Senate Democrats Poised for Small Victory on Net Neutrality

Senate Democrats won’t be scoring many legislative victories this year. So Wednesday’s expected win on a joint resolution that would upend the effort by the Federal Communications Commission to reverse Obama-era regu.....»»

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Democrats hope net neutrality issue will win votes this fall

Senate Democrats, joined by three Republicans, pushed through a measure intended to revive Obama-era internet rules that ensured equal treatment for all web traffic, though opposition in the House and the White House seems insurmountable......»»

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Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality

The Senate voted on Wednesday to restore the FCC's rules on net neutrality, passing a bill which will probably die on the floor of the House, but may ignite a fierce debate among Democrats ahead of midterm elections. Senate .....»»

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Senate approves bipartisan resolution to restore FCC net neutrality rules

Senate Democrats had been pushing for a vote to try to restore net neutrality rules......»»

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Senate votes to overturn FCC"s net neutrality repeal

The Senate on Wednesday voted to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's rollback of Obama-era "net neutrality" regulations. Democrats and Republican Sens. Susan Collins, John Kennedy.....»»

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Senate votes for net neutrality return, but major hurdles remain

Senate Democrats on Wednesday voted to reinstate 2015 FCC rules preventing broadband services from blo.....»»

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Senate vote to save net neutrality set for Wednesday

Democrats are forcing Republicans in the Senate to vote whether they'll preserve the Obama-era rules......»»

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Senate Dems move to force net neutrality vote

Some Democrats foreshadowed pushing to make the internet regulations a campaign issue......»»

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Senate Democrats believe net neutrality is a political winner as they try to reinstate regulations

One after another, 15 Democratic senators — nea.....»»

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Tech Firms and Democrats Think They Can Still Save Net Neutrality. Here’s How Their Last-Ditch Attempt Would Work

They might find success in the Senate......»»

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Why Total System (TSS) Stock Looks More Lucrative Right Now

Total System (TSS) is poised to grow on the back of more frequent use of cashless technology in payments as well as flourish of small businesses. The U.S. small business sentiment is at an all-time high now, courtesy of t.....»»

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Capitol Report: Wait, what? Democrats were the majority in the U.S. Senate this week

Senate Democrats held a majority of votes in the chamber this week as Republican senators skipped out on the work this week that had been insisted on by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.....»»

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Congress is set to grill the FCC"s chairman for falsely claiming his agency was hit with a cyberattack — here"s how it could affect the war over net neutrality

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai should expect some tough questions at a Senate hearing last week. Last we.....»»

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Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans For Government Takeover Of The Internet

Authored by Elizabeth Nolan Brown via, All your base are belong to us. A leaked memo circulating among Sen.....»»

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Investors Cheer---and Fear---Japan"s Fastest Wage Growth Since 1990s

Japanese wages are rising at their fastest pace in more than two decades, a small victory in the Bank of Japan’s long-running campaign to kindle healthy levels of inflation......»»

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This Small-Cap Biotech Is Poised for Eye-Popping Gains

Amarin Corpora.....»»

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5 Small-Cap REITs Poised To Break Out

5 Small-Cap REITs Poised To Break Out.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Ex-cricket star Imran Khan appears headed to election victory in Pakistan

Preliminary voting results in Pakistan showed the party of former cricket star Imran Khan was poised late Wednesday to come into power for the first time, upending the political landscape in the fragile democracy......»»

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Ex-Cricket Star Imran Khan Headed for Pakistan Election Victory

Preliminary voting results showed the party of former cricket star Imran Khan poised late Wednesday to come into power for the first time, upending the political landscape in the fragile democracy......»»

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Tariff Backlash Could Cost Republicans The Senate

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The math for Democrats to win the Senate looks extremely daunting. However, I see mor.....»»

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Boston Dynamics Gearing Up to Produce Thousands of Robot Dogs

Boston Dynamics, maker of uncannily agile robots, is poised to bring its first commercial product to market — a small, dog-like robot called the SpotMini. .....»»

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