Putting wastewater to work: America’s next great energy source

Lexicographers trace the old saying “waste not, want not” back to late 18th century England. It took us engineers a couple of centuries to catch on, but finally we’re embracing a very literal interpre.....»»

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Let’s discuss the Energy Star Multifamily High-Rise Program

In a construction market that has been slowly recovering since the end of The Great Recession, multifamily housing has been the brightest star. The demand for rental housing has been on a steady climb since 2004 (Source: Freddie Mac).  .....»»

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$40M-plus worth of road work ahead for expressway authority

As the new year rings in with great expectations, it also brings new projects and big milestones ahead for a number of transportation-related projects. The Central Florida Expressway Authority will be putting shovels in the dirt this year for sever.....»»

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Meet North America"s Billion-Dollar Green Energy Empire

Invenergy is the largest independent renewable energy provider in North America. We took a look at their work on the ground......»»

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This 1 Skill Makes Great Leaders. Hint: You"re Not Born With it

Becoming an effective leader starts with putting in the work......»»

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Mexico's prickly pear cactus: energy source of the future?

Mexico's prickly pear cactus could turn out to be a great energy source for the f.....»»

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Work Can Be Stressful, Dangerous And Sometimes Great

America's workers are subject to more physical harm and emotional stress than you might think, but many of these challenges can be mitigated by a good boss and good friends......»»

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25 tricky job-interview questions the best companies in America are asking

Robert Galbraith/flickr With excellent perks, great pay and benefits, and high job satisfaction, employees at the 50 best companies to work for in America seem to have a good thing going. But before you star.....»»

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In Beijing, Perry promotes US-China clean energy cooperation

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry says America and China have "extraordinary opportunities" to work together on clean energy, amid global criticism of President Donald Trump's decision last week to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement......»»

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Making robots great again: The long, rough ride ahead for "Made in America"

There's just no way to source parts in America right now.....»»

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Space & Time: How BitTorrent"s Creator is Attacking Bitcoin Waste

Bitcoin's 'proof of work' validation mechanism burns a huge amount of energy, but this novel solution from developer Bram Cohen aims to change that. Source.....»»

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An HGTV star who"s invested in over 100 properties explains how to tell if a fixer-upper is a great deal — or a money pit

Malcolm Taylor/Getty ImagesIf you're ready to buy a house, putting in the work on a fixer-upper instead of choosing a home w.....»»

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Gas And Renewables Toppled Coal A Decade Early

Cheap natural gas and renewables ousted coal as America's leading energy source in 2015—a decade earlier than the Clean Power Plan predicted, and without the Clean Power Plan'.....»»

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Energy Freedom 2017

President-elect Donald Trump's plan to make America truly great inspires a simple but profound New Year's resolution: Bolster America's energy sector to unleash the U.S. economy.   A.....»»

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America"s Abundant, Low-Cost Fossil "Fuels Of The Future" Will Be Our Dominant Energy Source For Many Decades

America"s Abundant, Low-Cost Fossil "Fuels Of The Future" Will Be Our Dominant Energy Source For Many Decades.....»»

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China is going all in on clean energy as the U.S. waffles. How is that making America great again?

For months, the clean energy discussion in the U.S. has been dominated by two questio.....»»

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Wally Weitz"s Value Matters for 4th Quarter

We believe that America is already a pretty 'great' place to live, work and investCheck out Wallace Weitz Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Wallace Weitz (Updated on …–/…4/—…–7)Related Stocks: SPY, DJI, QQQ,.....»»

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100 Best Jobs in America

Top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work......»»

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How Made-In-America Battery Technology Can Help Make America Great Again

The rising demand for electric vehicles, grid power systems and energy efficient manufacturing will catapult American-made batteries into a $450 billion global market over the next 25 years. The rising demand for electric vehicles, grid power system.....»»

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Ron Paul Tells Trump: "To Really "Make America Great Again", End The Fed!"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Former Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher recently gave a speech identifying the Federal Reserve’s easy money/low interest rate policies as a source of the pub.....»»

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Renewable energy could thrive in spite of Trump

Reuters/Mike BlakeU.S. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to make America “great again”. One of the industries that will experience this greatness is the global energy sector. Many of Trump’s views on oil, gas, coal and clean ener.....»»

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