President Trump: “NATO Stronger Now Than it Was 2 Days Ago”

President Trump: “NATO Stronger Now Than it Was 2 Days Ago” Thursday, US President Donald Trump that the United States’ commitment to NATO “remains very strong” after a summit in Brussels at which he said a.....»»

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We just witnessed the 10 most disastrous days of Trump"s presidency

Chris McGrath/Getty Images The White House has been engulfed in crisis after crisis over the last week and a half, all of which were self-inflicted. President Trump sparked controversy at every turn, including during his trip to the NATO summit, .....»»

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Trump"s sharp criticism of NATO"s newest member has a point, but his comments are playing right into Russia"s hands

Reuters President Trump added to his criticisms of NATO just days a.....»»

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The New York Post: Trump calls on NATO allies to pay up

Days before he heads to Europe for a meeting with NATO allies, President Trump continued ​to hector members of the alliance for not paying their fair share of defense costs​ and called on them to “do much more.”.....»»

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Novartis Won"t Raise U.S. Drug Prices This Year

Novartis won’t increase its U.S. drug prices for the rest of 2018, the Switzerland-based drugmaker said, days after Pfizer took a similar step following criticism from President Trump......»»

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Novartis to Refrain From Raising U.S. Drug Prices

Novartis won’t increase its U.S. drug prices for the rest of 2018, the Switzerland-based drugmaker said, days after Pfizer took a similar step in the face of criticism from President Donald Trump......»»

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Trump fundamentally undermines NATO, suggests "aggressive" Montenegro may attack Russia to start World War III

Reuters/Christine Hartmann President Donald Trump expressed skepticism over the US's commitment with NATO by singling Montenegro, its newest member. Trump questioned whether or not the US would defend it, as required to do by NATO's foundi.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President tweets out defenses of Putin, NATO summits

On the defensive after a European trip that drew criticism from fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, President Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted out defenses to his actions......»»

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Here"s exactly what Trump needs to tell Putin to take control of their meeting, according to a former Reagan adviser

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet for their first bilateral summit on Monday afternoon in Helsinki. The meeting comes days after 12 Russian intell.....»»

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Friday Humor: Trump Defects To Russia?

Authored by Finian Cunningham, via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The turmoil caused this week by US President Trump among NATO allies is approaching surreal. Time to indulge in some satire… Helsinki was always fame.....»»

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Former US ambassador to NATO: Trump’s claim immigrants are changing the UK’s culture is "code word for white supremacists"

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Former US ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns on Friday slammed President Donald Trump for claiming immigrants are a threat to Europe's "culture." Burns said Trump's rhetoric was "code word for white supremacists."&n.....»»

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Amid NATO tensions, Trump says he"s ready to help some NATO members buy US-made weapons

Thomson ReutersBRUSSELS (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was ready to help smaller NATO countries to buy US weapons as he pushed them to spend more on their own defense. Speaking a.....»»

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Trump Fuels Anxiety in Europe Over Security

A tense NATO summit and President Donald Trump’s scheduled meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin are fueling uncertainty about the U.S.’s commitment to defending Europe and reinforcing the view that the region needs to provide for its own security......»»

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Here"s how NATO"s budget actually works

President Donald Trump's rhetoric on the NATO alliance has often been misleading, and he has distorted how the histor.....»»

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Is President Trump Right About US Defence Spending?

While at the NATO summit this week in Brussels, President Donald Trump has drawn attention to US defense spending, fulfilling a ke.....»»

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Trump says Putin isn"t his enemy — and that "hopefully some day maybe he"ll be a friend"

AP President Donald Trump said in a news conference Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not "an enemy" but a "competitor," and that he hoped the two of them could become friends. Trump made the remarks upon leaving a tense NATO summ.....»»

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Trump claims a victory on NATO defense spending

U.S. President Donald Trump hailed a personal victory at a NATO summit on Thursday, saying allies had sharply increased defense spending commitments after he provoked a crisis session with a tirade at European leaders. Scarlett Cvitanovich reports......»»

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Trump Says He Expects to "Get Along" With Putin at Summit

President Donald Trump said he expected a friendly exchange with Russian President Vladimir Putin at their summit, as he concluded testy NATO talks that left some U.S. allies concerned the alliance was projecting a message of discord to Moscow......»»

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Macron, Merkel, Conte Deny Trump"s NATO Spending Claims

Earlier today, during an impromptu, surprise press conference at the conclusion to the NATO summit, president Trump said that the allies achieved "tremendous progress today", and claimed th.....»»

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Donald Trump Bragged About Kim Jong Un Summit to NATO Leaders, Saying It Was Better Than the Oscars: Report

President Donald Trump claimed his unprecedented summit received more media attention than Hollywood's biggest event......»»

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Trump Commits to NATO, Pushes Allies on Spending

President Trump affirmed the U.S.’s “very strong” commitment to NATO after the summit descended into chaos as the secretary-general called an emergency session to address the president’s spending demands......»»

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