This Is the Number One Reason Why People Don’t Unplug From Work While on Vacation

Millennials have "vacation request anxiety." Summer is well underway, and it is prime time for travel and vacations. And yet, most people won’t take advantage of the plum opportunities at h.....»»

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Charlotte officially lands the RNC, hiring and contracting work begins

Even before the Republican National Committee selected Charlotte on Friday for its 2020 convention, local organizers began shifting into gear to ramp up fundraising, hire a staff expected to number 20 to 30 people and seek a range of area vendors and c.....»»

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Millennials skipping vacation destinations that aren"t "Instagrammable"

An increasing number of people are turning to social media to pick up their next vacation destination, esp.....»»

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Market Extra: How the opioid epidemic is exacerbating a U.S. labor-market shortage

The number of people working or looking for work in the U.S. is near a four-decade low, and some experts believe that the opioid epidemic has played a key role in keeping a lid on participation......»»

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Should you work while on vacation? For some, doing so could help you enjoy time off more

Of the various workplace benefits out there, paid vacation time is a highly coveted one among employees. Yet a large number of Americans don't capitalize on that paid time off.    &.....»»

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Apps like Tinder and Bumble can open up relationships all over the world — but a surprising number of successful matches live just down the block

Jacob Bøtter/Flickr Dating apps are increasingly connecting people who live or work close by, have the same commute, or went to college together. Sometimes dating apps can speed up a relationship that might have unfold.....»»

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The top 15 cities around the world where people get paid more to work less

Charles Platiau/Reuters Paid vacation time allowance in the US, the only advanced country without a national vacation policy, is pretty miser.....»»

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States Where the Most People Work for the Government

Since the economic recovery began in 2010, the private sector has added 16 million jobs. At the same time, however, the number of public sector jobs has remained static. As a result, government........»»

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How many will unplug this summer during vacation? Survey finds ...

Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer — is approaching, meaning many Americans will be starting to plan their vacations.   But a new study released this week has found that many people, about 56 percent of workers, won't be unpluggin.....»»

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Spike In Rare Eye Cancer Occurrences Leaves Experts Confused

A significant number of people have been diagnosed with a rare type of eye cancer, leaving researchers and epidemiologists guessing for the reason for this bizarre occurrence. The eye cancer.....»»

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It"s official: Charlotte to host 2020 RNC

Even before the Republican National Committee selected Charlotte on Friday for its 2020 convention, local organizers began shifting into gear to ramp up fundraising, hire a staff expected to number 20 to 30 people and seek a range of area vendors and c.....»»

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Contamination problem: McDonald's tainted salads have now sickened 163 people in 10 states

The number of people sickened by tainted McDonald's salads has jumped to 163 in 10 states, and three of the victims have been hospitalized. The fast-food chain said it.....»»

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A New Zealand company that tried 4-day workweeks says people were more creative, more punctual, and more energetic — and they want to keep it going

ESB Professional/Shutterstock A New Zealand company, Perpetual Guardian, experimented with a four-day work week, The New York Times reports. Seeing that employees were h.....»»

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Let"s go to the movies! Outdoors

Going to the movies is usually an indoor activity. But London is seeing an increasing number of people watching movies outdoors. Shaun Hassett reports......»»

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Tornado hits factory in Iowa; some injuries reported

A tornado slammed into an agricultural machinery plant in Iowa as some people were working on Thursday and police said a number of people were taken to a local hospital......»»

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"Donating" vacation time to new moms has become a trend — but some people think it"s alarming

Joana Lopes/Shutterstock; that_flojo/Twitter On Wednesday, Good Morning America published an article about a new trend in which people "donate" their vacation time to new mothers who do.....»»

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5 Of The Most Influential People In The Cannabis Industry

Billions of dollars are flowing into cannabis businesses and investors have good reason to be excited. Thirty U.S. states now .....»»

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The Number One: First to $1 trillion: Amazon or Apple? No-brainer — the people have spoken

For years now, Apple has been on a relentless push to become the first company to reach $1 trillion in market capitalization. The valuation crown would belong to the tech darling. Just a matter of time. Then came Amazon......»»

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A Growing Number of People Are Navigating Retirement Alone. This Woman Is Spearheading a Movement to Change That

There many Americans preparing to .....»»

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Exclusive: General Electric"s power unit faces threat in Saudi Arabia

One of General Electric Co's largest and most valuable customers, Saudi Arabia, is lining up competitors to bid against GE for lucrative power plant work, according to five people familiar with the situation......»»

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12 signs you’re a highly-sensitive person — and what that means

progressman/Shutterstock Has anyone ever told you, "You’re so sensitive?" While this may often be wrongly considered as an insult, the truth is that a good amount of people have an interesting reason behind thei.....»»

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