The migration problem in Italy is getting completely out of control

Thomson ReutersROME (Reuters) - Angelo Trovato is in charge of Italy's asylum-request system, and it shows. In Trovato's office near Rome's Trevi Fountain, bulky columns of paperwork cover every inch of the bespectacled civil servant's desk. His fixed-lin.....»»

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No Motivation? No Problem - As Long As You Have Self Control.

When low motivation threatens your mission, self-control gets you there......»»

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Watch China completely demolish a 41-year-old bridge in just one second

China's 41-year-old Yujiang Bridge was demolished with a millisecond-delay control blast method. The bridge was said by officials to be unsafe and a new one will be built in its place......»»

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There"s one "huge problem" in the quest to control Trump"s media diet

Fox NewsThere's one outlier who could derail attempts to regulate President Donald Trump's media diet and his name is Donald Trump, Jr. That was the assertion of an anonymous source close to the Trump administration who was cited in a BuzzFeed News report.....»»

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Has The Fed Completely Lost Control?

Authored by Lance Roberts via, An interesting thing happened on the way to World D.....»»

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Has The Fed Completely Lost Control?

Has The Fed Completely Lost Control?.....»»

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Not Even Amazon & Alibaba Can Stop The Fakes. If You"re Not Worried...You Should Be

Affiliate reviews are a hot topic these days, some would argue that affiliate reviews are actually ruining the internet, no one seems to have any answer for how to control the problem......»»

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Not Even Amazon or Alibaba Can Protect Consumers From Them. If You"re Not Worried...You Should Be.

Affiliate reviews are a hot topic these days, some would argue that affiliate reviews are actually ruining the internet, no one seems to have any answer for how to control the problem......»»

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Silicon Valley grapples with its control over free speech

Silicon Valley has been criticized in the past for being too slow to remove hate speech. Now it may have the opposite problem......»»

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Italy Sees Signs of Migrant Tide Turning

A sharp drop in the number of seaborne migrants arriving in Italy in the past month is raising hopes that the country—and Europe—may have turned the corner in its four-year migration crisis......»»

Category: topSource: wsjAug 10th, 2017

GM Recalls 800,000 Trucks for Faulty Power Steering

A software glitch can leave drivers without power steering. General Motors is recalling nearly 800,000 trucks that have been found to suddenly lose power steering, potentially causing drivers to lose control of their vehicle. The problem, acco.....»»

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Big Beer’s Plan for Growth? Dropping the Alcohol

Brewers are trying to fix its image problem. A growing push among consumers to live healthier lives has completely remade the food industry over the last half .....»»

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Italy vows to take tough line with France in shipyard spat

Italy is vowing to stand a tough course in talks with France to salvage a deal allowing Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri to take control of a French shipyard......»»

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In search of donations: NASA"s famed Apollo Mission Control Center

Houston, we have a problem......»»

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Benetton family seeks to make Ducati motorbikes Italian: sources

LONDON/FRANKFURT/MILAN (Reuters) - Italy's Benetton family is vying with motorbike firms and buyout funds for control of Italian motorcycle brand Ducati, which is being sold by Germany's Volkswagen , sources involved in the process told Reuters......»»

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Membrane dials down the sound, while it cranks up the heat

Constructing multi-story residential buildings with concrete can make it difficult to control impact sound through floor-ceiling assemblies. This problem can become even more complicated when hard surface coverings like tile are used......»»

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This Luxury Apartment Used to Be an Air Traffic Control Tower. And You Can Stay There for Free

Win a one-night stay and roundtrip airfare to Sweden. Waking up in time for your flight the next morning won’t be a problem here. The Stockholm Arlanda Airport transformed its original air-traffic .....»»

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EU seeks more collective approach to dealing with bad loans

European Union finance ministers have agreed to collectively address the problem of non-performing loans in the banking sector, which has been an economic problem particularly in Italy and Spain......»»

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Italy to nationalize bank, shed $32.5B in bad loans

Troubled Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena's relaunch plan includes the disposal of 28.6 billion euros ($32.5 billion) in bad loans, key to the European Commission's approved plan for the Italian government to take temporary control of the bank......»»

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Another lender threatens Italy banking sector

Genoa-based Banca Carige has been thrust into the spotlight as Italy's remaining large problem bank after Rome's decision to wind down two ailing regional lenders and its planned bailout of Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Laura Frykberg reports......»»

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The Jaguar XE 35T is superb — but it"s up against ferocious competition

Hollis JohnsonLuxury automakers have a sedan problem. Specifically, a lot of US buyers are not completely ignoring the segment, after building it up to awesome dimensions over the course of decades, beginning with the arrival of the leg.....»»

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