Socialism Won


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Socialism, Keynesianism, and Fascism

The American political discourse has changed since the 2018 mid.....»»

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Kills 25,000 Jobs in the Name of Socialism

Residents heard the Amazon news with dismay, having looked forward to the global operation’s move into town. “Think about all the infrastructure and tech jobs and construction jobs and all the support .....»»

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Socialism Would Set the US Back 100 Years

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow warns that Americans want to embrace capitalism and that the Democrat-led rush to socialism would set the nation back a 100 years. .....»»

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and socialism, explained

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and socialism, explained.....»»

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"We Have A New Kind Of Mass Squalor In America" But Kunstler Warns, Socialism"s Not The Answer

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, Mistaken Futures And so the Democratic Party has gone and hoisted the flag of “socialism” on the mizzenmast of its foundering hulk as it sets sail for the edge of the world. Bad call by a s.....»»

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Shutdown Talks, IMF Backs Fed, Insect Collapse: CEO Daily for February 11, 2019

Must-read business news, delivered every morning. Good morning. My inbox continues to flood with readers debating the meaning of socialism, and decrying its use as a politic.....»»

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Starving Venezuelans" Warnings To The US: "Socialism Is A Big Lie!"

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Lured in by the lies socialists tel.....»»

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WSJ Warns The New Democratic Agenda Sure Looks Like Socialism

Now that President Trump has criticized the “new calls to adopt socialism in this country,”.....»»

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Venezuela Disaster Exposes the Fake Socialism Debated in U.S.

Venezuela’s unfettered embrace of socialism now is ripping that nation apart, but the term has lost all ideological substance as it is currently bandied about in U.S. politics......»»

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Mnuchin says Trump"s economic plan is working

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said that Trump's economic plan is working and asserted that the country is not "going back to socialism.".....»»

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"I think he"s scared": Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Trump"s criticism of socialism in the State of the Union

Win McNamee/Getty Images Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed President Donald Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday night and said his criticism of socialism indicates that he's sc.....»»

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Meet Rutger Bregman, The New Champagne-Socialism Poster-Child From Davos

Submitted by Carlo Sacino, The latest sensation from the yearly rally of global elit.....»»

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Socialism Is The Fyre Festival Of Ideologies, And Millennials Are Falling For It Too

Authored by Kurt Schlichter via, Resolved: Millennials are the .....»»

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Democratic Socialism And Regular Socialism Have The Same Goal

Authored by Anthony Mueller via The Mises Institute, The longing for the socialist dream comes in part from the great succes.....»»

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Euro Will Tank as Germany Looks to Stimulate Europe

Our target for the Euro over the next 2 years is parity to the USD. The EU have failed to recognize 1 simple fact, socialism does not work, and .....»»

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Most Americans Think the Current Economic System Is Skewed Toward the Wealthy, Says Study

Younger people view socialism more favorably than capitalism. People see the U.S. ec.....»»

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The EU is a Failed Experiment in Socialism, it is “Coming apart before our eyes”

The rise of pop.....»»

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"Dangerous Ideas" Loom As Once Democratically Chosen, There"s No Reversing Socialism

Authored by Richard Ebeling via The American Institute for Economic Research, The philosopher George Santayana is .....»»

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Rhett Atlanta is Burning – No that’s Venezuela. The Corn & Ethanol Report 01/25/19

As the Venezuela burns to a cinder and rising from the ashes the military is deciding socialism does not work in any way shape or [...].....»»

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The Never-ending Euro Crisis is the Price of Socialism and Mass Immigration

The Never-ending Euro Crisis is the Price of Socialism and Mass Immigration.....»»

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