Scientists Just Found a Novel, Cheap Way to Use CRISPR Gene Editing to Fight Cancer

The CRISPR research was backed by Sean Parker's cancer immunotherap.....»»

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Oil without trans fat? Wheat with less gluten? Scientists have found a fast, cheap way to edit your food’s DNA.

Gene-editing technology can transform the food we eat. But consumer and environmental groups want regulators to add further safety reviews. Will consumers be on board?.....»»

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The future of food: Scientists have found a fast and cheap way to edit your edibles’ DNA

Gene-editing technology can make crops grow with less water, hold more nutrients and withstand pests. But will consumers be on board for customizable food?.....»»

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A blockbuster gene-editing tool has been linked to cancer — here"s how worried you should be

American Cancer Society/Getty Images Bold headlines linking blockbuster gene-editing tool CRISPR to cancer sent stocks in companies trying to bring the technology to medicine tumbling. But scientists who study the technique sa.....»»

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CRISPR Crashes After Study Highlights Potential Cancer Risk From Gene-Editing

Don't mess with mother nature.. or crowded longs! Crispr Therapeutics led gene-editing stocks lower after new studies published by Nature Medicine found that cells whose genomes are edited with the CRISPR-Cas9 technology have the po.....»»

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Chinese Gene-Editing Trial Loses Track of Patients, Alarming Technology"s Inventors

A gene-editing trial in China lost touch with cancer patients whose DNA was altered, alarming some Western scientists who say subjects should be monitored for many years......»»

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Scientists Successfully Reduce Autism Symptoms in Mice Through Gene Editing

Using CRISPR, scientists were able to reduce obsessive repetitive behaviors in mice. Scientists have successfully used CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to lessen so.....»»

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CRISPR-related stocks sink after report that gene-editing technology might cause cancer

Shares of gene-therapy companies sank in active trade Monday, after a STAT report that editing a cell’s genome with CRISPR/Cas9 technology might cause cancer......»»

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Scientists can use CRISPR to edit genes. Should they?

Bill Whitaker reports on the gene-editing tool this week on 60 Minutes. The debate over how to use it is playing out in labs around the world.....»»

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A Third Of The Great Barrier Reef Is Gone—Can Gene Editing Help Preserve The Rest?

By using a tool known as CRISPR-Cas9, scientists may be able to identify corals that are genetically predisposed to survive as the climate changes around them......»»

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Scientists From Around The World Call For Immediate Halt To Gene-Editing Of Humans

Authored by Derrick Broze via, .....»»

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Scientists discover work around to cancer concern with CRISPR, STAT says

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Brainstorm Health: AI and Old Drugs, Gene Editing Registry, AbbVie Cancer Drug

Brainstorm Health Daily.....»»

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Brainstorm Health: Alex Trebek Cancer, China Gene Editing Rules, Gilead Shakeup

Brainstorm Health Daily: March 7, 2019 Good afternoon, readers. Busy times around here with a magazine deadline looming, so it’ll have to be a short one from me today. One note/mea cul.....»»

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CRISPR Therapeutics Up as Dosing Starts in Thalassemia Study

CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) and partner Vertex start dosing of beta thalassemia patients in an early-stage study evaluating gene editing therapy, CTX001. Initiates enrollment in sickle cell disease study. .....»»

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WHO Reacts to Chinese Gene-Edited Twins With Plan for Global Guidelines

The World Health Organization established a new committee to set guidelines for scientists editing human DNA, just months after the controversial births of the world’s first gene-edited babies in China......»»

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Merck KGaA wins U.S. CRISPR patent

Germany-based Merck KGaA has won a U.S. patent for a CRISPR technology that helps make the gene-editing technique more efficient, the company announced Tuesday. Merck .....»»

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Here"s Why Crispr Therapeutics Rose 17% in November

The gene-editing pioneer reported third-quarter 2018 earnings and solid progress in the clinic......»»

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Scientists may have found a way to treat cancer without chemotherapy by replicating our body"s own self-destruct system

jovan vitanovski/Shutterstock Every day, millions of our cells "kill themselves" and are quickly removed from our system, which helps protect us from potentially harmful cells. Cancer cells, on the other hand, can protect themselves from self-destruct.....»»

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Scientists Breed A Mouse Using Same-Sex Parents

Scientists in China used new gene editing technology which allowed them to breed a mouse from same-sex parents. This method, although slightly bizarre, will help scientists better understand how mammalian reproduction .....»»

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Gene editing could bring the groundcherry to your supermarket

The groundcherry could wind up in U.S. stores after scientists spliced its D.....»»

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