Stop Doing These 3 Things if You Want People to Pay Attention in Your Meetings

This is how you make your meeting stand out......»»

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Elon Musk"s Response to Puerto Rico Is Pure Marketing Genius (And Should Be Required Reading)

The lesson from Elon Musk: Stop asking people to pay attention to your brand. Start doing things worth paying attention to......»»

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9 Annoying Things Coworkers Do... And How to Stop Them

It's hard enough working with people, worse when they are annoying. Try these tools for making the workplace better......»»

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The Most Successful People Stop Doing These 5 Things

Researchers say to build better habits you absolutely need to stop doing these few things......»»

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19 things bartenders wish people would stop doing

Bryan Steffy/Getty ImagesWhen there's drinking involved, your bad habits tend to be amplified. As one bartender told Business Insider, "We are p.....»»

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What People Are Stealing From You Right Now (and How to Stop It)

Entrepreneurs are often afraid of losing ideas or employees, but there are vital things we unconsciously give away every day. Here's how to stop today.....»»

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IN PERSON: "The kinds of things we do relate to people from birth to death"

"We are sort of a one-stop-shop for human services.".....»»

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Science says happier people have these 9 things in common

REUTERS/Sean Yong Everybody wants to be happy.  That's why the science of happiness has gained more attention in recent years —researchers have started to .....»»

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Can newspapers stop the "I got my news on Facebook" trend?

David Chavern, the head of the newspaper industry's main trade group, wants to take on Google and Facebook. Can he turn the tide so people know that the news is coming from reliable sources and don't say things like, 'I got my news from Facebook.'.....»»

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Andy Warhol"s £6m selfie and how we can all now be famous for 15 minutes

Possible to isolate things that cause people to stop caring about an online image: Studies.....»»

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You Don"t Need to Force Culture. Just Listen to Your Employees

Stop trying to force corporate culture. Instead, realize that if you have great people who are the right fit for the problem being solved, great things and a wonderful culture will happen naturally......»»

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50 things to stop wasting your money on

REUTERS/David Gray/It's no surprise people waste a lot of their money. But there are plenty of ways to save on ever.....»»

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Want to Know How to Make Customers Loyal? Try Treating Them Like People

Good things happen when you stop trying to fit all your customers in the same one-size-fits-all box......»»

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6 Things That Will Make Your Employees Want to Quit

Few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door. Dr. Travis Bradberry shows you how to make it stop......»»

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5 Dumb Things People Really Need to Stop Saying to Female Entrepreneurs

A woman CEO goes public with the most cringe-worthy comments female bosses regularly hear......»»

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8 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

Few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door. Dr. Travis Bradberry shows you how to make it stop......»»

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If Your Employees Act Like They Don"t Care, You Might Be Doing These 11 Things Wrong

A careless leader can wreak havoc on a company and send the best people packing. To keep your employees in the fight, stop waving these red flags......»»

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Barbara Corcoran: Why You Need to Stop Saying "Yes"

The real estate entrepreneur and 'Shark Tank' star says entrepreneurs should worry less about letting people down and focus on doing things that serve their business......»»

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5 things to know today, including winter storms rumble through

Hello Portland. The holidays may be here, but the news don't stop. Here are 5 things you need to know. We're watching As we look toward 2017, we've been compiling lists, lists and more lists. The latest is 23 people to watch in the new year, compi.....»»

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Ready to Lead in 2017? Here"s What You"ll Need to Make an Immediate Impact

Research by DDI and The Conference Board is telling: Companies don't have people to lead. Here are 6 things leaders must stop doing to succeed in 2017......»»

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The 1 Bad Habit That Is Holding You Back From Work Communication

Henry Winkler once said, "Assumptions are the termites of relationships." We often (and wrongly) assume things about people. Here's how to stop......»»

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