Retirees: don't miss 2018's $16,122 Social Security bonus

With the right guidance there are a handful of devastating Soc.....»»

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High-income retirees' tax rates may be higher than expected because of Social Security

High-income retirees may see their tax brackets fall, but still face higher taxes on Social Security benefits and high.....»»

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Medicare fix: Here's why more Social Security recipients will see a real raise in 2019

Social Security checks could go up for the first time in a while for many retirees who got hit by a Medicare cost adjustment rul.....»»

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You're probably approaching your Social Security claiming decision all wrong

There's perhaps no decision that's more important for retirees than their Social Security claiming age. Being shortsighted could wind up costing you a lot of money.   .....»»

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Why didn't many retirees see a Social Security increase? - Fox Business

Fox BusinessWhy didn't many retirees see a Social Security increase?Fox BusinessThe Social Security A.....»»

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5 Social Security misunderstandings that could cost you

The Social Security Trust Fund is expected to run out in 2034, it's possible future retirees will receive less than the retirees of today. Avoid these misconceptions that can cost you real money.       &#.....»»

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People don't understand Social Security, and a new survey confirms it

Social Security is much more than just a paycheck -- it's a financial foundation for millions of retirees. What you don't know could cause you to leave money on the table during retirement.       &.....»»

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Income threat: 4 mistakes that could slash your overall Social Security benefits

Though Social Security was never designed to sustain retirees by itself, it can serve as a substantial income source. That's why it's crucial to get the most money out of the program as possible.         .....»»

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3 reasons why your retirement plan shouldn't hinge on Social Security

Many workers don't save for retirement (or don't save a lot) because they're planning to fall back on Social Security, and that's not a good thing.  .....»»

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You need to know these Social Security tips now, even if you're years from retirement

Here's how to get as much as you can out of Social Security – now and in the future as you get closer to plan.....»»

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Your Social Security check won't cover rent in these 8 states

If you're going to be leaning on Social Security income when you retire, living in the Midwest, where cost of living is lower, is a bette.....»»

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You're entitled to a minimum Social Security benefit – if you've worked long enough

If you have a long enough work history, you're entitled to minimum benefits under Social Security. The longer you've worked, the higher the amou.....»»

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5 groups of people who will never receive Social Security benefits

Social Security is not an entitlement. Being an American citizen doesn't guarantee you'll qualify for these protections or a retired worker benefi.....»»

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The rich keep getting richer, and that's not a good thing for Social Security

Growing income inequality in the U.S. is probably something you're familiar with, and it could be a huge proble.....»»

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3 reasons you might want to wait to file for Social Security and avoid early retirement

Social Security is a key income source, and if you want to make the most of it in retirement, you'll need to be strategic about w.....»»

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Why you may want to file for Social Security – and keep working

Believe it or not, there's one thing you can do to boost your Social Security benefits after you've already filed for them: .....»»

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Planning to claim Social Security at 65? You may want to rethink that.

Though 65 is when Medicare kicks in, it's not full retirement age for Social Security purposes. And not knowing that difference could hurt you in the long run. &#.....»»

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This is how much claiming Social Security early costs you

The decision about when to claim Social Security is one of the biggest you'll ever make, and the choice has implications for the rest of yo.....»»

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Not saving at all for retirement? You're not alone, and Social Security isn't going to cut it

More than 40 percent of adults aren't saving for retirement at all and Social Security isn't g.....»»

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Early data suggest no Social Security raises next year

Retirees saw the biggest increase to their Social Security checks in years starting this month. Yet data from the fourth quarter of 2018 points to a much lower — if any — increase in 2020 if current trends continue......»»

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The $16,728 Social Security bonus you can’t afford to miss

Social Security isn’t a decision you can afford to get wrong.         Social Security isn’t a decision you can afford to get wrong.        .....»»

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