Property taxes vary by state. Here's a look at what you'll pay

Property taxes, the single largest revenue source for local governments, are ratified, collected and spent almost entirely at the municip.....»»

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Property taxes vary by state. Here's a look at what you'll pay.

Property taxes, the single largest revenue source for local governments, are ratified, collected and spent almost entirely at the municip.....»»

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Property tax varies by state. Here's a look at what you'll pay

Can I deduct property taxes in 2018? Yes, but the new tax law has some fine print, you need to know. Here's a guide to property taxes in your .....»»

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Want to be in the top 1 percent? Here's what you have to earn in your state

A family earning $422,000 a year ranks in top one percent nationwide. But as income levels vary by state, so does what it takes to be a one-.....»»

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Are my property taxes still deductible in 2018?

There were several IRS tax deductions that didn't survive the tax.....»»

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Supreme Court allows states to collect sales taxes on more online transactions

The Supreme Court upended the nation's Internet marketplace, ruling that many online retailers must collect and remit state sales taxes. The decision, which overturns an earlier Supreme Court pre.....»»

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Tax fight: IRS may nix states' workaround on deduction caps from Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The new tax law caps the deduction for state and local income taxes at $10,000. Legislators in.....»»

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Payless liquidation sale prices: What you need to know about store closing sales

Payless liquidation sales started Sunday. Payless hours today vary by location. Here's what you need to know to navigate the giant's bargain bonanza.....»»

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Marginal tax, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez initiatives questioned by Buffett's right-hand man Munger

Wealth taxes, such as the 70 percent marginal tax proposed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez can hurt, says Charlie Munger of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hath.....»»

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How much are you spending this Valentine's Day? We look at the price of a dinner in each state

One in every three adults will celebrate Valentine's Day with a night out this year. Overall, the average cost is $55.44, but it varies.....»»

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From conversation hearts to chocolate: Most popular Valentine's Day candy in each state

Conversation hearts or heart-shaped boxes of chocolate? Is it M&M's or chocolate roses? Check out what your state's fa.....»»

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New York's long-awaited TWA Hotel to begin taking reservations

The property on the grounds of New York JFK Airport will begin taking reservations at noon ET on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) for stays beginning May.....»»

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Taxes 2019: 10 common filing mistakes to avoid this year

Every year, tax professionals see the same common errors, but this year is extra thorny after the tax law's major changes. Here are mistakes to a.....»»

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A reality check for Trump's likely claims of economic success during State of the Union

Trump Is likely to tout the strong economy at Tuesday's State of the Union. But while his tax cuts boosted growth, they swell.....»»

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Want to retire in comfort? Here's what it costs in every state.

In one state, a retired couple can live comfortably on just $36,000 a year. In another state, the same standard of living costs as muc.....»»

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New federal income tax form may catch you by surprise. Here's what you need to know.

Anxiety will run high this tax season. But doing your taxes still requires steps like finding the 2017 return and unders.....»»

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Here’s what you'll probably pay in taxes this year

Tax season is upon us and no matter what tax bracket you fall under, there is no escaping Uncle Sam. S.....»»

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White House silent on House Speaker Pelosi's call to delay State of Union address

Pelosi requested the State of the Union be delayed until after the partial government shutdown has ended, but the White House has not ye.....»»

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Citing 'security concerns' due to government shutdown, Speaker Pelosi urges delay of State of the Union address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked President Trump to reschedule his State of the Union address from later this month if the government remains shut d.....»»

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Volkswagen goes electric: Automaker to spend $800M, launch new Tennessee facility

Volkswagen selected its Chattanooga manufacturing plant for the company's first electric vehicle facility in North America, state officials announced Monday. .....»»

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The wealthiest towns in each state that you've probably never heard of

That mansion you saw in Orlando doesn’t mean all.....»»

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