Sweden signs deal with U.S. government for Patriot Air & Missile Defense System

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With an eye on Russia, Sweden says it will buy the US Patriot missile system "to combat ballistic robots"

Raytheon COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Swedish government says it will acquire the US-made Patriot air defense missile system, calling it "reliable" and with "the abilit.....»»

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Raytheon (RTN) to Gain From US-Sweden $1.1B Deal for Patriot

Raytheon's (RTN) Patriot Missile Defense System will help Sweden to modernize its military equipment and prepare itself better for any armed conflict. Raytheon Company RTN awaits confirmation from Sweden as the .....»»

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Raytheon Wins $396M Deal to Modify Romania"s PATRIOT System

Raytheon's (RTN) PATRIOT missile defense system is designed to counter threats from tactical ballistic missiles, cruise.....»»

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Raytheon Clinches $396M Deal to Support Standard Missile-6

Raytheon's (RTN) SM-6 system is the only missile that supports anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare and sea-based terminal ballistic missile defense. Raytheon Company’s RTN Missile Systems (MS) business divisi.....»»

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Raytheon Secures $1.5B FMS Deal for Patriot Missile System

Increasing geopolitical tensions in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East have been driving demand for Raytheon's (RTN) missile systems in international.....»»

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Qatar"s emir says there"s no deal with Russia over missiles

Qatar's emir said his country has not reached a deal yet over the purchase of Russia's most advanced air defense missile system......»»

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Lockheed Martin Wins $200M Deal to Upgrade THAAD and PATRIOT

Lockheed Martin's (LMT) THAAD and PAC-3 missile system is designed to s.....»»

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Defense industry grapples with cybersecurity flaws in new weapons systems

Security testers showed they could covertly take control of an unspecified weapons system, manipulate it and remotely view its operators’ computer screens, said a Government Accountability Office review of audits conducted from 2012 to 2017......»»

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Lockheed Wins $164M Deal to Offer Filed Support for THAAD

Lockheed Martin (LMT) regularly wins contracts for its varied missile segments that include THAAD, AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense and PAC-3 missiles. Lockheed Martin .....»»

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India Goes Ahead With Russia Missile Buy in Face of U.S. Sanctions Threat

With Russian President Vladimir Putin on a visit to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India moved ahead on a $5 billion deal for Russian air-defense missile systems, defying the threat of U.S. sanctions......»»

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India has signed a $5B billion deal to buy Russian S-400s

India has signed a $5 billion deal to buy a Russian S-400 air defense system despite a looming threat of U.S. sanctions on countries that trade with Russia's defense and intelligence sectors......»»

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India Ignores U.S. Threat, Signs Crucial Defense Deal With Russia [REPORT]

India is reportedly going ahead with its decision to buy five advanced S-400 Triumf mis.....»»

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Leaked Photos Show Russian Military Likely Delivered Advanced S-300 To Syria Already

On Tuesday a series of leaked photos were posted online showing that the S-300 missile defense system may have already been delivered to Syria despite the Russian Ministry of Defense previously suggesting a roughly two week timeline.  As Al.....»»

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Raytheon Co wins $1.5 billion U.S. defense contract: Pentagon

Raytheon Co has been awarded a $1.5 billion modification to a contract for the sale of Patriot missile systems to Poland, the Pentagon said in a statement on Tuesday......»»

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Russia to Supply Syria With Air-Defense System, Raising Tensions With Israel

The Russian government announced plans to send a powerful air-defense system to Syria, escalating tensions with Israel following the downing of a Russian war plane last week that the Kremlin has blamed on Israeli forces......»»

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Russia to Supply Syria With Air-Defense System Raising Tensions With Israel

The Russian government announced plans to send a powerful air-defense system to Syria, escalating tensions with Israel following the downing of a Russian war plane last week that the Kremlin has blamed on Israeli forces......»»

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Japan to Spend Billions on U.S. Missile-Defense System

Japan is set to pay $2.1 billion for a new U.S. missile-defense system, one of its largest military acquisitions, as pressure from President Trump accelerates Tokyo’s spending on American military hardware......»»

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St. Joe to Develop Healthcare Unit In Watersound Origins

St. Joe (JOE) signs deal with Sacred Heart Health System in a bid to develop a high-quality healthcare facility in Watersou.....»»

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Turkey will reportedly start getting Russia"s advanced missile defense system in 2019, despite US efforts to block it

Turkey will reportedly start getting the S-400 air-defense system it bought from Russia next year. The purchase has raised tensions between Turkey and its NATO allies, especially the US. Turkey is not the only.....»»

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China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile The US Can"t Defend Against

China claims to have successfully tested a new hypersonic missile that would be capable of penetrating any missile defense system in the world. The Starry Sky-2, which is an experi.....»»

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