Trump"s Military Parade Could Cost Up To $30 Million

Donald Trump raised a few eyebrows, and even more comparisons to third-world countries last week, when he suggested holding a military parade in downtown Washington.....»»

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Trump"s military parade could cost as much as $30 million, Mulvaney says

The military .....»»

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Trump"s military parade could cost as much as $30 million

Getty images President Donald Trump wants a military parade i.....»»

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How Much Will Trump"s Military Parade Cost? Mattis Can’t Say but Confirms Plans in the Mix

The president told top military leaders he wanted a parade like he saw in France last year......»»

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One arm of the Trump administration thinks climate change is a security threat

UNTIL America gets a grand military parade, a drive along the wharf at Naval Station Norfolk, in Virginia, is the next-best thing. Destroyers, missile-cruisers, nuclear-powered submarines and, most fearsome of all, two 333-.....»»

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The Pentagon is still in the dark about Trump"s military parade — but it could use donations to help pay for it

REUTERS/Ian Langsdon/Pool President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to develop plans for a military parade in Washington. The Pentagon has said little about the idea, but it is reportedly workin.....»»

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Will Trump Have His Military Parade in D.C.? The Pentagon Sounds Unsure

It is too soon to talk about details, including the location of Donald Trump's prospective parade, the Pentagon said......»»

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The former US Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden called Trump"s military parade "third world bulls---"

Facebook The former US Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is not happy about Trump's idea for a military parade. He called it "third world bulls---" in a tweet, tho.....»»

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Trump wants to have a massive military parade — here’s what they look like around the world

AP Photo/Carolyn KasterPresident Donald Trump's plans for a military parade in Washington DC appear to b.....»»

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Tel Aviv Diary: Bibi Takes Another Trick From Trump’s Playbook

Like Trump, Netanyahu is under investigation, attacks immigrants and wants a big military parade......»»

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Republican Senator Calls Trump Insecure For Military Parade Idea

Members from both sides of the aisle have slammed the president's reported idea for a military parade......»»

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A military parade in D.C. raises so many questions. We wade into them.

Like many things the Trump administration does, the president's directive to throw a military parade in Washington has divided the political world, sending social media into overdrive and making us wonder why D.C. doesn't do much in the way of parades.....»»

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Trump wants to hold a massive military parade — here"s what it looked like the last time Washington hosted one

Associated Press President Donald Trump apparently wants a parade — a military parade. "President Trump is incredibly supportive of America's great service members who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe," Press Secr.....»»

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How a US military parade would compare to North Korea"s, Russia"s, or China"s

White House/Shealah Craighead President Donald Trump has instructed the US military to prepare and produce a grand military parade in Washington DC, the first of its kind in.....»»

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Trump"s bromance with Emmanuel Macron just got tighter — with an invite to make a full state visit to Washington

Christophe Archambault (Associated Press) Reports Wednesday suggest Emmanuel Macron has been asked to make the first state visit of Donald Trump's presidency. Trump visited Paris in 2017, and was taken with its grand military parade. .....»»

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Trump is bringing back the Cold War with nukes, an arms race, and a military parade

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images President Donald Trump has ordered the military to put on a grand parade, which Democrats and commentators have used to liken him to a dictator. But the US has put on.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Trump asks Pentagon to plan military parade similar to Bastille Day spectacle

The U.S. Department of Defense is planning a military parade at the request of President Donald Trump, White House and Pentagon officials said Tuesday......»»

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Trump Wants a Big Military Parade, Just Like France

The president has has said he wants to “try to top” France’s Bastille Day parade......»»

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I want a parade like the one in France: Trump"s latest "military" amusement

A military official said they were unsure how to pay for it.....»»

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"We have a Napoleon in the making": Lawmakers rain on Trump"s military parade idea

Richard Ellis/Getty Images Democratic lawmakers scoffed at reports of President Donald Trump's proposal to stage a military parade. Tr.....»»

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Trump wants a grand military parade in Washington, and Pentagon may provide one: report

President Donald Trump wants a big military parade, and the Pentagon may be delivering one, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. The Post said Trump was so impressed by the Bast.....»»

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