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Coinbase Gears Up for Biggest-Ever Expansion of Crypto Asset Listings

Coinbase's new policy will speed the addition of assets to the exchange but may leave users in some places unable to trade coins available elsewhere......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 25th, 2018

A dark hour for traders as rare outage crippled Canada stock markets

TORONTO (Reuters) - For about an hour and 11 minutes last Friday afternoon, traders in Canada's biggest stock exchanges were left in the dark, as the stock market operator battled with a hardware failure......»»

Category: topSource: reutersMay 1st, 2018

FinCEN Blasts Iran"s "Malign" Use of Crypto to Bypass Economic Sanctions

U.S. regulator FinCEN is urging domestic exchanges to prevent Iran from using cryptocurrency to bypass economic sanctions......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskOct 12th, 2018

Wealth List Reveals China"s 13 Biggest Crypto Billionaires

Chinese entrepreneurs behind some of the biggest crypto firms in the world have made the country's billionaires list for the first time......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskOct 11th, 2018

VOIP Pioneer Says New Startup Is Paying Users Interest on Millions in Crypto

Led by Alex Mashinsky, crypto lending startup Celsius says it's paying thousands of users interest for depositing bitcoin and ether in its wallet app......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskOct 5th, 2018

A Multi-Million Dollar Bet Ethereum"s Proof-of-Stake Isn"t Coming Soon

One of the top crypto ASIC chip makers is betting big ethereum's biggest plans might not come to pass......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskOct 4th, 2018

Google Moves to Protect Chrome Users From Cryptojacking and Hacks

Google is bringing in stricter rules for Chrome extension developers, a move should reduce the risk of crypto hacks and mining malware......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskOct 2nd, 2018

Facebook's 50 million account breach is already its biggest ever -- and may get even worse

Facebook says the accounts of nearly 50 million users suffered a security breach. Attackers exploi.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodaySep 28th, 2018

WSJ Investigation Alleges $88 Million Laundered Through 46 Crypto Exchanges

The Wall Street Journal claimed Friday that 46 crypto exchanges were used to launder nearly $90 million – with $9 million going through ShapeShift......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 28th, 2018

Bitmain’s Prospectus Reveals a Lot About Bitcoin’s Wild Ride

Ten charts shed light on the world’s biggest crypto player.....»»

Category: topSource: washpostSep 27th, 2018

Google To Reverse Crypto Ad Ban For Exchanges Advertising In US, Japan

Authored by Andrew Marshall via, The U.S. tech giant Google is set to update its ad p.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 26th, 2018

Google to Allow Ads for "Regulated" Crypto Exchanges Next Month

Google has revealed that it will begin allowing cryptocurrency exchange advertisements in the U.S. and Japan, starting in October......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 25th, 2018

Regulators Land Punches, But There"s a Long Fight Over Crypto Ahead

From ShapeShift's capitulation to KYC to the New York Attorney General's critical look at exchanges, officialdom is striking heavy blows. Stay tuned......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 24th, 2018

Regulators Are Landing Punches, But There"s a Long Crypto Fight Ahead

From ShapeShift's capitulation to KYC to the New York Attorney General's critical look at exchanges, officialdom is striking heavy blows. Stay tuned......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 24th, 2018

Brazil Moves to Probe Banks After Crypto Exchanges Denied Services

Brazil's antitrust watchdog is investigating major banks for potentially collaborating to prevent crypto brokerages from gaining banking services......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 20th, 2018

Binance Reveals Plan to Launch Crypto Exchanges on Almost Every Continent

Binance CEO and founder Zhao Changpeng announced an ambitious plan to build 5-10 fiat-to-crypto exchanges in the next year......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 19th, 2018

Three Crypto Exchanges May Be Operating Illegally, NY Says - Bloomberg

BloombergThree Crypto Exchanges May Be Operating Illegally, NY SaysBloombergThree cryptocurrency exchanges may be operating illegally in New York, according to the state's legal chief. In a report Tuesday, Attor.....»»

Category: topSource: googlenewsSep 18th, 2018

NYAG Warns Of Danger At Major Crypto Exchanges; Analysts React

The New York State Attorney General’s Office has released a report today outlining results from its six-month (April – Sep.....»»

Category: blogSource: valuewalkSep 18th, 2018

New York"s top lawyer says many crypto exchanges lack "fairness, integrity and security" — and it could harm consumers

  Crypto exchanges are at risk of market manipulation, a New York Attorney General report released on Tuesday warns. Three major crypto trading platfor.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderSep 18th, 2018

New York AG Report Faults Crypto Exchanges for Manipulation Risks

The NY Attorney General's Office stated that many crypto exchanges cannot monitor abusive trading activity, and referred 3 for potential violations......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 18th, 2018