The Race For The Moon Continues

On July 21, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on the moon. Ten more Apollo astronauts followed in their footsteps until 1972 but since then, no human has set f.....»»

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"Where Have You Guys Been?": Thai Cave Challenge Quickly Became a Trap

The Thai youth soccer team trapped in a flooded cave is only a five-hour underwater journey from safety yet the boys might as well be on the moon. The race to get them out amid deteriorating conditions continues......»»

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Lunar Elevator Could Trigger Moon Mining Race

Lunar Elevator Could Trigger Moon Mining Race .....»»

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Capitol Report: Here are the Democrats running for president, after the latest exits from the race

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead his fellow Democratic presidential contenders as enthusiasm grows for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the field has narrowed slightly......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchSep 20th, 2019

NASA"s biggest mission continues to create economic impact 50 years later

The impact of NASA's mission to the moon 50 years ago continues to influence Houston's economy today......»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsJul 19th, 2019

Paul Brandus: 50 years after Apollo, does America have the right stuff to join the new space race?

Fifty years after the Apollo landing on the Moon, Paul Brandus asks if Americans can come together to conquer space again......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJul 16th, 2019

Paul Craig Roberts: Some Unhappy Thoughts For The Fourth Of July

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, The human race, being a collection of stupids, continues to make decisions that imperil itself. For example, a simple mistake .....»»

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Government watchdog says cost of NASA rocket continues to rise, a threat to Trump’s moon mission

The rocket NA.....»»

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Government watchdog says cost of NASA rocket continues to rise, a threat to Trump’s moon mission

The Government Accountability Office’s report, a copy of which was obtained by The Post, said the space agency masked the true price tag of the program by shifting some costs to future missions without accounting for them......»»

Category: topSource: washpostJun 19th, 2019

Baltimore delegate guarantees Preakness will stay put

Del. Nick Mosby guaranteed black business leaders Wednesday that the Preakness Stakes will continue to be run at Pimlico Race Course in northwest Baltimore as the race's future continues to be debated. "Trust me, the Preakness is not moving," said Mos.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsJun 5th, 2019

The Week In Cannabis: Big Earnings Reports, Biden"s Change Of Heart, New Report On Dispensaries

As the presidential race continues to heat up, Democratic contender and former Vice President Joe Biden has come out in support of decriminalizing cannabis — but not of full legalization. read more.....»»

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Bezos To Unveil "Moon Mission" Plans In Race With Elon Musk

Having monopolized the earth, the world's richest man turns his attention toward the stars. On Thursday, billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will unveil plans for upcoming missions to the moon, according to Reuters. The plans will be tailored to the.....»»

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Why the Moon is moving away from the Earth

Nearly 50 years since man first walked on the moon, the human race is once more pushing forward with attempts to land on the Earth’s satellite......»»

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Starbucks" Consumer Reputation Sinks to Lowest Since 2015 on Race Incident

The PR campaign continues. .....»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralApr 18th, 2018

China GDP Grows 6.8%, Continues to Race Ahead of US

The so-called China Miracle continues to trump American economic progress and its economic advantage over the United States based on growth is unlikely to change......»»

Category: blogSource: 247wallstApr 17th, 2018

2018 Kentucky Derby Preview: Can Pletcher"s Audible Or Magnum Moon Bring It Home?

The 2018 Kentucky Derby field of 20 horses has been set. The race features two trainers — Todd Pletcher with four entries and Bob Baffert with one — that represent the class of the group. read more.....»»

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How the Top 10 US Companies Rank in the $1 Trillion Market Cap Race

The quest for a U.S. company to reach $1 trillion in market capitalization continues, with Apple last seen leading the charge. How are the top 10 U.S. companies faring in the race?.....»»

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Elon Musk"s SpaceX to name first passenger for moon voyage

SpaceX, Elon Musk's space transportation company, was set on Monday to name the first private passenger who will take a trip around the moon aboard its forthcoming Big Falcon Rocket spaceship, taking the race to commercialize space travel to new heights......»»

Category: topSource: reutersSep 17th, 2018

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Wall Street Has This Aristocrat Wrong

$RACE,$MS Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) could produce some all-electric cars, it will not renounce its commitment to internal combustion, because racing runs on gas. Racing has always been and continues to be everything to Ferrari Traditionally, .....»»

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Schwab, Fidelity Go Double on Nothing, Expand Number of Commission-Free ETFs

The race-to-zero continues to heat up as distribution powerhouses Schwab and Fidelity double its commission-free ETF offerings......»»

Category: topSource: barronsFeb 13th, 2019

NASA wants to get to the moon ‘as fast as possible.’ But countries like China and India are racing there, too.

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, the space race has been reinvigorated by China, India and private space companies locked in a high-stakes contest for scientific discoveries on moon......»»

Category: topSource: washpostFeb 14th, 2019