Surprising facts about the British royal family"s money

Find out how the royal family makes money......»»

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How does the royal family make its money?

Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family have multiple sources of income, but they're not as rich as you might expect......»»

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How does the royal family make its money?

Most people make money from their day jobs. British royals are not most people......»»

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Your interview would take place in a literal palace if you were to apply for a job with the royal family

Daniel Leal-Olivas - WPA Pool/Getty Images Job listings for a position working with the British royal family are more common than you may realize.  Job interviews for those available positions take place at any one of the royal residence.....»»

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Love & Money: How to do Christmas like the Royal Family

Your must-have steps for a royal holiday from Buckingham Palace insiders......»»

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How much money it takes to live like the UK"s royal family

It pays to be royalty. From travel engagements to royal weddings, here's how much the royal family spent according to Buckingham Palace......»»

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42 surprising facts about the marijuana industry

Check out where the money is, where the jobs are, and what.....»»

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Surprising facts about the marijuana industry

Check out where the money is, where the jobs are, and what.....»»

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Meghan Markle talks about her wedding gown in the royal family"s new documentary — and it"s a surprising peek at her new life as a royal

WPA Pool/Getty Images ITV is premiering a new documentary about the royal family called "Queen of the World" on.....»»

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21 heartwarming pictures of royals meeting kids

Fred Thornhill/Reuters Through their patronage of various children's charities and countless events, members of the British royal family often interact with young members of t.....»»

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle"s children will probably have a different last name than the rest of the royal family

Owen Humphreys/AP Members of the British royal family don't regularly use last names, but they do have a few to choose from in situations that require them. For example, as the .....»»

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25 unusual ways the royal family makes money

Chris Jackson/Getty Royals live a lavish lifestyle, but not without some help from taxpayers and a mix of investments. It costs.....»»

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Britain"s royal family made even more money in 2017

It appears to have been a bumper year for Britain's royal family, especially Prince William, his wife Kate and his brother Prince Harry......»»

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Meghan Markle"s dad says he’s being punished by the royal family for an off-the-rails interview where he talked about domestic violence and Trump

GMB/Twitter; Chris Jackson/Getty Thomas Markle gave an off-the-rails interview to British media last week, in which he said he made P.....»»

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The British royal family is about to have its first-ever gay wedding

Shutterstock Britain’s first-ever same-sex marriage is set to take place this summer. Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Lord I.....»»

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Babies cry in the womb and 18 other surprising facts I learned when I became a dad

Ann Price PhotographyFirst came the awe and elation at my wife's pregnancy. We were finally starting a family! In the next moment, an "Oh s--t!" panic sunk in. To counter the fear of.....»»

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Queen Elizabeth"s Birthday: What Is Royal Family"s Line of Succession?

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch with 66 years on the throne......»»

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What the British royal family looked like the year you were born

Chris Jackson/GettyIn a changing world, few things have remained as constant as the British royal family. People all over t.....»»

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How rich is Prince Harry and the rest of the British royal family?

Get the details on the net worth and glamorous lifestyle of the British royal family......»»

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5 ways the royal family parents their kids

Jack Taylor/Getty Parenting in the British royal family historically relied on nannies and caretakers to raise children.  However, younger generations have turned from tradition and opted for more active roles as parents in their kids'.....»»

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8 words you"ll never hear the royal family say

The INSIDER Summary: There are words considered too improper to ever be spoken by royalty. A social anthropologist explains which words are banned from their vocabulary and the surprising reasons why. From "tea" to "toilet," these are 8 words you'll .....»»

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