Rumors Of The Demise Of The Blockchain Industry Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Authored by Omid Malekan via.....»»

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Intel demise rumors "greatly exaggerated," says Oppenheimer

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Local News’ Demise Greatly Exaggerated All Thanks To Data

How often have you heard that print was a dying medium? Never before has an industry been so resolutely forecast for doom. Television would take over, online websites would destroy prin.....»»

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Don"t panic, "Friends" will stay on Netflix

The rumors of the departure of “Friends" from Netflix Inc. have been greatly exaggerated. The popular 1990s-2000s sitcom will stay on the streaming service for at least another year. Fans of the show lit up Twitter over the weekend after discovering a.....»»

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Don"t cut your credit cards yet -- or sell MasterCard, Visa and AmEx

The demise of the credit card is greatly exaggerated......»»

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The Tell: Despite buyback frenzy, ‘rumors of the demise of capital spending are greatly exaggerated’

A surge in corporate profitability is fueling a jump in share repurchases, but capital spending is also solidly on the rise, note analysts at Goldman Sachs......»»

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The Tell: Rumors of the demise of corporate capital spending are ‘greatly exaggerated’: Goldman

A surge in corporate profitability is fueling a jump in share repurchases, but capital spending is also solidly on the rise, note analysts at Goldman Sachs.....»»

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MoviePass: "Talk of our demise is greatly exaggerated"

The stock may be worth 12 cents, but MoviePass says it is not going anywhere......»»

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The Dollar"s Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated - Again

The Dollar"s Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated - Again.....»»

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Waiting for Apple’s Blockchain: How iTokens Would Benefit the News Industry and Consumers

Just a Matter of Time It’s the fall of 2020, and the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system contains a bold new feature: blockchain tokens that consu.....»»

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2019 Predictions For Blockchain Technology

As 2018 quickly draws to a close, we have included a selection of commentary below from a variety of industry experts from companies utilizing blockchain.....»»

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HTC gearing up for blockchain phones, 5G mobile hubs

HTC is striving to make a turnaround in 2019 by accelerating its development of blockchain-focused smartphones and new mobile products for the upcoming 5G era, according to industry sources......»»

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5 Ways Blockchain Could Transform The Gaming Industry

5 Ways Blockchain Could Transform The Gaming Industry.....»»

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Blockchain applications set to flourish by 2023, says NEM executive

The blockchain industry, though still at an infant stage of development, will see booming applications to a wide variety of fields in five years along with constant technolo.....»»

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Blockchain Extends its Disruptive Potential Beyond Financial Markets into the Vlogging Industry

Vlogging, the simple art of blogging combined with the richness of depth available through video has changed the face of video marketing in the last decade and a half. read more.....»»

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Holiday shopping sees year-over-year growth in e-commerce, retail: First Data CEO

A brand new product is refuting reports of the death of brick-and-mortars stores, suggesting the data may be greatly exaggerated......»»

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Deloitte Blockchain Chief: Bad Crypto Headlines Making Clients ‘Nervous’

Hype around ICOs and altcoins “hasn’t helped us,” says Linda Pawczuk, leader of Deloitte Consulting’s financial services industry blockchain group......»»

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Reports Of Silver Producers" Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Reports Of Silver Producers" Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.....»»

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CargoX Launches A Blockchain Platform For The Maritime Industry

CargoX, .....»»

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Change Healthcare and TIBCO Software to Build Smart Contract System for Enterprise Healthcare

Earlier this month the healthcare technology company Change Healthcare and the software provider TIBCO Software announced that they would be collaborating to create a blockchain based smart contract system for the healthcare industry The system.....»»

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The Latest Smartphone News from Apple & Samsung

Ryan McQueeney discusses the latest news from the smartphone industry, including worries that Apple's iPhone X line is underperforming and fresh rumors emerging about Samsung's foldable touchscreen device. .....»»

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