Samsung intros Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its Galasy Note 9 in the US introducing a number of new features, and will start delivering the new device soon in order to drive up sales......»»

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Galaxy S10 5G Suddenly Catches Fire, Samsung Denies Responsibility

The Galaxy Note 7 was the worst ever disaster for Samsung, which was forced to recall all .....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Pro Will Have The Same Battery Size As Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung created the phablet category with its Galaxy Note series. The Note devices need relatively larger batteries to power the giant screens through at least a day of normal usage. Fresh reports coming out of South Korea claim the.....»»

Category: blogSource: valuewalkApr 29th, 2019

Verizon Confirms The Galaxy Note 10 5G On Its Q1 Earnings Call

Verizon held its first-quarter earnings call, and one of the announcements was that the Galaxy Note 10 5G will be coming to its wireless network. That confirms what we’ve been hearing for quite some time, which is that Samsung will .....»»

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Galaxy Note 9 Camera’s Vibration Issue Is More Than Mere Annoyance

Samsung just can’t catch a break with its devices. It seems many users are having problems with the zoom on the Note 9’s camera. Whenever they try to zoom in or out while taking a photo, the device vibrates, di.....»»

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Galaxy S8, Note 8 Caller ID Not Working After Android 9? Try This

Samsung recently rolled out the much-anticipated Android Pie update with its own customized skin based on Android 9.0 Pie called One UI for the Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 in the U.S. Although .....»»

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Samsung Is Delaying the Galaxy Fold After Reports the Foldable Phone Was Breaking

It marks another setback for the company after its 2016 Galaxy Note 7 recal.....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Concept: What We Want To See From Samsung

The Galaxy Note 10 concept we have been waiting for has finally been revealed. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has landed on store shelves, and focus is beginning to.....»»

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New OnePlus 7 rumor shows a surprisingly familiar Android flagship phone

Samsung has sucked a lot of the air out of the room with its Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Fold, and soon-to-be-revealed Galaxy Note 10, but there are plenty of other noteworthy Android flagships set to launch in 2019. .....»»

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Samsung insider suggests Galaxy Note line will get major name change

Samsung is expected to launch up to four Galaxy Note 10 versions this summer, according to the most recent leaks, although two of them will be 5G variations of the two 4G handsets......»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Variants Revealed Again, This Time In Model Numbers

We’ve been hearing a lot about how Samsung may be planning.....»»

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Galaxy S10 Trade-in: Note 9 Shipped, Samsung Claims It Got A Keyboard

Samsung has big expectations for the Galaxy S10, and it is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to boost sales of t.....»»

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Samsung May Release Up To Four Galaxy Note 10 Models

Rumors about the Galax.....»»

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Samsung Could Be Planning A Smaller Galaxy Note 10e

Samsung could be planning to release a smaller Galaxy Note 10 variant that would be easier on the budget, according to a new leak. If this leak turns ou.....»»

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Will There Be A Galaxy Note 10E? Report Hints At Two Note 10 Models

Samsung pioneered the phablet category with its Galaxy Note devices. Each new Note device came with a bigger screen than its predecessor. However, the success of Samsung’s Galaxy S10E in markets like Europe .....»»

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Galaxy S10 Users Continue To Report Overheating Issues

A phone’s battery is one of its most crucial components, especially for Samsung devices since the Note 7 fiasco. However,.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To Move Towards Buttonless Future

As the pace of innovation.....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Specs Leaked By Samsung Insider

The Samsung Galaxy line of devices has been a best seller for the company for several years. It’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 specs have been the topic o.....»»

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Best Upcoming Smartphones: iPhone X Plus, Galaxy Note 9 And More

Smartphone vendors such as Samsung and Sony have already released their flagship smartphones .....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Battery And Display Details Emerge

With the Galaxy Note 9 expected to launch in August, many are eagerly anticipating what is shaping up to be an excellent Android handset. The latest rumors surrounding the upcoming flagship come from a couple of different Twit.....»»

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Galaxy Note 9 To Launch Sooner Than Expected, Gets Certified In China

There has been a lot of chatter in the last few weeks that the Galaxy Note 9 launch could happen sooner than expected. Now we have clear evidence that Samsung has set the ball rolling for .....»»

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