Red states saw big rise in credit-card debt over the past five years

Data show correlation between debt change and political standing......»»

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Should I use my savings to pay off credit card debt?

I have been in the workforce for a few years now (graduated in 2014) and have a decent mutual f.....»»

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Americans Can"t Get Enough Consumer Debt

Interest rates are on the rise, but that hasn’t curbed Americans’ appetite for consumer debt as people borrow more than they have in years on credit cards or through auto loans, and lenders seeking growth are happy to oblige them......»»

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It could take 11 years to pay off your Super Bowl ticket by credit card

Super Bowl, Super Schmowl, these Americans would rather pay down their debt.....»»

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US Savings Rate Hits Crisis Lows Amid Soaring Credit Card Debt

Amid soaring credit card use, the tumble in Americans' savings rate continued in December with a modestly better than expected 0.4% MoM rise in incomes and as expected 0.4% rise in spending (but upward revisions in spending). For the inflation wate.....»»

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Credit card debt is costing you nearly $1,000 per year

There's plenty to crow about in the economic picture right now: the stock market is charging ahead and the economy is expanding. But the bad news is that credit card debt is on the rise......»»

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Credit card debt on the rise

The amount of credit card debt carried in the average American household is growing, but most people blame their own unnecessary spending. The average U.S. household owes a total of $131,431, including mortgages, according to the 2017 U.S. Household.....»»

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Delusional to credit Narendra Modi"s rise to sound economic management

BJP's consistent electoral success over past few years has been product of having far more money, being far better organised, and playing far better caste politics than the Opposition.....»»

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Georgia’s film tax incentive and the rise in commercial production

News that Georgia’s Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit incentive program is an unprecedented success has been repeatedly publicized over the past several years......»»

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Here’s a timely reminder on Black Friday of America’s escalating credit-card debt

American debt continues to rise, according to the New York Federal Reserve.....»»

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One major way U.S. credit-card debt is getting worse

American debt continues to rise, according to the New York Federal Reserve.....»»

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‘The last free space in America is a parking spot’: On the road with a new kind of workforce.

In July, I quit my job of nearly eight years with The Washington Post to live in a van and pursue freedom and solitude. I’d settled $35,000 in credit card debt and left work on my own terms. A mo........»»

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China Credit Debt-Service Ratio: Healthy But For How Much Longer?

Despite all of the country’s problems, China has proved its doubters wrong during the past few years. Even though several prominent Wall Street analysts and hedge fund manag.....»»

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This woman paid off $20,000 in debt by making an extra payment of $20

Some 43% of U.S. adults carry credit card debt for two years or more......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchSep 29th, 2017

43% of Americans Carry Credit-Card Debt for at Least 2 Years

About 29 million Americans who have been carrying credit-card debt have had a balance for at least two years, according to a new study......»»

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One major way U.S. credit card debt is getting worse

American debt continues to rise, according to the New York Federal Reserve.....»»

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Credit unions look to get stronger in mergers

​Whether it is due to financial trouble, a lack of staff or a desire to add more services for members, credit union consolidations have been on the rise for the past several years......»»

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Why your credit card debt is about to get more expensive

Credit-card users, home-equity borrowers and homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages will likely see their monthly payments rise as the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike Wednesday ripples across the economy. .....»»

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As Americans take on more debt, some pockets of concern - ABC News

San Francisco ChronicleAs Americans take on more debt, some pockets of concernABC NewsFILE - In this July 18, 2012, file photo, a pedestrian walks past credit card logos posted on .....»»

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Justices rule against consumer in debt collection case

The Supreme Court says debt collection companies can't be sued for trying to recover years-old credit card debt from people who seek bankruptcy protection......»»

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US Credit Card Debt Sees Biggest Drop In Over Four Years

The credit-card fueled spending spree came to a screeching halt in January, when according to the latest just released consumer credit data from the Fed, revolving credit tumbled by $3.8 billion. This was th.....»»

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