Trump’s Shifting Government Shutdown Tests Law Dating Back to Ulysses Grant

Experts say Trump may be violating a 149-year-old statute by keeping agencies running despite budget impasse that has cut off funding. .....»»

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Furloughed workers to get back pay once government shutdown is over

President Donald Trump has signed legislation guaranteeing back pay to federal workers furloughed because of the partial g.....»»

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Government shutdown: Congress back at work, Trump to give prime-time address. Will it matter?

President Trump will take his case for a border wall directly to the American people as a partial government shutdown becomes one of the lon.....»»

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President Trump, “We are Going to Win at Everything We Do”

We are bringing in the New Year with a continuing stalemate on the government shutdown over the $5.7-M border Wall funding, and our very vocal President striking back at The Wall critics and Democratic.....»»

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Trump Administration Warns Shutdown Could Last Into January

The Trump administration warned that the partial government shutdown could stretch into January, squeezing furloughed workers and shifting a high-stakes spending fight into a new Congress......»»

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President Trump’s Fight Is for Border Security, Not ‘The Wall’

Wednesday, Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway insisted that President Trump’s stance on a government shutdown is not about building a border Wall, but about border security, and said he will never back down from that fight, even.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President appears to soften stance on shutdown, pushes back on Mueller probe

President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to soften his stance on keeping the government open as he pushed back against the investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia......»»

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Wall Street pulls back after Trump"s government shutdown threat

The S&P 500 gave up most gains and Dow Industrials turned lower on Tuesday after President Donald Trump's threat to shut down the government over funding for a border wall undid the boost to markets from optimism over China-U.S. trade talks......»»

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If Trump Is "Racist", He Needs To Go Back To Racism School

Authored by Larry Elder via, Abraham Lincoln, when informed that General Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, famously asked Grant's accusers what whiskey he was drinking so Lincoln could send a b.....»»

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Trump, Key European Leaders Skip Davos Amid Turmoil at Home

President Trump’s decision to stay in Washington to deal with the partial government shutdown has changed the script for this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos......»»

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Trump administration finalizes business tax-break rules, just in time

Shrugging off the limitations of the partial government shutdown, the Trum.....»»

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Group fights for back pay for furloughed contractors as layoffs begin

A Virginia-based professional group is taking on what it acknowledges is an uphill battle as the government shutdown forces some federal contractors to lay workers off: getting legislation introduced and passed in Congress that allows furloughed federa.....»»

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FDA May Call Back More Furloughed Staff for Food Safety Checks Amid Shutdown

“More staff could be on the way depending on needs,” the FDA's Scott Gottlieb said. As the partial U.S. government shutdown enters its record 30th day, the U.S. Food an.....»»

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President Trump, ‘I will keep my promise on border security one way or another”

Friday, President Trump made a “major announcement” Saturday on the government shutdown and his demand that Congress fund the Mexican border Wall. President Trump offered the Democrats a deal that would extend protections for so.....»»

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Trump Sets Plan to End Government Shutdown


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Trump to Make ‘Major Announcement’ in Saturday Speech. Here’s How to Watch

The White House will broadcast Trump's speech live today beginning at 4 p.m. ET on its website. As the U.S. government shutdown enters its 29th day, President Donald Trump is expected to give a.....»»

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Expecting a ‘Major Announcement’ on Shutdown Saturday

Friday, President Trump said he will make a “major announcement” Saturday on the government shutdown and his demand that Congress fund the Mexican border Wall President Trump has said he’s considering declaring.....»»

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Trump Team Split on Border-Wall Strategy

President Trump is being pulled in opposite directions over his way out of the partial government shutdown. His re-election campaign on Friday planned to have “red faux bricks” sent to Democrats......»»

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Trump to make "major announcement" concerning border, shutdown Saturday

President Donald Trump plans to make a "major announcement" concerning the border with Mexico and the government shu.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President to take part in a 2nd summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are due to take part in a second summit in late February, as the Trump administration also deals with a bombshell BuzzFeed report and Day 28 of the partial government shutdown......»»

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Government Shutdown Sidetracks US Shipping Agency"s New Mandates

On December 4, 2018, President Trump signed into law a bill re-authorizing the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). The legislation inclu.....»»

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