Starting a Business Is One Thing. Here"s How to Actually Make it Profitable

Starting a business is one thing, but consistently reaching your goals and maintaining a profit is a different story. Learn how you can make more money today......»»

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New Oregon business group: We"re all about a carbon price. Period.

Jim Bernau wanted to make it really clear: The Oregon Business Alliance for Climate is focused on one thing and one thing only: putting a price on carbon emissions in the state. The group, hatched by Neil Kelly President Tom Kelly, formally introduced i.....»»

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Video: California debuts tool to make starting a new business easier

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla debuted a new tool Wednesday that will allow business owners in the state to create limited liability companies online, a major departure from the mail-only process authorities previously required. “Cal.....»»

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General Electric: Can Aviation Make It Fly?

General Electric's aviation business is likely to stick around even the industrial giant's new CEO starts shedding pieces of the company. That's a good thing......»»

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How one more call can make a difference

Early in my speaking career when I was struggling to stay in business, I was often on the phone. Life was different back in the late 80′s. We had this thing called a…telephone. And, we actually called prospective client organizations. It had gott.....»»

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Starting a Business on a Tight Budget? Here"s How to Make Every Penny Count

The reality is that if you run out of cash you're done......»»

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If Gary Vaynerchuk Were Starting Over Again, This is the 1 Thing He Would Spend His Marketing Dollars On

Wondering which social media strategy is right for your business? Gary Vaynerchuk says the decision should be simple......»»

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Turning Your Hobby into a Business

It's the dream life, right? You take that hobby, that passion, that thing you love to do, and you make a business out of it......»»

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11 Leadership Styles That Will Hurt Your Business

The starting place for developing an authentic leadership style is to make an extension of your best personality traits. For example, if someone is a hard worker that likes to get in the trenc.....»»

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How to Save Money to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business almost always takes money. When saving up to make the self-employment switch, financial expert Edward Kohlhepp, CFP from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, recommends that you don't sell yourself short......»»

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Netgear"s latest Orbi WiFi system is our top choice for fast, reliable WiFi all over your home

Business InsiderIf you're reading about WiFi routers, chances are your WiFi at home isn't living up to your standards. The first thing I'd recommend is to make sure you're us.....»»

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​Top 5 ways to make your business more profitable

Operating a business in the innovative, diverse and rapidly growing city of Austin has tremendous opportunities. It’s also fiercely competitive. For your business to succeed and stand out among the crowd, it requires constant attention to your .....»»

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Trump"s Tax Plan Is Great For Business But Here"s the Thing

Congress still needs to figure out how to make the numbers work......»»

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6 Most Profitable Livestocks for Small Farms

Starting a home business, in order to keep it sustainable, it must be profitable, so you might begin by asking which are the most profitab.....»»

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14 Podcasts That Will Make Your Business More Successful

If you're an entrepreneur, you're going to love this list of some of the best and most useful podcasts for starting and thriving a business......»»

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How an early Facebook employee created a business that brought in 7 figures — and grew it to 8

Courtesy of Noah KaganStarting a profitable business is tough.  Often you're starting with an idea that brings in $1, then $1,000, and hopefully up from there. That's why there are lots of articles written about finding a profitabl.....»»

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Why Two Heads are Better Than One When Starting a Business

Do you hesitate to share your startup equity with anyone else, preferring complete control? Make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew......»»

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How to legally hire your kids

If you’re hoping to help your kids learn a thing or two about the family business, know there are guidelines out there to help you make sure you’re on the up and up. Veuer's Amanda Kabbabe (@kabbaber) has more......»»

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The Hot New "Retirement" Plan for Baby Boomers: Starting a Business

Older entrepreneurs are happy to keep thing small and trade material benefits for a more comfortable schedule......»»

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The Woman Behind Period Underwear Wants to Make Bidets a Thing

Miki Agrawal is in the business of the "three Ps." Miki Agrawal likes to say she’s in the business of the “three Ps.” The first P is for period--or, more specifically, pe.....»»

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10 things you need to do when getting started on YouTube

Marketing your business without using video is like hitchhiking to work; you might get there eventually, but by the time you do you’ve fallen behind. In other words, if you want your business to stay relevant and profitable, you need to make video.....»»

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