Scientists Say Even 1 Night of Poor Sleep Might Up Your Risk of Alzheimer"s

Proteins associated with Alzheimer's accumulated in the brain after just one evening of disrupted rest......»»

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Just One Night Of This May Elevate The Protein Responsible for Alzheimer"s

This bad habit may be increasing the risk of Alzheimers (and it's not the amount of sleep you get).....»»

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Poor sleep can increase risk of Alzheimer"s, says study

Poor sleep among older people suggests that it's an indication of increased risk for Alzheimer's.....»»

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Not getting enough sleep could increase your risk of Alzheimer"s

Not getting enough sleep doesn't feel good — and could have some scary long-term consequences. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep has been shown to wreck sh.....»»

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Weight Problems in Children Might Be Caused by Not Sleeping Enough

Poor sleep precedes weight problems, and therefore may be a risk factor of obesity and not a consequence......»»

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Here"s Exactly How Many Nights of Bad Sleep You Can Get Before Raising Your Alzheimer"s Risk

Proteins associated with Alzheimer's accumulated in the brain after just one evening of disrupted rest......»»

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"Night Owls" Are at Higher Risk of Dying and Shouldn"t Be Forced to Work Early Mornings, Scientists Warn

Night owls shouldn't be forced to get up for an 8 a.m. shift, a scientist and author of the study stressed......»»

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Are Night Owls Unhealthier Than Early Birds?

Chronic insufficient sleep is linked to everything from cardiovascular disease to poor mental health......»»

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If You Don"t Get Enough Sleep You May Face a Greater Risk of Alzheimer"s, Science Says

Not getting enough sleep could mean you have a greater risk of getting Alzheimer's......»»

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15 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is critical for maintaining good mental and physical health. Poor sleep patterns are associated with serious health problems, as well as increased stress and risk of accidents. With more than 1........»»

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Inactivity, poor sleep may increase genetic risk of obesity: Study

In the past, it has been difficult to measure interactions between genetic risk factors and aspects of environment.....»»

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Less sleep may increase diabetes risk in children: study

Parents, take note! Children who do not get enough night sleep are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study warns.Researchers at St George’s University of London in the UK analysed the........»»

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Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Significantly Reduced in Skin Cancer Survivors, but We Don’t Know Why

It's not yet clear why skin cancer survivors had a dramatically reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease......»»

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Children in polluted cities at increased risk of Alzheimer"s, reveals study

The findings indicated that Alzheimer's starts in early childhood.....»»

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Don"t sit for long hours, it may increase dementia risk, say scientists

The researchers recruited 35 people (aged between 45 and 75 years) for the study.....»»

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Neuroscience: Sitting at Your Desk All Day May Raise Your Risk of Alzheimer"s and Dementia

Unfortunately, for many of us our jobs require us to do a lot of sitting. Turns out that's not so great......»»

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Night owls have a higher risk of dying than morning people, according to a study of nearly half a million people

Stokkete/Shutterstock Being a night owl comes wi.....»»

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Even one night of bad sleep causes dangerous changes in your brain, a new study found

Shutterstock/Aten During the day, mental activity causes brain cells to release beta-amyloid proteins, which are basically waste byproducts. Sleep cleanses the human brain of these toxins. The buildu.....»»

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The Orioles and Marlins set records as they played in near-empty stadiums

Rob Carr/Getty Images The Miami Marlins and Baltimore Orioles both set record lows in attendance on Monday night, due to a combination of poor play, bad weather, and a string of recent .....»»

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Microplastics: Every Meal You Eat May Contain More Than 100 Pieces of Plastic, New Study Finds

Scientists do not know the true impact of consuming microplastics. However, there are concerns in some quarters that ingesting these particles may pose a risk to human health......»»

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Northwest Natural Gas: A Sleep-Well-At-Night Dividend King

Northwest Natural Gas: A Sleep-Well-At-Night Dividend King.....»»

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