Russia"s huge war games aren"t actually that strong a message to the West

Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin via Reuters The Vostok 2018 exercises taking place in Russia's far east are the largest since the cold war.  With 300,000 Sino-Russian troops, the exe.....»»

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5 weapons to watch for as Russia and China begin their massive war games

AP Photo Russian troops, together with Chinese and Mongolian forces, will participate in the largest Russian military exercise in decades. The drills will include hundreds of thousands of tr.....»»

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Russia is gearing up for its biggest war game since the Cold War — here"s what Moscow says is planned

Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters Russia is preparing for what officials there have called the country's largest military exercise since the Cold War. China and.....»»

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Russia is getting ready for its biggest war games since the Cold War — a potential sign they"re worried about NATO

Thomson Reuters Russia is gearing up for a massive military exercise in its far east in mid-September. China and Mongolia w.....»»

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Russia Launches War Games with Two Top Allies as U.S. and NATO Begin Navy Drills

This is the first time Belarus has joined Russia and Serbia for their annual military drills, which will feature some of Moscow's new military equipment......»»

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These are the Dutch warships that could go toe-to-toe with Russia in the waters around Europe

US Navy/Mass Comm Specialist Seaman Daniel Gaither The Royal Netherlands Navy has a long tradition of naval prowess. Throughout its history, this Navy held its own against opponents ranging from England to Indonesia. Today, it is much smaller than it has.....»»

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Russia Set To Double Gold Mining, Becoming World"s 2nd Biggest Gold Producer

While Moscow's selling of US Treasurys over the past 6 years is hardly a surprise to anyone... ... Putin's far more aggressive purchases of gold in recent years, with Russian reserves now in th.....»»

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Russia Launches Biggest Ballistic Missile Test Since Cold War, Shooting Nuclear-Capable Rockets From Under Water

The Russian Northern Fleet is flexing its muscles......»»

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Russia Shows Off "Invincible" Weapons in Huge Victory Day Military Parade in Moscow

Russia mounts an impressive display of military strength on Moscow’s Red Square in scenes reminiscent of the huge parades held during the Cold War......»»

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Russia"s Lavrov Accuses West of "Genocide by Sanctions" Amid "Worse" Relations Than Cold War

Moscow's top diplomat accused the West of targeting the Russian public, not elites, with sanctions......»»

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NATO"s top officer says we"re living with "a more blurred line between peace and war" — thanks to new Russian tactics

REUTERS/Ints Kalnins NATO shifted its focus to other issues outside of Europe in the years after the Cold War. But the alliance has in recent years refocused on deterring Russia, which has modernized its military and is more ac.....»»

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Russia Blames Israel for Military Plane Shot Down Over Syria

Russia blamed Israel for the loss of a Russian reconnaissance plane shot down overnight by Syrian defense systems, boosting tensions between Tel Aviv and Moscow......»»

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Russia"s "unprecedented" war games included a submarine hunt in the Pacific

Klerk Peninsula, Russia (AP) — Russian naval forces have conducted a submarine search using an anti-submarine ship and a helicopter.....»»

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Russia rolled out some of its top weapons during war games with China — here"s what they brought to the show

AP Photo/Sergei Grits Russian and Chinese forces have be.....»»

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Russia may be telling "true lies" about its "unprecedented" war games with China — and it wouldn"t be the first time

Russian Defense Ministry Press Service pool photo via AP Russia is carrying out.....»»

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Russian warships lurking off Syria are probably hanging around for cruise missile strikes in a major offensive

AP/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service Russia.....»»

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Russia warns that massive war games with China are going to be a regular thing as both countries confront the US

Russian Defense Ministry Press Service poo.....»»

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Japan, Russia See Way Out of 70-Year Squabble

Japanese and Russian leaders agreed to study joint rule of contested islands seized by Moscow at the end of World War II, offering a road map to re-establishing full diplomatic relations after seven decades......»»

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Pentagon Sends "Strong Message" To Russia With Live-Fire Assault Drills In Syria

The Pentagon responded to the highly unusual and unique Russian amphibious landing drills staged Saturday on the Mediterranean Sea along the Syrian coast, involving both its Navy an.....»»

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Iran, Russia, Turkey Leaders Urge "Negotiated Political Process" On Idlib As Putin And Erdogan Clash

Amidst extreme tensions ratcheting up over the past days as Russian and Syrian forces have initiated their final assault on al-Qaeda held Idlib, the presidents of I.....»»

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