The incredible secrets of 8 abandoned stately homes

Take a look a the derelict mansions time forgot......»»

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Grandest designs: Incredible eye-catching homes around the world

Sometimes homeowners like to push architectural norms to create a property that is both unique and memorable. Traditional properties have got nothing on these eye-catching homes......»»

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Inside the Spaceship: 7 Secrets of Apple"s Incredible New Offices

Here's what's happening on the new Silicon Valley 'spaceship' campus......»»

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Incredible self-built homes that didn"t cost the earth

With the right materials and a bit spare cash, anything is possible. We take a look at the incredible houses built by tiny teams, for even tinier prices......»»

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Secrets of Queen Elizabeth"s private homes

We take you through the keyhole into Queen Elizabeth II's residences......»»

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The world"s most incredible homes

When it comes to pushing the boundaries, these homes tick all the boxes. From coastal homes to mountain retreats, these award-winning properties are among the most extraordinary in the world......»»

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The world"s most incredible dream homes you can afford

Take a peek at our pick of wow properties for peanuts......»»

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Fukushima disaster evacuees told to return to abandoned homes - The Guardian

Washington PostFukushima disaster evacuees told to return to abandoned homesThe GuardianAn evacuee is checked for radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclea.....»»

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The world"s grandest stately homes

Feast your eyes on the world's most magnificent mansions......»»

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10 amazing round houses from around the world

Why live in a box-shaped house when you could live in home where the walls are endless? From glass domes beneath the Northern Lights to magical eco-friendly houses in the forest, we round up the most incredible circular homes from around the world......»»

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Incredible underground homes you"ll want to see inside

Life above ground can be a little overwhelming sometimes, and there are plenty of architects out there that know how to make life just that little bit cozier. We round up some of the most incredible underground homes from around the world......»»

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8 heavenly homes that were once churches

When churches are desacralized, many buildings are just left abandoned. But these derelict churches have been struck by an immaculate conversion and transformed into family homes........»»

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23 incredible hidden homes you won"t believe


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The Most Expensive Homes on the Market This Fall

The word “luxurious” doesn’t even begin to cover the extravagance of Point2Homes’ recently released list of America’s most expensive homes. These incredible listings offer everything you can dream of—home theaters, large swimming pools, many a.....»»

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Housecreep: A Website where Stigmatized Properties Run Amok

On the top of the homepage for, we learn that “housecreep” is a verb meaning: to research and expose homes with secrets, criminal histories and unexplained mysteries. (Thus, housecreep is our new favorite real estate site.) Hous.....»»

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Tour the Haunted Ghost Town That Could Be All Yours (If You Dare)

You'll have the abandoned school, general store, and homes all to yourself ... except for the ghosts......»»

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8 homes with seriously surprising secrets

These homes around the world all boast a hidden surprise – some welcome, some perhaps not so much......»»

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This rejected design for a futuristic new Guggenheim museum would have been incredible

Myefski Architects, Inc.Over the weekend, the Association of Licensed Architects announced the winners of its prestigious design competition. A variety of buildings types — from homes to sportsplexes to museums — won gold and silver .....»»

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10 incredible penthouses you can rent on your next vacation

TripAdvisorThe INSIDER Summary: These 10 luxurious penthouses can be rented as vacation homes through TripAdvisor. They're located all over the world and offer incredible amenities.   Nowadays, the thought of renting a hotel room rather than .....»»

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3 Tips for Finding Incredible Real Estate Deals Through the MLS

Let me ask you a question: Where do most people find homes or investment properties for sale? If you said "through a real estate agent," you'd be right. Although there are numerous ways to find real estate properties for saleoutside using anagent, buying .....»»

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New Home Prices Are Over 50% Higher In Canada Than The US

Authored by Kaitlin Last via, The price of new homes is quickly diverging in Canada and the US.  Data from the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) show that new homes are selling .....»»

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