Quadruple Leveraged ETFs: SEC Has Second Thoughts

The U.S. SEC is reconsidering the approval of quadruple leveraged ETFs. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been reluctant toward a.....»»

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Why the SEC Shouldn"t Reject 4x Leveraged ETFs

People are worried about the possible SEC approval of 4x leveraged ETFs, but you should not let 400% leverage concern you. In this podcast, I explain why quadruple leverage is no better or worse than plenty of other funds already on the market in t.....»»

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SEC Approves Quadruple-Leveraged ETFs

More quadruple-leveraged ETFs on the way after SEC's approval? The Securities and Exchange Commission brought good news for ETF risk-lovers on Tuesday by approving the first quadruple leveraged ETF. With this, Forceshares Daily 4x.....»»

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These Leveraged China ETFs Are Hot

Emerging markets equities are setting a scintillating pace this year and China, the largest developing economy, is a big reason why. The largest China exchange traded fund listed in the U.S. is up more than 25 percent year-to-date.   read more.....»»

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Trading Leveraged ETFs Like JNUG For Profit

Trading Leveraged ETFs Like JNUG For Profit.....»»

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Playing The Emerging Markets Trade With Leveraged ETFs

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is up more than 25 percent year-to-dat.....»»

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How To Trade News Headlines With Leveraged ETFs

Because of their magnified exposure and use as a short-term vehicle, leveraged ETFs can be a popular trade around the release of relevant market-moving news, such as the release of economic data points. read more.....»»

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Leveraged Volatility ETFs in Focus on Geopolitics

The fear gauge ??? CBOE Volatility Index (VI.....»»

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Leveraged/Inverse ETFs That Soared on North Korea Tensions

These leveraged or inverse ETFs crushed the market last week on North Korea tension......»»

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Leveraged Volatility and Gold: 2 ETFs to Watch on Outsized Volume

UVXY and UGL saw massive trad.....»»

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This Week"s ETF Launches: A Pair of New Triple-Leveraged Oil ETFs

The recent spate of new smart-beta products slows down this week, while several new triple-leveraged ETFs take center stage. The Uni.....»»

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5 Best Performing Leveraged ETFs of July


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5 Best Performing Leveraged ETFs of July

The three major bourses witnessed their best month since February with the S&P 50.....»»

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3 Strategies That You Can Use To Incorporate Leveraged ETFs Into Your Trading

A leveraged ETF, when properly used, can be a powerful tool for generating income on clear directional index trends over short periods. At their most basic, that is what these daily investment vehicles are meant to accomplish. read more.....»»

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4 Things To Know Before Trading A Leveraged ETF

U.S. ETFs are on pace to have record inflows in 2017. That includes funds dedicated to equities, fixed in.....»»

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How The Volatility Of Earnings Season Can Affect Leveraged ETFs

With another earnings season upon us, leveraged ETF traders can look forward to periods of both opportunity and risk as volatility reaches its quarterly pitch. read more.....»»

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Short-Term Bond and Leveraged Gold: 2 ETFs to Watch on Outsized Volume

VGSH and DGP saw massive trading volume in Wednesday's trading session. In the last trading session, U.S. stocks were in t.....»»

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Brazil"s Stock Market Rally Has Helped These 2 Leveraged ETFs Have Incredible Months

Brazilian assets have been on a mini surge of.....»»

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This New ETF Brings Leverage To The Eurozone

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) dedicated to European equities are outperforming their U.S. counterparts this year while hauling in billions of new assets. Seems like a perfect storm for a new leveraged Europe ETF.   read more.....»»

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Systematic Tactical Management with Leveraged ETFs

As markets plateau and momentum seems to sputter, the prospects of downside risk loom large. Exchange traded fund invest.....»»

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Banking On Bank Earnings With Leveraged ETFs

After spending much of the year lagging the broader market, the financial services sector has recently been gaining steam. Over the past month, the largest exchange traded fund (ETF) tracking the sector is higher by about 6.3 percent.   read more.....»»

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