Surprising facts about the British royal family"s money

Find out how the royal family makes money......»»

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How does the royal family make its money?

Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family have multiple sources of income, but they're not as rich as you might expect......»»

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How does the royal family make its money?

Most people make money from their day jobs. British royals are not most people......»»

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How rich is Prince Harry and the rest of the British royal family?

Get the details on the net worth and glamorous lifestyle of the British royal family......»»

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5 ways the royal family parents their kids

Jack Taylor/Getty Parenting in the British royal family historically relied on nannies and caretakers to raise children.  However, younger generations have turned from tradition and opted for more active roles as parents in their kids'.....»»

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8 words you"ll never hear the royal family say

The INSIDER Summary: There are words considered too improper to ever be spoken by royalty. A social anthropologist explains which words are banned from their vocabulary and the surprising reasons why. From "tea" to "toilet," these are 8 words you'll .....»»

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15 royal family travel secrets you probably never knew

The British royals have some quirky traveling habits, just like any other family.  Prince Harry, Prince Willia.....»»

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John Oliver Goes After the Royal Family: "Some of the Most Repressed People on Earth"

The British comedian had a few thoughts on the royal wedding......»»

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The New York Post: Meet the royals: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle officially tie the knot

The British-American pair are now officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the duchess will take her place among senior members of the royal family......»»

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Meet the 10 richest billionaire royals in the world right now

Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family's net worth pales in comparison to the net worth of other royals around the globe. .....»»

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Meet the 10 richest billionaire royals in the world right now

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Royal families are known for having a high net worth. The net worth of some European ruling royals — such as Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family — pales in comparison to the net worth of oth.....»»

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How rich is the royal family?

The royal family is rich, but maybe not as rich as you think. So just how does Queen Elizabeth II make her money? CNBCs Elizabeth Schulze explains......»»

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Companies that have the British royal family"s seal of approval

We take a look at some of the 800 companies that hold the British royal's family Royal Warrant......»»

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Will Meghan Markle be a princess?

Meghan Markle will become a member of the British royal family when she marries Prince Harry, but will she be considered a princess?.....»»

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24 candid photos of the royal family taken by regular people

David Butler/Photobox The British royal family has carried out approximately 50,000 royal engagements since World War II. Royals often pose for formal photos on these occasions, but.....»»

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Prince William and Prince Harry are the most famous members of a family that goes back 100 years — see the British monarchy"s full family tree

Chris Jackson / Getty The royal family tree of Britain's monarchy is enormous and complicated. The more famous royals, like Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and Prince Harry — who will marry Meghan M.....»»

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Kate Middleton took the first official photographs of newborn Prince Louis — including a tender moment with sister Princess Charlotte

Kensington Palace The British royal family released the first official photographs of the newest family member, Prince Louis.  Princess Charlotte, 3, is also seen holding .....»»

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Kate Middleton and Prince William now have more children than the average American family

The royal baby, born Monday, is the third child for the British couple......»»

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Queen Elizabeth has a fortune worth over $500 million — here"s how much the British royal family is worth

Chris Jackson / Getty The British royal family is worth millions of dollars co.....»»

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The surprising thing seniors miss the most about pre-retirement life

Hint: It's not money.         Hint: It's not money.        .....»»

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry"s royal wedding photographer bribed the kids in the family photo so they would keep still — and every parent can relate

WPA Pool/Getty Images Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's official wedding photos features all of the royal wedding'.....»»

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