Russia Deploys Its Avangard Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

Authored by Andrei Akulov via The Strategic Culture Foundati.....»»

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Pentagon "Panicking" After Successful Russian Hypersonic Missile Test According To Die Welt

Russia's successful test of its Avangard hypersonic glide missile will almost certainly ignite a full-on arms race panic in the US, according to German newspaper Die Welt. As we noted earlier this week, the missile was launched from a base in the souther.....»»

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Russia Will Target US With New Hypersonic Weapons If It Deploys Missiles To Europe

In his first maj.....»»

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Putin Announces New Hypersonic Weapon Will Be Deployed In "Months"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Moscow would deploy new Avangard hypersonic glider warheads in the "coming months," adding that Russia's hypersonic program is the most advanced in the world, according to.....»»

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DARPA Designs ‘Glide Breaker’ Interceptor To Hit Enemy Hypersonic Missiles 

As Russia and China jump ahead of the United States with superior hypersonic weapons, one of the Pentagon’s top research and development arms is playing defense with a new, secret project to guard the nat.....»»

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Venezuela Military Deploys S-300 Missiles Following Russian Troop Arrival

Following the major weekend development of Moscow unambiguously asserting its 'red line' concerning potential US military intervention in Venezuela, for which Russia sent a military transport plane filled with Russian troops wh.....»»

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Russia"s new missiles are aimed at the US, but they may be more bark than bite

REUTERS/ITAR-TASS/PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE Russia recently singled out potential hypersonic-weapon targets in the US. The mis.....»»

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Russia"s Zircon Hypersonic Missile Challenges US Naval Dominance

Via, While the Zircon h.....»»

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US Deploys Special Forces To Puerto Rico, Colombia Ahead Of Venezuela Invasion, Russia Claims

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told Argumenty i Fakty that the US is deploying military assets to.....»»

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In One Chart: Russian state TV: Here are the U.S. targets that Putin’s hypersonic nukes will be able to reach in less than 5 minutes

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week warned the U.S. against deploying new missiles in Europe, saying Russia will respond with new weapons that’ll take just as little time to reach targets. On Sunday, Russian state TV went into specifics......»»

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Russian state media warns Putin"s hypersonic missiles would instantly vaporize these 5 US targets

AP Photo/ Dmitry Lovetsky Russian state media identified five US targets Russia would seek to destroy in a nuclear war, claiming that th.....»»

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Russia Prepares Nuclear Underwater Drone For New Sea Trials This Summer 

Russia will reportedly start at-sea factory trials of a nuclear-powered unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), also.....»»

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New Photos Show Russia"s First Hypersonic Space Drone

Sputnik has obtained new images of a secret prototype of Russia's reusable single-engine hyperson.....»»

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Russia to Build New Missiles After Breakdown of Nuclear Pact

Russia said it was working to develop new missile systems, including a long-range hypersonic rocket, in the first concrete indication of its response to the breakdown of a Cold War-era nuclear treaty......»»

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US Suspends Nuclear Arms Treaty Compliance

In a sign that Russia might soon be deploying those new hypersonic missiles that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been showing off lately, Reuters reported that the US is preparin.....»»

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Renault targets 2019 sales growth after a 3.2 percent gain in 2018

French carmaker Renault posted a 3.2 percent increase in 2018 vehicle sales, boosted by a new Chinese joint venture, and pledged further "slight growth" this year amid rebounding demand in Russia and Latin America......»»

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Russia"s Hypersonic Glider Can Travel At 19,000 MPH

Yesterday, we reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin supervised the final test launch of a new hypersonic missile system that he alleges can evade US missile defenses will be deployed in 2019, as part of Russia's military modernization effo.....»»

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US Powerless Against Hypersonic Missile Attack From China And Russia, New Report Warns

US Powerless Against Hypersonic Missile Attack From China And Russia, New Report Warns.....»»

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Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela

Previously US defense officials warned that Russia was preparing to deploy nuclear.....»»

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Did Dramatic Footage Capture Hypersonic Weapon Above Russia? 

A very mysterious bluish-green fireball seen streaking above Russia's high-tech scientific city has sparked a debate that President Vladimir Putin could be developing space weapons. The flas.....»»

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Russia Deploys S-400 Missiles To Crimea In Military Showdown With Ukraine

Russia Deploys S-400 Missiles To Crimea In Military Showdown With Ukraine.....»»

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