Tax refund processing fees: You can avoid them. Here's how.

Pay nothing out of pocket? Many consumers don't realize that it will cost an extra $35 to $40 to get tax preparation fees deducted from a tax r.....»»

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Are you due a refund from Wells Fargo for wrongful fees? Here's how to find out

Wells Fargo agre.....»»

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Join the club: 18 costly mistakes to avoid making at Sam's Club or Costco

Membership-based warehouse clubs Costco and Sam's Club can save members a lot of money. They .....»»

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NerdWallet: Try these easy hacks for eliminating annoying travel fees

Avoid the baggage fees, foreign transaction fees, and other costs that eat at your travel budget......»»

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Amazon Prime Day: How to score deals and avoid duds

Everything on Amazon will scream 'buy me!' on Amazon Prime Day. Just don't. Here's where to look for deals and what not to buy on Amazon Prime Day, July 16.   &#.....»»

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Your bank's website is down and bills are due. Now what do you do?

Delayed payments due to a website outage can result in late fees, interest on a missed credit card payment, or a lack of cash to pay for every.....»»

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Can't agree on investing style? How couples can marry their financial goals

Some couples don’t discover their investing style differences until they fester into conflicts. You can avoid discord by bringing financial topics into the open, fi.....»»

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Here are some tips to stay on budget this summer

Summer season means outdoor fun but it’s important to avoid getting caught up in all the excitement when it comes to summer spending. Buzz60's Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.     .....»»

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Tax refunds could be significantly higher next year -- but is that a good thing?

Looking forward to an even larger refund from Uncle Sam? You might get it in 2019 -- but that's n.....»»

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Malaysia weighs asking Goldman to refund 1MDB fees, Reuters reports

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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5 Social Security misunderstandings that could cost you

The Social Security Trust Fund is expected to run out in 2034, it's possible future retirees will receive less than the retirees of today. Avoid these misconceptions that can cost you real money.       &#.....»»

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The US needs 50,000 truck drivers to avoid a shipping squeeze, hit to economy

According to the American Trucking Associations, there's a shortage of roughly 50,000 truck drivers across the country. And it's hitting both businesses and consumers in the wallet.      .....»»

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With 'moral courage,' Starbucks workers take part in emotional training to avoid racial bias

The chain's executive chairman joins thousands of employees in receiving racial bias training as a result of the .....»»

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Sorry, you're grilling your food wrong

14 of the most common grilling mistakes—and how to avoid them         14 of the most common grilling mistakes—and how to avoid them        .....»»

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Here's what to check on Amazon to avoid a crazy $7,000 shipping bill

In the case of the woman charged $7,000 for an Amazon toilet paper delivery, the take-home message is: Check the full charge before you click the Buy butt.....»»

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What's the difference between percentage fees and fixed fees for financial advisers?

If a financial adviser spends 10 hours a year managing my money, why does the cost of their work time change based on the amount o.....»»

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Laid off? Fired? 4 mistakes to avoid after losing your job

Whether you were fired for cause or fell victim to a recent round of layoffs, finding yourself out of a job is a tough spot to be in. Here are a few mistakes you'll need to steer clear of.      &.....»»

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What's the right way to complain about a bothersome coworker?

We all have those coworkers we try to avoid. Here's what to do when you c.....»»

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Still waiting? Possible reasons why you haven't received your tax refund yet

Still waiting for your tax refund to arriv.....»»

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Square, Paypal Fall As Amazon Pay Works To Poach Market Share, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is offering to negotiate lower charges and pass its discounts on credit-processing fees onto retailers that adopt Amazon Pay, according to a Bloomberg report. read more.....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg pledges Facebook will put 'people first,' avoid past mistakes

Facebook CEO pledges Facebook will put “people first” after Cambridge Analytica, adapt to consumer expectations for handling of private information......»»

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