The US still keeps hundreds of nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert — here"s what it means and why it"s a huge risk

Shutterstock Since the Cold War, the US has kept an estimated 900 nuclear weapons on "hair-trigger alert," meaning the president could decide to launch them in just a few minutes. The .....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJun 13th, 2018

North Korea disarming runs a huge risk — loose nukes and nuclear scientists

Reuters Kim Jong Un has signaled that he's eager to talk about denuclearizing, but because North Korea's nuclear weapons are so secretive, it will be hard to know if he reports them all. This could lead to loose nuclear weapons in No.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderApr 24th, 2018

A new Russian video may show a "doomsday machine" able to trigger 300-foot tsunamis — but nuclear weapons experts question why you"d ever build one

Paramount / "Deep Impact" Russian President Vladimir Putin said in early 2018 that Russia was developing a nuclear-powered torpedo that carries a "massive" nuclear weapon. New videos posted to the Russian Ministry .....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJul 24th, 2018

US to decide best site option for nuclear weapons production

The federal agency that oversees the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile is expected this week to release a report on the best site option for the United States as it looks to ramp up production of the plutonium cores that trigger nuclear warheads......»»

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Investors pouring money into bonds are paying a high price

Risk-averse investors keep pouring money into bonds even though it means they've missed out on a big stock rally and face substantial danger ahead......»»

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South Korea Says Pyongyang Willing to Open Another Site

North Korea is open to allowing outside inspections of a nuclear-weapons testing site it closed in May, South Korea’s leader said Thursday, just a day after the North agreed to open a missile site to inspectors......»»

Category: topSource: wsjSep 20th, 2018

US agrees to improve worker safety at polluted nuclear site

The U.S. government will test and implement a new system to capture and destroy dangerous vapors released at the nation's most polluted nuclear weapons production site as part of a settlement agreement reached Wednesday......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsSep 19th, 2018

Temporary Holiday Workers May Make Little More Than Minimum Wage

Part-time holiday workers, who major retailers are hiring by the hundreds of thousands, often do not make much more than the minimum wage. This means their effect on the national economy is quite........»»

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Russia reportedly warned Mattis it could use nuclear weapons in Europe, and it made him see Moscow as an "existential threat" to the US

AP During the early months of the Trump administration, Russia reportedly told Defense Secretary Jim Mattis of its willingness to use nuclear weapons under certain conditions. It's not clear in what context the w.....»»

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Michael Burry: Maximizing the Upside Means First and Foremost Minimizing the Downside

On the topic of risk and rewardCheck out Michael Burry Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Michael Burry (Updated on 09/11/2018).....»»

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Nuclear Power Plants At Risk Of Direct Hit By Hurricane Florence 

North and South Carolina nuclear power plants are in line for a possible .....»»

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Ousted CBS CEO Les Moonves" assistant reportedly had an office "mood dial" that she turned bright red when he was angry as a warning to visitors

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Former CBS CEO Les Moonves, who left the company after new allegations of sexual misconduct emerged this week, had a "reputation for a hair-trigger temper," accordin.....»»

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5 weapons to watch for as Russia and China begin their massive war games

AP Photo Russian troops, together with Chinese and Mongolian forces, will participate in the largest Russian military exercise in decades. The drills will include hundreds of thousands of tr.....»»

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Recession Risk Looms - When NOPE Means Yes!

While asset-gatherers, commission-takers, and Fed-tinkerers.....»»

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"Terrorist Theft" - Pakistan"s Nukes Outpacing Projections In Uncertain Security Landscape

Pakistan is set to become the world's 5th largest nuclear weapons state according to an alarming new report which shows the country is set for rapid expansion of its arsenal over the next decade......»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 10th, 2018

No ICBMs At North Korea"s Military Parade, As Kim Sends Trump "Good Faith" Message

It increasingly looks like the Trump White House is in the driver's seat when it comes to stalled negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.  North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has in the past da.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 9th, 2018

Pakistan On Track To Become 5th Largest Nuclear State By 2025

Pakistan could become the 5th largest nuclear state in less than 10 years, according to experts studying the development of nuclear weapons around the world. In the Aug. 31 edition of the Nuclear Notebook, Hans K.....»»

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AIG CEO sees "huge potential" in investor market for insurance risk

American International Group Chief Executive Brian Duperreault said on Wednesday he sees "huge potential" within the insurer's portfolio for use of a market in which investors trade assets tied to insurance liabilities......»»

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A huge fire probably destroyed hundreds of artefacts, including a 12,000-year-old skeleton, a pterodactyl, and priceless indigenous texts at Brazil"s national museum

GettyAt 7:30 p.m. local time on Sunday a fire tore through the 200-year-old Museu Nacional in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The museum is Brazil's answer to blockbuster western museums like London's British Museum, or the Smithsonian in Wash.....»»

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Alphabet and Facebook Are Out of the Tech Sector

S&P and MSCI are overhauling the taxonomy that categorizes companies into sectors, industry groups, industries, and subindustries. The shift will trigger a migration of hundreds of stocks, with broad market implications......»»

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India Eyes State Digital Currency to Cut $90 Million Banknote Bill

The Reserve Bank of India is mulling a central bank digital currency as a means to reduce the country's huge spend on minting physical cash......»»

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