is feel-good, contemporary film based on issues that plague big cities in India.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardApr 21st, 2017

Noor Movie Review: This crusader endears you all the way

Noor is feel-good, contemporary film based on issues that plague big cities in India.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardApr 21st, 2017

Padmaavat review: Epic movie, stands tall among great films of all time

It is Padmaavati's conflict with her invader and intended violator Allauddin Khilji which occupies centerstage in this rigorous drama of resonant historicity......»»

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Movie Review: “Molly’s Game” is a royal straight flush

When everyone talks about movies with good roles for women, “Molly’s Game” is precisely the sort of movie they’re talking about. Brash, clever and bristling with sexy insider jargon, the film offers Jessica Chastain the kind of showcase most .....»»

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Kaalakaandi movie review: It"s trippy, enjoyable and a feast for the senses

This is not Delhi Belly Part 2. This is Mumbai Mayhem Part 1. Fiercely original and delectably feisty it has a feeling of tingling sexiness to it, much of it can be attributed to its gorgeous cast......»»

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Movie review: "Insidious: The Last Key" fails to unlock new tale of horror

Lin Shaye is the only saving grace otherwise the film feels like it has been stretched just to justify its runtime of 103 minutes.....»»

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Movie Review: "The Shape of Water" is an utter original

It would be easy to joke around and say “The Shape of Water” is like “Mad Men” meets “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” with a “Dr. Strangelove” gloss. But Guillermo del Toro’s sublime fairy tale romance/Cold War commentary is.....»»

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Movie Review: "Lady Bird" is one you don"t want to miss

Not surprisingly, a movie written and directed by Greta Gerwig, based on her own experiences as a high school senior, is a lot like a Greta Gerwig performance. It sneaks up on you. It’s sly, a little sideways, grudgingly poignant in places, and uproar.....»»

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Wonder movie review: Stellar star cast offsets saccharine sweet tale

Based on the book of the same name written by R.J. Palacio, "Wonder" is a sunshine film and an emotional journey of a boy.....»»

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Battles of a climate crusader

Book review of 'Conflicts of Interest'.....»»

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"Coco" movie review: A colourful, roller coaster ride of emotions

Utterly genuine in concept, assembling and execution, it is an adventure film that casts a magical spell on kids and adults alike.....»»

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Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Whodunit? Kenneth Branagh done it. Whydoit? A much better question.  In 1974, Sidney Lumet directed a star-studded cast in a movie version of Agatha Christie’s delicious murder-mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express.” This was when stars.....»»

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Rotten Tomatoes under fire for timing of ‘Justice League’ review

The movie-review aggregator waited more than 24 hours to post its score of the superhero movie from Warner Bros., whose parent company owns a 30 percent stake in Rotten Tomatoes......»»

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Movie Review: Suburbicon

That smell .....»»

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Movie Review: Victoria & Abdul

The last time Judi Dench made this movie, it was with Billy Connolly and a Shetland pony. This time, it’s with a limpid-eyed Indian. Connolly and the pony worked better. Taking place some years after “Mrs. Brown,” (Dench’s first foray as.....»»

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Golmaal Again movie review: Howlingly funny make-believe fantasy

Rohit Shetty succeeds in creating a make-believe fantasy world with candy floss and imaginary characters.....»»

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The best movie of every year since 2000, according to critics

SonyEach year in film, one movie stands out from the rest as the most critically acclaimed picture of the year. Since the turn of the new century, review aggregator Metacritic has compiled an annual list of the years' most wel.....»»

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Eleanor Ringel-Cater"s Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

“Blade Runner 2049” is admirable and occasionally astonishing. But there is nothing in its entire 163 minutes that matches the gut-wrenching power of Rutger Hauer’s final speech in the original movie.  Ridley Scott’s sci-fi cult classic, “Bla.....»»

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Movie Review: "Brad"s Status" may entice you to give Ben Stiller another look

Sometimes, you just have to see a Ben Stiller movie. Mostly, because he just won’t stop making them. But “Brad’s Status” is something of a surprise. And while it may not change your mind about Stiller, it could entice you into giving him an.....»»

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Charlie Sheen"s "9/11" Film Is a Disaster Movie in More Ways Than One (Review)

'9/11' uses the horrors of September 11 as a plot device with all the subtlety and grace of a promoted tweet......»»

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Daddy movie review: Arjun Rampal propels this Arun Gawli biopic

Director Ashim Ahluwalia gives the actor no room to stretch out his character's inner world.....»»

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