Republicans and Democrats slam Trump for not specifically condemning white nationalists in Charlottesville

Republicans and Democrats slam Trump for not specifically condemning white nationalists in Charlottesville.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderAug 12th, 2017

"We must call evil by its name": Trump gets slammed for not specifically condemning white nationalists in Charlottesville

"We must call evil by its name": Trump gets slammed for not specifically condemning white nationalists in Charlottesville.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderAug 12th, 2017

Republicans Turning on Trump

President Donald Trump decried on Thursday the removal of monuments to the pro-slavery Civil War Confederacy, echoing white nationalists and drawing stinging rebukes from fellow Republica.....»»

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Trump Mourns Removal of Confederate Statues in Latest Tweets

And compares Robert E. Lee to George Washington As Confederate statues and memorials are being removed across the U.S. following the violence at a weekend rally by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., President Donald Trump to.....»»

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Steve Bannon trashes "ethno-nationalists," his White House enemies, and touts big plans for the Trump administration amid calls for his firing

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon touted his plans for the Trump administration on Wednesday, amid calls for his ouster, after the fallout from last weekend's deadly Charlottesville rally. The call between Bannon and American Prospect .....»»

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Democrats and Republicans Condemn Trump"s Remarks After Charlottesville Violence

Figures across the political spectrum have criticized the president's remarks......»»

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VICE: Charlottesville: Race and Terror

Whatever thoughts I had on President Trump previously have been replaced with sheer disgust. On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate i.....»»

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Bannon, Charlottesville Violence and White Nationalists: Why Trump"s Chief Strategist Remains Silent

Steve Bannon refuses to answer questions about whether he condemns violence perpetrated by white nationalists......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekAug 15th, 2017

Impeach Trump? Charlottesville, Russia and Health Care Are All Bad News for White House

Several leading Republicans did not hold back their criticism of Trump following the violence in Charlottesville......»»

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De Blasio tries to tar GOP rival with Trump"s Charlottesville comments

The campaign of Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday criticized his Republican opponent for not forcefully denouncing President Donald Trump's response to Saturday's rally of white nationalists in... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Merck CEO Quits Advisory Council After Trump Remarks

The CEO of Merck quit President Donald Trump's American Manufacturing Council after Trump didn't condemn white nationalists for violence in Charlottesville......»»

Category: topSource: msnbcAug 14th, 2017

John Oliver Slams Trump: You Have to Call Out Charlottesville White Nationalists by Name

"He threw an airball so far away it landed in the Third Reich.".....»»

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NYP: Trump "badly missed the mark" on Charlottesville

The New York Post editorial board criticized President Trump after he did not specifically criticize white nationalist groups......»»

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White House Confirms Trump Condemns White Supremacists, KKK, & All Neo-Nazi Extremist Groups

Following the media's brouhaha around President Trump's apparent decision not to specifically call out and condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who gathered in Charlottesville this weekend, The White House has issued a stat.....»»

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Neo-nazis and white supremacists are celebrating Trump"s remarks about the Charlottesville riots

AP Photo/Alex BrandonWhite nationalists and neo-Nazis celebrated President Donald Trump's remarks about the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia on .....»»

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Trump condemns "hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides" after deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst President Donald Trump denounced the violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious dis.....»»

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Why Won"t Trump Condemn Alt-Right Groups At White Nationalists Rally in Charlottesville?

Trump finally tweeted a response to the violence in Charlottesville but failed to mention the city directly or condemn the groups responsible for the civil unrest occurring in the Virginia town......»»

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Presidential lethargy, not Democratic obstinacy, is to blame

IT IS almost as if Republicans did not control both Congress and the White House. President Donald Trump has struggled to carry out one of his basic duties, which is to fill government posts. The president blames supposedly obstinate Senate Democrats, .....»»

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Republicans, Democrats Insist Trump Turn Over Any Comey Tapes

Even as the White House refused to comment on whether Trump had .....»»

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Denver’s mayor is trying to save Democrats from a Trump trap

OUT in the savannah of American politics, the Democratic Party lacks big beasts. Republicans control the White House and Congress and, in the country at large, hold 33 governors’ ma.....»»

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Can Trump, budget director get on the same page?

Conservative Mick Mulvaney has taken both Democrats and Republicans to task for being fiscally profligate. Here's a look at where he may clash with Trump on the key budget issues he'd oversee if confirmed as White House budget director......»»

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