Trump Continues Success in North Korea

The United States and North Korea plan to hold a new round of talks in a third Asian nation next week to prepare for the second summit of their leaders, South Korea’s pr.....»»

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US did not pay North Korea any money to release its prisoners: Donald Trump

Trump said his meeting with Kim Jong-un would be a great success.....»»

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North Korea To Publicly "Dismantle" Its Already Collapsed Nuclear Test Site On May 23-25

While Michael Cohen had impressive success in hustling various corporations such as Novartis, AT&T, Columbus Nova and Korean Aerospace into believing he held a royal flush due to his proximity with Donald Trump, and was paid millions in "consultancy.....»»

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6 critical questions we need to ask about the Trump-Kim summit before calling it a success or failure

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque The Trump-Kim summit between North Korea and the Unit.....»»

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6 critical questions we need to ask about the Trump-Kim summit to determine if it"s a success or failure

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque The Trump-Kim summit between North Korea and the United States wi.....»»

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Donald Trump Says North Korea Summit Will Be a Success, Despite the "Haters and Losers"

Trump's tweets could derail his efforts at diplomacy, according to some analysts......»»

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North Korea"s missile program reportedly continues after Trump and Kim Jong Un"s pledge to promote "peace and prosperity"

Evan Vucci/AP North Korea is reportedly continuing to build missiles at a research facility despite its leader's pledge to work toward "peace and prosperity" on the Korean Peninsula, The Washington Post reported on Monday night. US intel.....»»

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The North Koreans Get It: Trump"s Quest For Peace Is Being Sabotaged By His Own Advisors

Authored by Justin Raimondo via, Korea, Fake News, and What’s Really Going On The media continues to get the President’s North Korean peace .....»»

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Secretary of State Pompeo Pushes Back Hard on Syria and North Korea Criticisms

Pompeo claims that the U.S. continues to support allies. When Donald Trump announced a sudden withdrawal from Syria and declared victory, he rattled his advis.....»»

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The New York Post: Trump cracks jokes and mimics Japanese and Korean accents at Hamptons event

President Trump cracked jokes about the Equinox scandal, the old days of rent-controlled New York and his dealings with North and South Korea among deep-pocketed pals in the Hamptons on Friday......»»

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Trump flaunts North Korea"s "very beautiful letter" shortly before it launches 2 more missiles

Shamil Zh.....»»

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Despite "Really Beautiful Letter" To Trump, North Korea"s Kim Test-Fires Missiles Again

Just hours after President Trump expressed optimism about future nuclear talks, citing another letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Fox News reports .....»»

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North Korea Fires "Unidentified Projectiles" Into East Sea, Warns Of "Heavy Price" To Be Paid

Apparently piling on to President Trump's worries, North Korea has once again fired two more "unidentified projectiles" into the East Sea, according to South Korea's Yonhap new.....»»

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Trump to "find out" about Huawei"s ties to NK

President Trump says he will look into reported ties between Huawei Technologies and North Korea. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)......»»

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Trump: "We will have to find out" about Huawei"s relationship with North Korea

Asked about a media report that said Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] had secretly built and maintained North Korea's commercial wireless network, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday, "We will have to find out.".....»»

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Has Trump Turned An Important Corner?

Authored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Donald Trump’s surprise visit to North Korea last week was impressive. It was a bold f.....»»

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Luongo: It"s Time For All This Insanity To Stop

Authored by Tom Luongo, Donald Trump did the unthinkable. He went to North Korea. He stepped over the line in the sand demarked by Washington protocol for nearly seve.....»»

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Keeping Up With the Plot of the Trump-Kim Nuclear Show

Three meetings between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea resulted in no concrete plans to end Pyongyang’s atomic ambitions. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have toned down hostile rhetoric since they first shook hands in Singapore in.....»»

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2020 Democrats Slam Trump"s North Korea Visit

2020 Democrats Slam Trump"s North Korea Visit.....»»

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‘Let’s Do It.’ 3 Hours at the DMZ and a Made-for-TV Moment

Trump became the first sitting American leader to step into North Korea as the two made history at the heavily fortif.....»»

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Trump Makes History As First US President To Enter North Korea; Announces Restart Of Nuclear Talks

President Trump made history on Sunday by taking an unprecedented step - literally - onto North Korean soil, after which he held an extraordinary last-minute meeting with Kim Jong Un in which he announced that Washington and Pyo.....»»

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