Oregon Initiative Would Legalize ‘Magic Mushrooms’ for Medical Use

Oregon Initiative Would Legalize ‘Magic Mushroom.....»»

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Will Magic Mushrooms Be the Next Drug to Become Legal in California and Oregon?

Under a proposed measure, possessing, growing, selling or transporting psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms would be legal for adults over the age of 21......»»

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Psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms and LSD have key differences — here"s what you should know

Scientists are increasingly hopeful that certain types of psychedelic drugs will one day be approved for medical purposes like treating depre.....»»

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What you should know about the key differences between psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms and LSD

Scientists are increasingly hopeful that certain types of psychedelic drugs will one day be approved for medical purposes like treating depre.....»»

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"Magic mushrooms" may provide cost-effective treatment for depressed cancer patients

The mystical experience of tripping on magic mushrooms may not sound like a medical treatment, but new research from NYU Langone Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University suggests it could prove... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Oregon cannabis industry sees little threat from Trump presidency

It was a big day for legal marijuana on Tuesday, with several states approving medical marijuana and three others — California, Massachusetts and Nevada — joining Oregon, Washington and Colorado in voting to legalize recreational sales. One potential.....»»

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Amendment 2 medical marijuana initiative smokes the ballot box

Florida voters overwhelmingly approved broad-use medical marijuana Tuesday night. A similar measure in 2014 narrowly failed after failing to reach the 60 percent vote threshold required for constitutional amendments. The measure will legalize marijuana u.....»»

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Peter Thiel is betting on magic mushrooms to treat depression — and he"s not the only one

Daiana Lorenz/Youtube A for-profit company that Peter Thiel invests in has plans to start clinical trials of magic m.....»»

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Spurned medical marijuana applicant pushes new pot issue

A high-profile proponent of marijuana legalization who was spurned as an applicant for a medical marijuana grower's license announced plans on Monday for a 2018 Ohio ballot issue to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana......»»

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Peter Thiel’s Unusual Bet on Magic Mushrooms For Treating Depression Is About to Be Tested

Startup hopes the active ingredient in psychedelics can reboot the brain. High-profile Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel made a bet last year on a company with an unusual idea for treating depression: psychedelics. Giving patient.....»»

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Valero Alamo Bowl looking for more magic from TCU

TCU will make a return visit to the Alamo City to play Stanford in the 25th Alamo Bowl on Dec. 28. Both will arrive with impressive rankings. The Frogs, ranked No. 15 in the country, managed a miracle comeback against Oregon in 2015. They beat th.....»»

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Where Is Marijuana Legal? Peru The Latest Country To Legalize

Peru is the latest country to legalize medical marijuana. Where else is cannabis legal in the world?.....»»

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Psychedelics: California Could Become First State to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

Mayoral candidate says the fungi saved him from heroin......»»

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Pennsylvania to launch medical marijuana registry

The Pennsylvania Department of Health will launch a medical marijuana patient and caregiver registry Wednesday as the next step in the process to legalize the treatment across the state. In October, Cresco Yeltrah became the first company approved by th.....»»

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New program offers Camden youth free medical coding education and job promise

Young Camden residents who enroll in a new job training program that provides free medical coding education will have a job waiting for them when they finish. The Cooper Health Careers Initiative was launched Tuesday by Cooper University Health Care.....»»

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Another South American country is loosening restrictions on marijuana use

Thomson ReutersLIMA (Reuters) - Peru's conservative Congress passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana late on Thursday with a 68-5 vote in favor of allowing cann.....»»

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Psychedelic Drugs Could Make People Less Violent, Study Shows

People who used drugs like magic mushrooms or LSD were 12 percent less likely to have assaulted someone and 18 percent less likely to have been arrested for violent crime......»»

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Magic Mushrooms Reset the Brains of People With Depression

Brain scans revealed that psilocybin could be more effective than antidepressants......»»

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New Magic Mushrooms Discovery Could Reveal How to Make Your Own Drugs

The study could pave the way for easier production of the psychedelic psilocybin......»»

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Penn medical school joins national initiative to increase house calls

The Perelman School is one of the eight academic centers collaborating with the HCCI......»»

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Nurses raise ethical concerns about Parrish, Richardson and ballot initiative

The Oregon Nurses Association is calling for “full transparency” from Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson when it comes to the referendum that Rep. Julie Parrish is pursuing. Parrish, a West Linn Republican, is the chief petitioner for .....»»

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