OnePlus 6T: Trivial changes hamper a great phone

Conventional fingerprint readers still work better, and where's my headphone jack gone?.....»»

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Apple Beware: Samsung"s Great Fall in China Was Swift

Apple’s stumble in China is an all-too-familiar story for rival Samsung Electronics. In five years, the iPhone’s biggest rival went from China’s No. 1 phone maker to an also-ran......»»

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You"re going to love 5G, but there are a few things you need to know first

5G will be great, but you are probably going to need a new phone as we get ever-closer to a sci-fi-like future......»»

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OnePlus 5G Phone To Have A Circular Rear Camera Enclosure

Chinese vendor OnePlus ha.....»»

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OnePlus 5G phone will launch by May, but it’s not the OnePlus 7

OnePlus earlier this week launched a OnePlus 6T variation that’s somehow even faster than the top of the line 6T model unveiled a few weeks ago......»»

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On-stage mistake means OnePlus won"t have the first Snapdragon 855 phone

OnePlus was thrust into the limelight earlier this week when CEO Pete Lau announced on-stage that one of its 2019 flagship phones would be the first device to launch with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset. .....»»

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LG, Huawei, and Samsung think Flex is a great name for a foldable phone

Some of the big tech companies leading the way when it comes to foldable phones aren't exactly flexing their creative muscles when it comes to choosing a name for their novel handsets. .....»»

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Is This The 2019 OnePlus 7? OnePlus Exec Just Teased A New Phone

Chinese smartphone vendor OnePlus has just launched its newest OnePlus 6T flagship, which has received an overwhelming response in countries such as India and China. The company as well as its fans are already looking forward to the 201.....»»

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How to Buy a Used Phone Without Getting Fleeced

New smartphone season is here, but last year’s models can offer similarly impressive features at great discounts. These tips will help you grab one without regretting it later......»»

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OnePlus 6T Phone Could Finally Challenge iPhones On Apple’s Home Turf

The global premium smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung. LG, HTC, Sony, and others have faded away. But Chinese vendor OnePlus made room for itself by selling premium Android smartphones at mid-range prices.....»»

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OnePlus 6T packs a fingerprint scanner in its screen to take on iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3

A premium phone doesn't have to come from Apple, Google or Samsung. It also doesn't need to cost clo.....»»

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OnePlus 7 To Be Among First Phones With 5G Support, Hints Carl Pei

OnePlus is gearing up to unveil its next-gen OnePlus 6T flagship early next week. The phone is said to have a bezel-less design, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and no headphone jack. Just days before OnePlus 6T debut, OnePlus co-founder .....»»

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Razer Phone 2 Is Here With Better Display, Camera, Speakers And More

Razer seems to have listened carefully to user complaints. The original Razer Phone was a great gaming device with a powerful processor and an impressive display, but its camera wasn’t th.....»»

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Oppo’s latest phone has the best notch yet

Oppo has announced the F9, a phone with a notch that actually looks pretty great......»»

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Motorola"s newest phone is only OK today, but it"ll get great in 2019 when super-fast 5G networks launch

Motorola Motorola announced on Thursday its new Moto Z3 smartphone, plus an optional attachment that will give the phone connectivity to .....»»

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I was blown away by how well this $530 phone"s camera compared to Google"s $650 Pixel 2, the best smartphone camera in the world (GOOG, GOOGL)

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider What better way to test out a couple of the best smartphone cameras than on a casual stroll through town. I was curious to see how the $530 OnePlus 6 fared against the $650 Google Pixel 2 — the latter of.....»»

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Five Things to know for Tuesday: Dive right in, the (Willamette) water"s great

With this dose of thank-a-higher-being news starting off the morning, it's time to look at some admittedly less-trivial doings in and around Portland. That doesn't mean these Five Things aren't any less worthy of you needing to, well, know. Have a g.....»»

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Eight Business Books That Are Actually Great Summer Beach Reads

From the downfall of Theranos to the mystery of the world's most expensive bottle of wine. Summer beach reads have gotten a bad rap. They’re often dismissed as trivial and unimportant--solely there to keep you .....»»

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OnePlus 6: Five Reasons Apple and Samsung Are in Trouble

This phone costs just over half as much as the iPhone X......»»

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OnePlus 6 Call Dropping Issues Plague New Phone


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Kult Impulse review: Under-powered processor fails to power up this device

The Kult Impulse is a mediocre budget smartphone with good battery life and decent camera; the phone's weak performance diminishes the utility to a great extent.....»»

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