The Argentine Peso Is Plunging... Again

As Argentine truckers begin a one-day national strike, demanding wage increases to compensate for an unexpected surge in inflation and protesting President Macri’s economic policies, the peso is in fr.....»»

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Argentine "Kitchen Sink" Support Fails: Peso Plunges Back Near Record Lows

Update: Who could have seen that coming?   *  *  * Argentina's central bank is once again the only (dollar) seller in t.....»»

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Argentine Bank Stocks Dump But Peso Jumps On Central Bank "New Measures"

Argentina's central bank is once again the only (dollar) seller in.....»»

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Argentina has shanghaied the IMF once again

Reuters/Marcos Brindicci The Argentine peso has been dropping to all-time lows versus the dollar. That's despite a 40% r.....»»

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Peso Plunge Resumes - Time To Fire Another Argentine Central Bank Chief

Update: Less than two hours after BCRA's old chief quit and the new chief prompted a 4% ramp in the peso "due to his credibility", the currency has collapsed back to its record lows once again... And the 'Century' bonds are now trading +5.....»»

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The Argentine peso is soaring amid an unusual central-bank shake-up


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"The Only One Selling Dollars Is The Central Bank": Argentine Peso Crashes To New Record Low

Despite the US dollar's demise today (after spiking on the Fed rate-hike), and the rebound in the broad Emerging Market FX markets, the Argentine Peso plummeted - after a hopeful start - to fresh record lows as The IMF's biggest ba.....»»

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Argentina: respite for plunging peso on IMF hopes


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Argentine peso drops almost 9% to lowest ever against U.S. dollar

Argentina's troubled currency dropped to a new historic lo.....»»

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Argentine Peso Collapses To New Low Despite Massive Intervention

The Argentine Central Bank spent over $1 billion buying pesos on Friday (and another billion to buy short-term bonds back) to support the collaps.....»»

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Argentine Central Bank Intervenes As JPM Warns Of "Disorderly" Peso Collapse


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Argentine peso hits record low against dollar

The Argentina peso hit a all-time low against the U.S. dollar on Friday, just three days after last setting a historic mark. The Central Bank of Argentina has been intervening in.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMay 11th, 2018

Peso Plunges Back To Record Lows As JPM Warns Of "Disorder" As Notes Come Due

Update: The Argentine Peso is now down 3% to a new record low and the central bank is desperate... *ARGENTINE CENBANK SAID TO SELL $200M TO STEM PESO DROP .....»»

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Why The Argentine Peso Is Plummeting

Why The Argentine Peso Is Plummeting.....»»

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The Argentine Peso Remains Vulnerable

The Argentine Peso Remains Vulnerable.....»»

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EM FX Plunges: Argentine Peso Re-Crashes, Turkish Lira Tumbles To Record Low

Just hours after Fed Chair Jay Powell implied that 'emerging markets are on their own', EM FX is re-collapsing... with Argentina (despite a 1275bp rate hike) and Turkey both crashing to new record lows... "There is good reason to think that the norm.....»»

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Interest rates in Argentina have shot up to 33.25% — and could go higher

Thomson Reuters Argentina has raised interest rates to a new high of 33.25%. The move represents an attempt to arrest the fall of the Argentine peso, which is struggling to maintain value against the US dollar.  The new rate, which took effect.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 4th, 2018

Argentine Markets Tumble as Emergency Rate Rises Jolt Investors

Argentine markets swooned after the central bank unexpectedly raised its policy rate for the second time in a week, spooking investors who see the moves as an emergency measure to stem the rapid depreciation of the peso......»»

Category: topSource: wsjMay 4th, 2018

Argentine Peso Crashes Most Since 2015 Free-Float Despite 600bps Rate-Hike

Update: It's getting worse - way worse. This is now the biggest drop since 2015's regime shift to a free-float... *  * * For the second time in a week.....»»

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Argentine Peso Continues To Collapse Despite 2nd 300bps Rate-Hike In A Week

For the second time in a week.....»»

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Argentine Peso Plunges To Record Low - Breaks Central Bank Line In The Sand

As the US Dollar.....»»

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