People say these are their favorite ways to treat themselves, for cheap

Because some things are only fun until the credit-card bill arrives.....»»

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Surprising ways rich people can be cheap


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Buffalo"s memory care facilities look for new ways to treat age-old problems

The people who run Buffalo's memory care programs say they're willing to update their treatment options to incorporate anything that can improve the lives of their patients......»»

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Top of the List: Largest jury awards in Ohio

I confess: This is my favorite list to research each year. Why? It’s complicated. Seeing the many ways people, businesses and government entities can cheat, physically harm or otherwise damage each other certainly isn’t uplifting. And legal do.....»»

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The 9 mistakes people make when buying, ordering, and drinking coffee — and what to do instead

Business Insider spoke to Will Corby, Head of Coffee at Pact, to find out what bad habits we're keeping. He said people should treat coffee like vegetables and bread rather than a long-term product. He also explained why cheap instant coffee shou.....»»

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Textio’s New Tool Will Take the Words Right Out of Your Mouth—and Maybe Improve Them

The new technology aims to speed up writing and expand pipelines. Words matter, and they often matter in different ways to different people. That's why, for the past five years, text analy.....»»

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Destinations Where Tourists Outnumber Locals

Most people don’t like it when their favorite vacation spot suddenly “gets discovered” and overnight turns into just another crowded beach. Perhaps even more distressing is when that spot is actually........»»

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Jeff Reeves"s Strength in Numbers: 5 ways to cash in as ‘e-sports’ becomes more popular than pro football

Soon more people will be watching video game competitions than the real thing......»»

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Lyft and Uber lure people with low fares, but how long will cheap ride-sharing last?

Ride-sharing may not be such a cheap alternative to car ownership when Uber and Lyft have to turn a profit as public companies......»»

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If You Use Any of These Addresses, Amazon Won’t Offer You Same-Day Delivery

Amazon has several ways for people to get free delivery of packages. Among the most impressive is its ability to deliver many items the same day they are ordered......»»

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Security Tokens More Like Stocks Than You Realize?

Cryptocurrencies may not be your favorite asset, but you’ve definitely heard of them. It often gets very confusing as to what these coins actually are, how they operate, and how can people produce them and sell them .....»»

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America’s Favorite Pizza Chain Is One Many People Have Never Heard Of

This pizza chain is an example that, when it comes to brands that people like the most, bigger is not always better. But it will continue to do well because of the huge national appetite for pizza,........»»

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How People Buying Cars Has Changed Over the Years

Buying a car has changed significantly over the years. In some ways, however, it hasn't changed much......»»

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FA Center: 4 ways we don’t make rational money decisions as we reach retirement

Nudging people to make more rational decisions as they enter retirement is more challenging than nudging them to save more while working......»»

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Water Cooler Talk: Why cheering on your favorite team could harm your voice

We rely on our voice for various reasons every single day yet most people do not focus on vocal hygiene, which is the care and maintenance of the voice......»»

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Deutsche, Commerzbank favor merger over holding company structure: sources

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank favor a straightforward merger over more complex ways to structure a deal, three people close to the matter said......»»

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2019 Outstanding Women in Business: Jacque Westling, Quarles & Brady

Jacque Westling Company: Quarles & Brady Title: Partner Age: 60 How long in current job: With firm for 20 years What advice would you give to women who are seeking a leadership role? Always make sure to treat people the way you would want to be.....»»

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Amazon Offers Free Restaurant Delivery So People Can Binge Watch Shows has a new promotion. Order in and stream your favorite movies and TV shows all month. It combines two services offered by Amazon Prime......»»

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3 ways to discover a business idea that works

A business idea doesn't have to blow people's minds, but it can't make their eyes glaze over, either. Here are three ways to find your entrepreneurial sweet spot......»»

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8 ways addiction is affecting your workplace

With the worsening opioid crisis, addiction is a growing challenge in every industry. More than 70 percent of people with addiction are employed either part or full time. But because of the nature of this disease, and the shame that comes with it, .....»»

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Personal Finance Daily: Why airfares are dirt cheap right now and how money apps are bullying people into saving

Tuesday’s top personal finance stories......»»

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