Someone invented a $50 EpiPen — when will it arrive? A conversation with the doctor who invented it - Salon

SalonSomeone invented a $50 EpiPen — when will it arrive? A conversation with the doctor who invented itSalonDouglas McMahon, an MD with a food allergy, made an EpiPen alternative that he wants to sell for $50. Why can't he? Angelo Young ·.....»»

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A Conversation with Katy Lynch, CMO and Co-Founder of Codeverse; The World"s First Fully Interactive Coding School For Kids

A budding start-up, Codeverse invented its own coding language, KidSkript, especially for its students......»»

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A Conversation with Katy Lynch, CEO and Co-Founder of CodeVerse; The World"s First Fully Interactive Coding School For Kids

A budding start-up, CodeVerse invented its own coding language, KidSkript, especially for its students......»»

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Mouse scroll "inventor" basically says we"re all using it wrong

The mouse's scroll wheel purported inventor Jack McCauley intended it to "move forward" into an app. He may not have invented it, though. If you use a mouse with your computer, yo.....»»

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The oldest photos taken in each state

Library of Congress The technology of photography was invented in fits and starts in the early 1800s. Looking at the earliest photos across the United States offers a sense of where the country was at the time, what the landscape looked l.....»»

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Mike Krieger Is "Surprisingly Optimistic" About The Future... But There"s A Catch

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, To summarize, in just the last few years the world has invented a way to create software services that have no central operator. These services are called decentralized applications and they are enab.....»»

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Japan is facing a "death by overwork" problem — here"s what it"s all about

Reuters Japan's work culture is so intense, people in the 1970s invented a word that translates to "death by overwork." Karoshi, as it's known, involves employees committing suicide or suff.....»»

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Blockchain and the Web Are Coming Together, Says Berners-Lee

Sir Tim is big on blockchain Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a famous computer scientist and academic who invented the World Wide Web in 1989--so when he talks about new technologies it̵.....»»

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Meet the two guys who invented the first-ever spreadsheet

Before Microsoft's Excel came about, a Harvard MBA student and his former MIT classmate built the first spreadsheet software for th.....»»

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Georgia International Awards: International Education Program Finalists

Students travel to that country and fit more than 7,000 amputees with prosthetic legs, invented and patented by Mercer biomedical engineering professor Ha Van Vo, at no cost......»»

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After A Failed Launch, Smart Shoe Benefits From A Reboot

Hahna Alexander initially invented a shoe that could charge a battery, but no one wanted to use it. "You have to invent something that.....»»

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Strangely Enough, Vanuatu Proves Why Bitcoin Will Never Be Banned

Authored by Simon Black via, In the late 1500s, an Englishman named William Lee invented a revolutionary knitting machine that could efficiently do the wor.....»»

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Indigenous people invented the so-called "American Dream"

Many of the values that inspire the American Dream - liberty, equality - originated with native North Americans.....»»

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Who invented "Zero"?

The mathematical advances uncover pre-existing knowledge rather than create anything new - and are hence unpatentable.....»»

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Why Was The iPhone Invented? Cellphones Were “Crap,” Says Jony Ive

It’s the burning question every Apple fan wants an answer to. Why was the iPhone invented? Jony Ive gave a very simple ex.....»»

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The great grandson of the inventor of basketball works at this Chicago tech company

Dr. James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball in 1891, has been regarded as one of the most profound sports innovators of all time. And now more than a century later, his great grandson is embracing that innovator legacy, just not in spor.....»»

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Take a look inside The Grill, the luxurious, revamped version of the NYC restaurant that invented the power lunch

Sarah Schmalbruch/Business Insider When the Four Seasons' Grill Room opened in 19.....»»

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How Hugh Hefner invented the modern man

Women in the magazine, he said, were intended more as the girl next door than as sex objects.....»»

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This Cat"s Got Claws; Caterpillar Upgraded To Buy

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT), which invented the iconic rolling tracks on steam tractors in the 1890s, is coming out of its cocoon and ready to deliver big wins for investors, UBS analyst Steven Fisher says. .....»»

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Ed Goldman: I’ve Invented an App of Canned Love and Laughter

Admit it: There are moments in your life when you triumph and wish the universe would give you a round of applause. And then there are times when you get off just the right quip at a party or meeting and wish you could hear people falling down with.....»»

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Fremont startup envisions a shiny future for screen tech

MirraViz has invented a special projection screen aimed at the high-end gamer and consumer markets......»»

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