Term Sheet — Friday, January 11

On deals and dealmakers. BIG MONEYAnother day, another mega-round. On-demand delivery startup Postmates raised $100 million in venture fundi.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, January 18

On deals and dealmakers. .....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, January 25

On deals and dealmakers. CHINA'S PRIVATE EQUITY KINGHappy Friday, Term Sheet readers. Let's talk C.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, February 8

On deals and dealmakers. JOINING FORCESGood morning, Term Sheet readers. In January, SEC filings revealed that LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel will raise $200 million for a new early-stage venture cap.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneFeb 8th, 2019

Term Sheet — Monday May 28

On deals and dealmakers. A TALE OF MANY MANY MERGERSHello again, Term Sheet readers! I hope y'all had a grill-filled Memorial Day. This is Lucinda, filling in for Polina who is on the West Coast until Friday. In the.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneMay 28th, 2019

Term Sheet — Friday, May 24

On deals and dealmakers. THE STUDENT DEBT BUBBLEGood morning, Term Sheet readers. America's student loan debt problem is nearing a full-blown.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, May 17

On deals and dealmakers. AMAZON VS. UBERThe food delivery wars are heating u.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, May 10

On deals and dealmakers. RINGING THE BELLUber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi rang the bell this morning in a historic IPO.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, May 3

On deals and dealmakers. IPO POPBeyond Meat, the plant-based meat maker, soared in its market debut on Thursday. Shares surged 163%, making it the best-performing public offering of a major company since 2000. Some notes: --.....»»

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Term Sheet April 25, Uber’s IPO, Bitcoin Tether Woes, and Other Letters

On deals and dealmakers. FOUR LETTERSHappy Friday! Lucinda here filling in for the (consecutive) time until Polina's return Monday. So please do begin sending deals back her way at, and rejoice that you'll be safe from.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, April 19

On deals and dealmakers. SOARING"I have no idea why." No, that's not what I say when I get an angry email from a company asking why their funding round wasn't in Term Sheet today ? .....»»

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Uber’s IPO Filing By the Numbers: Term Sheet for Friday, April 12

On deals and dealmakers. NYSE:UBERNearly every email subject line in my inbox this morning has the word "Uber" in it, so I'm sure you're tired of reading all the various hot takes on the ride-hailing company's IPO filing. So I'll try to make th.....»»

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Investors Share Their Most Cringe-Worthy Misses: Term Sheet for Friday, April 5

On deals and dealmakers. BIG REGRETSOn the eve of Lyft's IPO, Twitter lit up with investors lamenting their failure to invest during the early days of the ride-hailing company. Pear VC's Pejman Nozad tweeted: "The night before the IPO of .....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, March 29

On deals and dealmakers. THE SMALL IPO IS DEADI'll never forget Lyft president John Zimmer's comment at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, March 22

On deals and dealmakers. BILLION DOLLAR STATUSRent the Runway reached "unicorn" status yesterday, mean.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, March 15

On deals and dealmakers. A DAY OF DEPARTURESA number of high-profile executives and investors are leaving their respective positions and shaking up both W.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, March 8

On deals and dealm.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday, March 1

On deals and dealmakers. PAYING UP FOR CYBERSECURITYGood morning, Term Sheet readers. KKR has made a minority investment in cybersecurity startup KnowBe4 in a deal that values the firm at more than $800 million. KKR is making an initial.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday April 20

On deals and dealmakers. WHAT'S THE RETURN POTENTIAL OF A $1 CRYPTO? Good morning, Term Sheet readers. Jen Wieczner filling in for Polina today. Follow me on Twitter @jenwiec.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday April 13

On deals and dealmakers. IPO LANDHappy Friday, Term Sheet readers. Lucinda again f.....»»

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Term Sheet — Friday April 6

On deals and dealmakers. CRYPTO SOUND-OFFHappy Friday, Term Sheet readers. Thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's question: As the capital market for technology companies continues to evolve.....»»

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