Rolling Background Checks at Work Are Becoming a Thing

The number of.....»»

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Get ready for rolling background checks at work

Jay Cradeur takes pride in his 4.9 driver rating.....»»

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ICE Arrests Dozens Trying to Sponsor Migrant Children in Government Care

A new policy requiring fingerprint-based background checks al.....»»

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Arizona licenses for nonprofit housing migrant kids at risk

Arizona officials have moved to revoke the licenses for a nonprofit that houses immigrant children after it missed a deadline to show that all its employees passed background checks......»»

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This company’s new podcast is not blatantly self-promotional, and that’s a good thing

The show is the work of staffers who combine their technical expertise and curiosity to craft conversations with leaders in national defense, space science and intelligence technology......»»

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Utah Autopilot Crash Driver Suing Tesla, Claims Brakes "Did Not Work"

More bad legal news has emerged for Tesla at a time when it's the last thing the company needs. A Tesla driver in Utah whose vehicle slammed itself into a stopped fire truck at a red light e.....»»

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Working for Steve Jobs Was 'Liberating' - Fortune

FortuneApple CEO Tim Cook Says Working for Steve Jobs Was 'Liberating'FortuneApple CEO Tim Cook is clear about one thing: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a great person to work for. Speaking to Bloo.....»»

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Working for Steve Jobs Was ‘Liberating’

Cook is entering his seventh year as chief executive. Apple CEO Tim Cook is clear about one thing: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a great person to work for. Speaking to Bloomberg in an interview published in June (but resurface.....»»

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Feds Investigating DoD Contacts With News Media Amid Security Clearance Checks

Federal investigators who conduct background checks for the Department of Defens.....»»

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Will This 1 Thing Upend Your Finances in Retirement?

Though many work.....»»

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Journal Profile: Health scare inspired Julia Taylor Cheek to disrupt medical testing

This may be her first startup but Julia Cheek knows a thing or two about the hard work it takes to win. She's l.....»»

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40 Most Popular Emmy-Nominated Shows

The only thing television fans may love as much as watching their favorite shows is seeing the cast and crew behind those programs win awards for their work. Of course, there is no greater........»»

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Firearm Background Checks Reach Second-Highest July Number On Record

Firearm background checks reached their second-highest level in July coming in at over 1.8 million. What Happened  The previous record for July sales was in 2015, when the FBI conducted nearly 2.2 million checks. read more.....»»

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Here's why resumes may no longer work

The traditional resume may be a thing of the past that recruiters no longer rely on. With the rise of LinkedIn and unconventional job titles popping up, a resume may not best show off skills.      .....»»

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Google has been stealthily working on a successor to Android, and engineers reportedly want to start rolling it out within three years

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic Google has been quietly working for years on a replacement for Android, the operating system that powers three quarters of the world's smartphones. Engineers who work on.....»»

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Tech Giants Losing Talent to Blockchain—Polychain CEO

Leading indicator? Facebook and Google offer lavish perks to keep their employees happy, but there’s one thing they can’t provide: the chance to work on cool cryptocurrency projects. That’s why top talent is le.....»»

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Thursday links: consistent earnings

MarketsThe most interesting thing about the 200 day moving average is the difference in volatility. ( YTD: good, Middle East stocks, bad, Latin America. ( work is not the same thing as investme.....»»

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3 steps to getting promoted

In today’s fast-paced work environment, job security is almost a thing of the past. Downsizing, re-engineering, layoffs, technical improvement and mergers are some of the events re-shaping modern day employment. How then does one survive in this.....»»

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Golf isn’t the only thing keeping seniors busy

More people are continuing to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65......»»

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Microsoft Office is getting a new, simpler look

Microsoft is rolling out subtle changes to Office 365 to make work a little easier for its millions of customers......»»

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Florida Failed To Run FBI Background Checks On Gun Owners Due To Forgotten Password

For over a year, the state of Florida did not run FBI background checks on tens of thousands of residents applying for concealed weapons permits starting in February .....»»

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